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How to Deal with Nonprofit Financial Information on Form 1023

The IRS wants to see your nonprofit financial information. (Surprise, surprise.) New organizations have to estimate their income and expenses for three years — the current year and two years following. [more…]

What Nonprofits Must Report to the IRS

The formal name of the report that nonprofit organizations must file annually is Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, and the IRS calls it the [more…]

How to File the 990-N for Your Nonprofit

The 990-N is required for all 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations (with the exception of churches and church-related organizations) that have annual gross receipts of [more…]

How to Use the Long Form 990 for Your Nonprofit

If your nonprofit organization has gross receipts of $200,000 or more or assets of $500,000 or greater, you're required to tackle the full 990 experience. The Form 990 emphasizes accountability and transparency [more…]

How to Encourage Commitment from Nonprofit Board Members

Many people think a nonprofit board member's primary role is to raise money. In fact, a popular slogan addressed to board members who aren't raising funds is [more…]

What Is a Nonprofit Organization?

People hear the term nonprofit organization and picture Mother Hubbard's cupboard, as in awfully bare with a zero bank balance. But in fact, some nonprofit organizations turn very tidy profits on their [more…]

What Is a Nonprofit Fiscal Sponsor?

If you're simply interested in providing a service, maybe you don't want to waste time with the bureaucratic and legal matters that complicate new nonprofit start-ups. Or maybe you have a project that [more…]

How to Find a Fiscal Sponsor for Your Nonprofit

You may be able to find a fiscal sponsor for your nonprofit near you by using the Fiscal Sponsor Directory. Some nonprofit organizations are formed with the sole purpose of providing fiscal sponsorship [more…]

How to Create a Nonprofit Corporation

In almost all cases, the first legal step in creating a nonprofit organization is forming a corporation. A corporation is an entity or an organization that has legal standing. It's established by a group [more…]

How to Write the Articles of Incorporation for a Nonprofit

You should already have the articles of incorporation papers you need from the appropriate state office for your nonprofit. (If not, use the list of state offices at the [more…]

How to Obtain Your Nonprofit Employer Identification Number

The first thing to do for your nonprofit after you complete your incorporation is to apply to the IRS for an Employer Identification Number, or EIN. Even if you don't plan to hire employees anytime soon [more…]

How to Apply for Tax Exemption for Your Nonprofit

The final step in becoming a tax-exempt charitable organization is to apply for tax exemption from the IRS. Keep in mind that tax-exempt doesn't mean you're exempt from [more…]

How to Disclose Appropriate Nonprofit Information

Disclose is a funny word, isn't it? It seems to imply that your nonprofit is hiding something that must be pried from your clutches. Don't think of it that way. The IRS regulations that lay out the rules [more…]

How to Check Nonprofit Applicant References

Letters of recommendation can be helpful starting points in evaluating candidates, but most people would not include a negative recommendation in her application packet. Therefore, it’s necessary to check [more…]

How to Identify External Factors When Planning for Your Nonprofit

Early in the planning process, you need to collect information about external factors that influence your nonprofit’s operation. Someone, or a subcommittee of the planning committee, should find the answers [more…]

Get Stakeholder Input When Planning for Your Nonprofit

Unless you have a very small nonprofit organization, you probably can’t include every single person in the planning process. You do need to include all stakeholder groups, however. A [more…]

How to Perform a SWOT Analysis When Planning for Your Nonprofit

One common way to analyze the information you’ve collected for your nonprofit is to perform a SWOT analysis. SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. SWOT analysis is usually [more…]

How to Organize Nonprofit Volunteer Committees

Many nonprofits invite their volunteers to participate in committees. These committees enable volunteers to offer their best skills and learn how to do new things. An advantage of forming committees is [more…]

Do You Need an Independent Contractor for Your Nonprofit?

Independent contractors can help you with just about any aspect of your nonprofit organization, from managing personnel matters to hooking up a computer network. But nonprofits most commonly bring them [more…]

How to Determine Your Nonprofit's Need for Volunteers

Look around your nonprofit organization and decide how many volunteers you need and what functions they can perform. Consider creating (or helping create) a schedule of tasks to be completed — planning [more…]

How to Thank Your Nonprofit Volunteers

Volunteers give their time and, in many cases, expertise to help your nonprofit organization succeed. It’s only right that you thank them and thank them often. Thank them in the hallway after they’ve completed [more…]

How to Decide That Your Nonprofit Needs Paid Help

Knowing when to take the leap from being an all-volunteer group to being a boss or paid employee nonprofit isn’t easy, and it’s not a leap to take without looking at where you’re about to land. Hiring [more…]

Where You Should Post Your Nonprofit Job Openings

After you decide on the qualifications and skills needed for the job you want to fill in your nonprofit organization, advertise its availability. Here's a list of places to publicize your job opening: [more…]

How to Collect Donations for Your Nonprofit Through Crowd Funding

Crowd funding (also called crowdsourcing) is a form of online fundraising that can benefit from the social networks you’ve developed for your nonprofit organization. [more…]

How to Construct a Nonprofit Budget Based on Your History

As your first year passes and your nonprofit organization develops programs, it also develops a financial track record. After you have a financial history, anticipating the future can be easier. You need [more…]

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