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How to Create a Case Statement for Nonprofit Fundraising

A case statement is a tool nonprofits often use when asking for a contribution. It’s a short, compelling argument for supporting the nonprofit that can be presented as a brochure, one-page information [more…]

How to Identify Potential Nonprofit Donors Using Circles of Connection

Circles of connection is a common brainstorming exercise that nonprofit organizations use to identify possible individual donors. This exercise is most effective if both staff and board members participate [more…]

How to Engage Your Nonprofit’s Board of Directors in Potential Donor Identification

Every year, or before you start work on a special event or letter-writing campaign, ask each of your nonprofit organization’s board members to provide the names of ten or more people they know. This exercise [more…]

How to Cultivate a Major Gift to Your Nonprofit

Face-to-face visits are the best way to secure larger contributions, what fundraising professionals call major gifts. Rarely does one knock on a door, deliver a short speech, and depart with a check for [more…]

How to Raise Funds for Your Nonprofit through Direct Mail

Direct mail, the practice of soliciting donations through large-scale mailings, grows out of a sophisticated and fascinating area of fundraising. Your nonprofit organization may be much too small to make [more…]

How to Use E-Tools to Build and Maintain Relationships for Your Nonprofit

Just as your website and electronic-communications system are tools for serving your constituents and marketing your nonprofit work, they are tools for raising money. According to the “2010 Online Giving [more…]

How to Prepare for Your Nonprofit Fundraiser

Although events vary greatly in size and complexity, and although we’ve pulled off adequately successful events in two or three weeks, try working against a six-month schedule. The following outlines a [more…]

How to Find a News Angle to Promote Your Nonprofit Fundraiser

Think about all the angles you can exploit for publicity. Try to look at your nonprofit event from the point of view of every section of a newspaper or newscast. Modify your basic news release to suit [more…]

How to Use the Foundation Center to Find Nonprofit Grants

During the past 60 years, the public has gained increased access to information about nonprofit funding sources. One milestone in this movement was the creation of the Foundation Center in 1956. Originally [more…]

How to Search the Foundation Center’s Grant Information for Your Nonprofit

The Foundation Center is a resource that should be utilized by anyone in the nonprofit world. Here are a few pointers to help you cast your net using the Foundation Center tools: [more…]

How to Determine the Best Grant Prospects for Your Nonprofit

It’s time to take your nonprofit’s broad list of prospects in hand and find out more about each of them to best arm yourself for seeking grants. See what you can discover from the following sources: [more…]

How to Pursue Federal Government Grants for Your Nonprofit

To pursue government funds for your nonprofit, you want to study a different set of research guides from those that help you with foundations and corporations. The publication that’s most likely to help [more…]

How to Get Started on a Grant Proposal for Your Nonprofit

Generally, a nonprofit grant writer develops a proposal by talking with staff members, volunteers, or the board about a project idea. Before setting fingers to keyboard, the writer should investigate the [more…]

How to Write a Nonprofit Grant Cover Letter and Summary

Your nonprofit grant proposal should include a concise cover letter and summary. Technically, the cover letterisn’t part of the proposal narrative. It’s attached to the top of the proposal, where it serves [more…]

How to Introduce Your Nonprofit Agency in a Grant Proposal

Some nonprofit grant proposals contain introductions.Others call this section background information. However you choose to label it, this part of the proposal describes the nonprofit organization that’s [more…]

How to Describe the Need in Your Nonprofit’s Grant Application

When you begin to write your nonprofit grant proposal, the most important part is what you need the grant money for. That’s the reason you went into nonprofit, right? You need to provide help for a cause [more…]

How to Set Nonprofit Goals, Objectives, and Outcomes in Your Grant Application

After you’ve described a need in your nonprofit grant proposal, the next step is to introduce what the nonprofit intends to achieve if it takes on the proposed project. You haven’t yet described the project [more…]

How to Present Your Nonprofit’s Project Idea in a Grant Proposal

It’s time to explain your nonprofit project idea. Who will do what to whom over what period of time? If you’re writing your proposal for a research project, generally this section is called [more…]

How to Establish Evaluation Criteria for a Nonprofit Grant Proposal

If you’ve carefully shaped the goals, objectives, and outcomes section of your nonprofit grant proposal, the desired project results are clear. The evaluation [more…]

How to Discuss the Budget in a Nonprofit Grant Proposal

It’s time for your proposal to present information about project costs and the other funding that’s available. If your nonprofit organization offers only one service for which it’s seeking money, the organization’s [more…]

How to Include an Additional Funding Plan in a Nonprofit Grant Application

Willingness to cover the full cost of a nonprofit project varies from foundation to foundation and agency to agency. Some like to “own” a project and have their name strongly associated with it; therefore [more…]

How to Compile an Appendix for a Nonprofit Grant Application

A nonprofit grant proposal usually needs an appendix or attachments. Consider this to be the bows that accompany the wrapping paper. It provides any additional information a foundation may need for making [more…]

How to Seek General Operating Support for Your Nonprofit

If you’re seeking funds for general operating support, your proposal needs to make an argument for the work of the entire nonprofit rather than for a specific project. In this type of request, some of [more…]

How to Find Seed Money for a New Nonprofit Agency

Some foundations specialize in nonprofit “seed funding” for new projects and new organizations. A seed proposal has two key ingredients: careful assessment of the problem to be addressed and special qualifications [more…]

How to Develop a Rough Budget for Your Nonprofit’s Capital Campaign

Before you test your project to find out whether it’s feasible, you need assistance figuring out what it will cost. A common mistake nonprofit organizations make is forgetting that raising money costs [more…]


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