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Nonprofit Businesses

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Initial Cause Prospect Meeting: Support Levels

While sponsorship and cause marketing are both win-win, they’re different in several important ways. One is how sponsorship programs frequently have levels of support [more…]

Initial Cause Prospect Meeting: Better PowerPoints

With PowerPoint, people have gained the ability to share presentations on a screen or in a handout. But as was true with so many other advancements, something powerful has been given up in exchange. [more…]

Closing the Cause Marketing Deal: Thinkers

Closing the deal with cause marketing prospects involve one of three types, Thinkers are analyzed here. The mainstays of thinkers are facts, figures, and logical arguments. These folks pour over numbers [more…]

Point-of-Sale Program Success: Secret Shoppers

A great way to keep cashiers on their toes and asking shoppers to support your cause at the register is secret shoppers.You’ve probably heard of secret shoppers. These hired guns masquerade as everyday [more…]

Closing the Cause Marketing Deal: Deferrers

Of the types of cause marketing decision makers, deferrers are the most fascinating because they’re people of compliance, trust, and faith. Deferrers don’t linger over the pictures like a feeler or pour [more…]

Free Giveaways in Cause Marketing

If you can’t sell something, try giving it away. That’s what King Gillette, the inventor of the Gillette disposable razor concluded. Giving away his razors is how he grew demand for his new invention when [more…]

Cause Marketing in Real Life: Product (RED)

While the cause marketing effort Product (RED) is aptly named for the victims of HIV/AIDS with infected blood, it also covers the two reactions people generally have to the cause. Either they’re red-faced [more…]

Avoiding No from Cause Marketing Prospects

Are you getting cause marketing prospects closer to yes, or are you just giving them an excuse to say no at every turn? Here are just some of the ways causes sabotage themselves: [more…]

Cause Marketing Prospect Touchpoints

In working with a cause marketing prospective company, you always want to find ways to make it less transactional and more meaningful. That’s where touchpoints come in handy. [more…]

Selling as the Key to Your Cause Marketing Success

Accepting the fact that cause professions are all in sales is tough to stomach because they see themselves as “fundraisers” or in “development.” Call yourself what you want, but whenever you’re trying [more…]

Getting over the Cause Marketing Prospects that Got Away

A lot of prospects will say no. It’s a fact of selling anything, including cause marketing. There’s a big difference between a prospect that says, “No, not right now” and “No, I can never see us ever working [more…]

Winning Cause Marketing Proposal Preparation

Most prospects like to see some type of proposal when you pitch them on a cause marketing program. But consider yourself warned: Proposals are a crutch for seller and prospect alike. The seller uses them [more…]

Point-of-Sale Program Success: Pinups

Pinups are an important cause marketing tool, which is why they are a key focus of your point-of-sale program. They should be on your shortlist of programs for many reasons: [more…]

Point-of-Sale Program Success: Simple Messages

Cashiers asking customers to support your cause is critical to the success of your point-of-sale pinup program. If there is no ask, your chances of success drop sharply. [more…]

Point-of-Sale Program Success: The Power of One

"If I look at the mass, I will never act. If I look at the one, I will."
— Mother Theresa

Human beings have a basic flight-or-fight response to imminent danger, which forces primitive minds to limit its [more…]

Point-of-Sale Program Success: Setting Limits

Limits are key to your success in cause marketing. If your cause marketing donors don’t feel their support will make a difference or make them feel good, they will “avert their eyes.” Seth Godin,the marketing [more…]

Avoiding Unnecessary Cause Marketing Signage

With any cause marketing promotion, there’s a temptation to produce additional signage and materials to promote the program. Resist it. They don’t work. Posters, fliers, and buttons are fodder for failure [more…]

Point-of-Sale Program Success: Coupons

Always try to include coupons on your cause marketing point-of-sale pinups. They have an immediate value at the register when cashiers are asking shoppers to support your cause. [more…]

Cause Marketing in Real Life: Coupon Booklets

For 33 years, New England–based Papa Gino’s and its sister company D’Angelo have been using coupon booklets to raise money a buck at a time for two causes: Easter Seals and The Genesis Fund. What’s always [more…]

Point-of-Sale Program Success: Managers Are Key

Nothing will determine the success of your cause marketing point-of-sale program more than store managers. Their commitment to the program will keep front-line employees engaged and asking customers to [more…]

Point-of-Sale Program Success: Incentives

The short story is that incentives do work — if you know how to use them. If you’re launching a point-of-sale program with a new partner, follow these tips: [more…]

A Sample Cause Marketing Incentive Program

Here’s an example of an incentive program which has been used with a partner. This retailer divided their stores into four groups so that stores were competing against other stores of equal size and foot [more…]

Point-of-Sale Program Success: Free Incentives

You should never pay for cause marketing point-of-sale incentive prizes. There are too many easy and good places to get them for free. Here are some proven strategies: [more…]

Triggered Donations May Not Be as Lucrative as Point-of-Sale

While both point-of-sale and purchase-triggered donation programs (PTD) can be very successful for companies and very lucrative for causes — especially for causes working with large chains, such as Gap [more…]

Cause Marketing Fine Print

Cause marketing programs which use purchase-triggered donations are under a lot of scrutiny right now because consumers are rightfully questioning how much of their donation and to what cause their money [more…]


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