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Raising Money and Awareness with Facebook Likes

You really can’t overstate the importance of Facebook Likes to companies and cause marketing. Likes have become the dominant symbol of social proof and popularity on the web. With one simple click, you [more…]

Promoting Your Program with Social Media

The power of social media to drive your cause marketing program is amazing. Blogging, Facebook, and Twitter are new, innovative, and free ways to educate prospects about your program. [more…]

Best Content for Your Cause Marketing Blog

Text, video, pictures, podcasts — which do you prefer to communicate your cause marketing message? What medium you want to use is your choice. It’s best to pick one you feel most comfortable and expressive [more…]

Good Video and Good Cause Marketing

Lights. Camera. Help. is an Austin-based nonprofit that is dedicated to encouraging nonprofits and cause marketing driven organizations to use film and video to tell their stories. Lights. Camera. Help [more…]

Cause Marketing Pinup Fatigue

You’ll probably have no trouble getting people excited to execute the cause marketing point-of-sale program and getting it off to a great start with your pinup program. But how long can the fire burn? [more…]

Cause Marketing Gone Stale

Some people don’t always get the hint that their cause marketing efforts have gone stale; gone for too long. Here are ten signals to watch for. [more…]

Working with Your Cause Marketing Partner

It’s important to work closely with your company partner throughout the point-of-sale process. You need to make sure that you work with the right people and that you have a timeline for what needs to be [more…]

Printing Guidelines for Cause Marketing Pinups

Printing is a critical step in the cause marketing pinup process. If you manage it correctly, you’ll maximize the money you can raise for your organization and drive down expenses. [more…]

Cause Marketing Shipping and Logistics

After design and printing, shipping can be a big expense for cause marketing point-of-sale programs. Here are your different options and related suggestions to simplify logistics and use your resources [more…]

Cause Marketing Point of Sale Quantities and Fulfillment

If you print too few cause marketing point of sale pinups, you could stymy your program and hurt fundraising if stores run out. Conversely, print too many pinups, and you’ll waste money and resources and [more…]

Purchased-Triggered Donation Cause Marketing Programs

The concept behind purchased or action-triggered donation cause marketingprograms (PTD) is a simple one. The consumer buys a product or service or performs some action, and a donation is made to a cause [more…]

Cause Marketing in Real Life: PUMA

PUMA runs wicked far with donations in an action-triggered, cause marketing program centered around Boston traditions. Patriots Day in Massachusetts, traditionally the third Monday in April, commemorates [more…]

Cause Marketing in Real Life: Leprechaun Lattes

Many cause marketing programs which use purchased triggered donations are large, national efforts but they can also be small, local, grass-roots efforts and still be highly successful. [more…]

Jumping in to Location-Based Cause Marketing

Location based cause marketing has many drawbacks but also many positives. Here are five reasons to start and stick with location-based marketing for your cause: [more…]

Using an E-mail Newsletter to Expand Your Blog

The question on every blogger’s mind is how to keep readers coming back. One of the best answers is using an e-mail newsletter. Samuel Johnson famously said that it’s more important to be reminded than [more…]

Extending Your Causes Reach with a Facebook Page

If your cause or company doesn’t already have a Facebook page, you should, 600 million people can’t be wrong. That’s how many users Facebook currently has. [more…]

Twitter as Part of Your Cause Marketing Strategy

One of the ways companies and causes can work together is thru the use of Twitter. Twitter can be an invaluable tool for promoting your cause marketing program. Here are some things to like about Twitter [more…]

Improving Cause MarketingTransparency with Quora

Consumers want more information about cause marketing programs. They want to know where the money is going, to what program, how much, when the funds will be distributed, and so on. One place to answer [more…]

Using Social Media to Compete in Online Contests

Since Pepsi announced just before the 2010 Superbowl that it was moving its advertising dollars from the big game to an online contest for nonprofits, many companies have followed suit and launched their [more…]

Location-Based Cause Marketing Tools: Foursquare

Foursquare is a location-based social networking service that’s primarily used on smartphones with GPS (Global Positioning System) — that thing on your smartphone that tells the world exactly where you [more…]

Location-Based Cause Marketing Tools: Facebook Places

Not to be outdone by Foursquare, Facebook created its own location-based service, Places, so that Facebook users could check into venues with their smartphones and let friends know where they are and what [more…]

Applying Location-Based Marketing to Cause Marketing

The leading location-based marketing tools, Foursquare, Places give businesses the option to offer rewards and incentives to people who check in. The cause marketing version of an offer is for a business [more…]

Reality of Location-Based Cause Marketing

Experts tend to agree that, over time, location-based marketing will be a big part of consumer marketing (and with it cause marketing). But you wouldn’t know that based on the current number of users. [more…]

Fundraising with Twitter Hashtags

When tweeting about cause marketing, you can use the hashtag #causemarketing so that other twitterers, including those that may not follow him on Twitter, can easily find tweets of common interest. [more…]

Cause Marketing in the Real World: Toys “R” Us

As cause marketers, it’s hard not to admire the shear breadth of Toys “R” Us promotions. In 2010, the toy store chain received a Halo Award by Cause Marketing Forum for Shaq Gives Back, a cause marketing [more…]


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