Merger & Acquisition Taxes

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Taxation of Entities in an M&A Deal

Both Buyer and Seller beware when it comes to the tax consequences of any M&A transaction. Taxing corporations is complicated because you have two basic types of entities [more…]

Taxes and M&A Deals

Taxes are the bane of doing deals. Yeah, they’re a necessary evil, but of all M&A deals that ultimately don’t close, taxes are the number one reason for the failed transaction. [more…]

M&A Due Diligence: Debt and Taxes

Buyers, unsurprisingly, want to ensure that the finances are as they expected when they proposed the M&A deal. The following are the areas that the Buyer should thoroughly examine as part of due diligence [more…]

Tax and Government Filing Information Needed for M&A Due Diligence

Sellers and buyers in an M&A transaction negotiate a period of time — usually no more than 60 days — to conduct due diligence. As long as Seller is prepared to provide access to all the documents that [more…]

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