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Essentials: Make Your Cause Marketing Transparent for All to See

One of the essentials is not treating consumers like fools. When they are asked to support a cause through a business, they want to know the following: [more…]

Essentials: Use Social Media Strategically with Cause Marketing

Telling you that you should use social media with cause marketing is a little like Moses coming down from Mount Sinai and telling people he just got the Ten Commandments from The Almighty. You just have [more…]

Essentials: Don't Overcomplicate Cause Marketing

The tactics behind cause marketing aren’t brain surgery. The majority of programs are simple point-of-sale and purchase-triggered donations. As cause marketing pioneer Kurt Aschermann, president of Charity [more…]

Cause Marketing with Coin Canisters

Coin canisters are a great way to get started with cause marketing. They’re inexpensive, and while generally a passive fundraising tool, they can raise good money and build a foundation for other cause [more…]

Common Cause Marketing Mistakes

Cause marketing has many rewards. But it also has hazards, and you need to be clear on the mistakes that can damage your marketing program or keep it from ever getting started. [more…]

Being Unnerved by Cause Marketing Competitors

The biggest obstacles keeping causes and companies from trying cause marketing are ofen their fears of intimidation by more powerful competitors. For causes, it’s the intimidation they feel from the high-profile [more…]

Keeping Your Cause Marketing Program Simple

The writer Henry David Thoreau advised: “Simplify, simplify.” As with most things in life, focus on what works in cause marketing and avoid what requires time and money but doesn’t have a return-on-investment [more…]

Don't Expect Too Much of Your Cause Marketing Partner

The operating definition of cause marketing is a partnership between a for-profit and a nonprofit for mutual benefit. The dictionary definition of what a partnership is: the association of two or more [more…]

Don't Overdo the Perks in Your Cause Marketing Campaign

Distributing proper incentives to the people that make your cause marketing program a success is critical, but you should avoid lavish spending on perks. Incentivizing the people who make cause marketing [more…]

Cause Marketing Will Not Solve All Your Problems

Every day, some nonprofits lurch from one trendy tactic to another, only to be disappointed when what was billed as the next great thing doesn’t live up to expectations. Now, the cause and business world [more…]

Setting Up a Simple Percentage-of-Sales Program

One of the easiest and most economical cause marketing programs you can execute is a percentage-of-sale program. Simply stated, a business, usually a retailer, chooses a service or product from which a [more…]

Shopping Days as a Cause Marketing Program

If your cause or company is located or connected to a downtown shopping district, try a shopping event for as a cause marketing program. Shopping for a cause can work several ways. [more…]

Social Media as a Cause Marketing Cost Saver

Social media is powerful, ever-growing, and here to stay. It’s also free. Social media and cause marketing belong together!

Social media teaches you cause marketing. The key thought leaders and blogs in [more…]

Cause Marketing Program and SEO

People are searching for information on your cause marketing program, and the better you use search engine optimization (SEO) for your website, the more likely they are to find you on the Internet. [more…]

Building Your Cause Marketing Program with Existing Events

Special events for fundraising can be very effective and lucrative for a nonprofit. They can also be expensive and labor intensive and can come up short on return-on-investment considering all the time [more…]

Core Elements of Successful Cause Marketing Presentations

As a cause marketer presentations will become a regular part of your life. Sometimes you will speak to 2 people, sometimes to 20 or to 200.

There are things that will help you to deliver powerful, persuasive [more…]

Don't Confuse Cause Marketing with Philanthropy, Sponsorship, or Social Responsibility

Cause marketing’s first goal is marketing for both the company and the cause. While philanthropy is an aim of cause marketing, philanthropy is not its primary objective. Cause marketing and sponsorship [more…]

Teaming Up with Another Cause or Company

Here’s the situation. You’re a nonprofit with a good company that’s eager to work on a cause marketing promotion, but neither of you have the expertise to execute it. A nonprofit across town has executed [more…]

What Succession Planning Can Do for Your Organization

In today’s rapidly changing world — with its new technologies, new markets, and new global mobility — succession planning matters more than ever before. The success of your organization depends on the [more…]

How to Develop a Succession Plan

Whether you’re developing a succession plan for a small family business, a large nonprofit organization, an educational institution, a major corporation, or a government organization, the process boils [more…]

How to Disclose Appropriate Information about Your Nonprofit

Disclose seems to imply that your nonprofit is hiding something that must be pried from your clutches. Don’t think of it that way. The IRS regulations that lay out the rules for disclosure refer to “the [more…]

How to Collaborate with Other Nonprofits to Weather Hard Times

If the field in which your nonprofit works has seen a decline in funding or an increase in competition for staff or clients, it may be time to identify others who provide similar programs and begin to [more…]

How to Close a Nonprofit Organization

Nonprofit organizations generally resist closure, maybe because they're usually founded by people with a vision and a desire to serve the public. Yet, sometimes closing is the right choice. [more…]

How to Adapt When Your Nonprofit Organization Faces Hard Times

It’s likely that you’ll come across problems in the course of managing your nonprofit organization. Everyone does. But sometimes those problems are so severe that you must change the way you do your work [more…]

How to Assess the Performance of Nonprofit Programs

Assessing the performance of your nonprofit programs isn’t easy, but evaluating what you do can help you do it better. Besides, if foundation grants help fund your programs, the odds are good that you’ll [more…]

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