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Handling a Grant Rejection Notice

As a grant writer, getting a rejection letter from a funding source after you've shed blood, sweat, and tears researching and writing your grant application can be a big letdown. Besides coping with your [more…]

Budgeting for Fundraising

Raising money costs money. And no organization receives every grant or gift that it seeks. A nonprofit needs to be sure up front that it can afford its potential fundraising costs and that the costs are [more…]

How to Get Going on a Grant Application

Applying for a grant requires plenty of preparation and research. To begin the grant-seeking process, you need to understand the different types of grants, what grant money can be used for, and what grantwriters [more…]

Essential Information to Gather in Your Customer Credit Application

When you compose a credit application for your customers, you want to make sure that application includes certain basic information about your customer. Be sure to get the following information from your [more…]

Creating a Successful Fundraising Strategy

Fundraising is a never-ending task for most nonprofit organizations. Although you may raise money with various campaigns for different programs within your agency, your overarching fundraising strategy [more…]

How to Write a Great Case Statement

The backbone of your fundraising campaign is a strong case statement. A case statement outlines what need your agency addresses, how you address it, what makes your organization unique, and how others [more…]

Fundraising For Dummies Cheat Sheet

No two fundraising campaigns are the same, but they all share the same goal: to raise money that nonprofit organizations can use to fund programs and help others. When you start a fundraising campaign, [more…]

How to Create a Funding Plan for Your Organization

Laying out a funding development plan is the first step to becoming proactive in grant seeking and grant writing. Both non-profit and for-profits organizations can benefit from a good plan for getting [more…]

How to Present Your Organization's Qualifications when Applying for Grants

Any funding source you approach will have questions about your organization's legal name and overall structure as applicant qualifications. Understanding exactly what qualifications the application is [more…]

What Attachments to Add to Your Grant Request

When you submit an application for funding through a grant, include any information about your organization, in the form of attachments, that isn't covered in the main the application. Here are some of [more…]

How to Find State Grants

Individual states in the U.S. receive their money from the federal government, so they provide grants from those funds. Congress votes to send money to the state-level government agencies in one of three [more…]

How to Figure Out Differences among Types of Federal Grants

You can apply for federal funding for your organization in a variety of ways. Federal government grant monies are available in two forms: direct grants and pass-through grants. [more…]

How to Find Grants through Federal Domestic Assistance Catalog

You can find all sorts of information about grants offered by the federal government in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA). The CFDA contains information about every competitive and formula [more…]

How to Register as an Organization on

In order to apply for a grant from, your organization must complete the (not so easy) registration process. To get your organization registered to submit grant applications on the [more…]

How to Register as an Individual on

If you want to apply for a grant from as an individual, you must complete the (not so easy) registration process. Individual registration can take up to one business day to complete [more…]

How to Download and Upload Grant Applications on

Since the arrival of the e-grant system, all the federal grant application forms that you need are available on that Web site. You can find, download, fill out, and upload an application electronically [more…]

Good Online Resources for Grant Funding

The Internet can be a great tool in your search for grant funding. Online resources for information about grants abounds. Here are some of the better Web sites for grant funding information: [more…]

How to Read a Request For Proposal for a Contract Bid

When a company issues an opportunity to bid on a contract for funding, often referred to as an RFP (Request For Proposal)or RFQ (Request for Quote), you must be able to quickly scan the technical proposal [more…]

How to Find Federal Resources to Help You Write Your Grant Applications

Most government agencies that award grants or contracts produce publications that can give you a leg up on writing all types of grant applications and RFP narratives. You can find these valuable resources [more…]

How to Write an Application That Wins Grants

The opening section of your application for funding is a key ingredient of your winning grant, cooperative agreement, or contract bid recipe. When you write your application, focus on the problem you want [more…]

How to Write Your Grant Application's Program Design Section

When you write the program design section of your grant application, cooperative agreement, or RFP narrative, remember that the point is to explain what you want to do with the grant, agreement, or contract [more…]

How to Complete Grant Application Cover Forms

Many groups of grantmakers, from foundations to corporations, have created their own customized common grant application forms and formats. Look for these types of common forms and formats on the [more…]

How to Complete Federal Grant Application Cover Forms

The electronic Grant Application Cover Form (also known as Form 424) has four pages (it used to be just one page). When you fill in the Grant Application Cover Form at [more…]

How to Present Your Organization's Capabilities in a Grant Application

When writing the organizational capability section of your application, you need to tell the grant reader, clearly and concisely, just enough information about your organization’s experience and accomplishments [more…]

How to Determine the Required Elements for a Contract Bid

When you respond to an RFP (Request For Proposal), you position your organization to win a contract bid. Pursuing contracted services on a regular basis can strengthen and grow your business. In the first [more…]


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