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New Cause Partners thru Your Fundraising Events

Most causes have fundraising events, but they don’t view them as the assets they are. To many, cause marketing is one type of fundraising, and special events is another, without ever thinking to combine [more…]

Improving Cause Marketing Results: Motivation

Highly motivated consumers and employees can make a big difference in the success of your cause marketing program. Motivation is especially important for local programs because they generally involve smaller [more…]

Improving Cause Marketing Results: Employee Training

Well-trained employees can play a big role in the success of your cause marketing program. Not only should your employees be well trained in how to execute the program, but it also helps if they’re well-trained [more…]

Closing the Cause Marketing Deal: Feelers

The cause marketing prospects which are feelersare driven by their emotions. They don’t fixate on the graphs and charts and numbers. They focus on the pictures, watch the videos, and listen to the stories [more…]

Reaching Out to Cause Marketing Prospects

Before trying to communicate with a cause marketing partner prospect, take a minute to consider how you plan to connect with her about cause marketing. How do you plan to identify with the needs of the [more…]

Cause Marketing Prospect First Interaction

Your first interaction with a cause marketing prospect probably won’t be in person. It will be over the phone or e-mail. There’s a schism about the best way to initially connect with prospects: phone or [more…]

Getting Your Cause Marketing Prospect Talking

Meeting with a cause marketing prospect isn’t like a poker match with opponents eyeing each other waiting for someone to make the wrong move. The more you get your prospects talking, the better the chance [more…]

Positioning Cause Marketing as Win-Win-Win

When communicating by phone or e-mail, it’s critical that you position cause marketing as win-win-win. A win for the company. A win for the customer. A win for the cause. Here are some suggestions for [more…]

Dealing with Cause Partner Gatekeepers

Gatekeepers, employees who stand between you and a cause partner decision maker, are an inescapable part of sales. Your goal is not to avoid or demonize gatekeepers, but to get them to join your team. [more…]

Staying Top of Mind to Your Cause Prospects

Cause marketing isn’t a complicated topic like tax law or rocket science, so it’s unlikely that the prospect will need to be reminded what is is and how it works. More likely, you’ll need to gently remind [more…]

Using a Blog to Stay Relevant to Cause Prospects

Calling and e-mailing a prospect isn’t the only way to stay top of mind to your cause marketing prospects. Another great way is a blog. A blog is an online journal that is regularly updated with the most [more…]

Keeping Communications Open after a Prospect Says No

During the course of a sales cycle with a cause marketing prospect, you’ll surely have many conversations, but there’s one word you never want to hear: No, as in, “No, we have no interest in working with [more…]

Preparing for the Initial Cause Prospect Meeting

Congratulations! You’ve landed a meeting! A first meeting with the prospect is a big step toward closing a cause marketing deal. Prospects are busy and generally don’t give their time to meet with just [more…]

Initial Cause Prospect Meeting: Attendees

If you have a choice about who attends the first meeting with a cause prospect, don't bring your boss, a board member, or your president, do everyone a favor and leave them back at the office — at least [more…]

Initial Cause Prospect Meeting: Bringing Your Questions

It’s crucial that you understand the cause marketing prospect’s needs and goals and ask smart questions at that first meeting. Here are 15 questions that always come up in meetings and lead to productive [more…]

Initial Cause Prospect Meeting: Support Levels

While sponsorship and cause marketing are both win-win, they’re different in several important ways. One is how sponsorship programs frequently have levels of support [more…]

Initial Cause Prospect Meeting: Better PowerPoints

With PowerPoint, people have gained the ability to share presentations on a screen or in a handout. But as was true with so many other advancements, something powerful has been given up in exchange. [more…]

Closing the Cause Marketing Deal: Thinkers

Closing the deal with cause marketing prospects involve one of three types, Thinkers are analyzed here. The mainstays of thinkers are facts, figures, and logical arguments. These folks pour over numbers [more…]

Point-of-Sale Program Success: Secret Shoppers

A great way to keep cashiers on their toes and asking shoppers to support your cause at the register is secret shoppers.You’ve probably heard of secret shoppers. These hired guns masquerade as everyday [more…]

Closing the Cause Marketing Deal: Deferrers

Of the types of cause marketing decision makers, deferrers are the most fascinating because they’re people of compliance, trust, and faith. Deferrers don’t linger over the pictures like a feeler or pour [more…]

Free Giveaways in Cause Marketing

If you can’t sell something, try giving it away. That’s what King Gillette, the inventor of the Gillette disposable razor concluded. Giving away his razors is how he grew demand for his new invention when [more…]

Cause Marketing in Real Life: Product (RED)

While the cause marketing effort Product (RED) is aptly named for the victims of HIV/AIDS with infected blood, it also covers the two reactions people generally have to the cause. Either they’re red-faced [more…]

Avoiding No from Cause Marketing Prospects

Are you getting cause marketing prospects closer to yes, or are you just giving them an excuse to say no at every turn? Here are just some of the ways causes sabotage themselves: [more…]

Cause Marketing Prospect Touchpoints

In working with a cause marketing prospective company, you always want to find ways to make it less transactional and more meaningful. That’s where touchpoints come in handy. [more…]

Selling as the Key to Your Cause Marketing Success

Accepting the fact that cause professions are all in sales is tough to stomach because they see themselves as “fundraisers” or in “development.” Call yourself what you want, but whenever you’re trying [more…]


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