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Bringing in Partners

A business partnership is when two or more people team up in the ownership and operation of a business. Several large, well-known businesses have started out as successful partnerships [more…]

Keys to Successfully Completing an M&A Deal

An M&A deal is the biggest deal of your life, so completing a successful transaction is key. Knowing a few key M&A tips — whether you're merging or acquiring — increases your odds of successfully completing [more…]

Steps of the M&A Process

Going through an M&A deal can be an intimidating process (for both the mergers and acquisitions teams), but that process thankfully follows some concrete steps. Here's the step-by-step process that nearly [more…]

Computing Buyers’ Return in an M&A Deal

Make no mistake: Buyers don’t enter into an M&A transaction because of feel-good business-book babble like “the right fit” and “synergy.” They make acquisitions for one simple reason: profit. Besides EBITDA [more…]

Mergers and Acquisitions: Auction versus Negotiation

The world of M&A breaks down into two large camps: negotiated sales and auctions. Although they’re similar, auctions and negotiated sales have a few key differences. [more…]

Mergers and Acquisitions: What’s a Quality Company of Critical Mass?

M&A is a strange industry because it’s one of the few where the selling functions are in many ways easier than the buying functions. Simply put, quality companies with critical mass are in demand. [more…]

Mergers and Acquisitions: Buying Is Harder than Selling

Most M&A professionals will tell you that buying a company is more difficult than selling one. Owners of companies are bombarded on an almost daily basis from all sorts of Buyers. These would-be Buyers [more…]

Mergers and Acquisitions: Private Equity (PE) Firms

In some situations, you may consider acquiring a company from a private equity (PE) firm, a pool of money that buys companies with the intention of reselling them later for a sizable profit. PE firms can [more…]

What are Mergers and Acquisitions?

Mergers and acquisitions (or M&A for short — the M&A world is rife with acronyms and initialisms) is a bit of a catchall phrase. For all intents and purposes, M&A simply means the buying and selling of [more…]

Buyers and Sellers in a Merger or Acquisition

Mergers and acquisitions are simply buy-sell transactions. You can’t sell something unless you have a buyer for it. You can’t buy something without a seller. In the vast world of M&A, there’s more than [more…]

Important Terms and Phrases in Mergers and Acquisitions

Like any topic, M&A has a language that you have to get a handle on to understand the field. The following words are part of the basic building blocks of M&A. [more…]

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) Etiquette

If you aren’t careful, you can easily give off the wrong signal inadvertently during your M&A proceedings. Failure to follow up quickly, return calls, and give complete answers is an easy way to turn off [more…]

An Overview of Costs Associated with M&A

Although the main cost in any M&A transaction is most likely the cost to acquire the company (or assets), both Buyers and Sellers incur other costs. These costs range from the retinue of advisors needed [more…]

Know Your Company’s Market Position before Embarking on M&A Activity

If you’re thinking about chasing acquisitions or selling your business or merging with another, understanding where your business fits in the market is important. The distinction has to do with size, revenues [more…]

M&A Reasons to Sell: Time to Retire

The M&A process is not an easy one, so you have to be motivated to go through it. Retirement is one of the top motivations of business owners who decide to sell their businesses. [more…]

M&A Reasons to Sell: Let Someone Else Take It to the Next Level

The M&A market is full of owners who choose to sell because they’ve determined that they’ve taken the business as far as they can take it. They may not want to retire, but they also may not want to run [more…]

M&A Reasons to Sell: Divest a Division or Product Line

An owner doesn’t have to sell the entire company; selling a division or a product line is a very common M&A activity. Some of the reasons to divest a division or product line include [more…]

M&A Reasons to Sell: The Company Is in Trouble

The problem children of the mergers and acquisitions world are often known as troubled companies, special situations, challenged companies, and turnaround opportunities. [more…]

Mergers and Acquisitions: Reasons to Buy

Mergers and acquisitions allow a company to skip the growth stage and buy existing sales and profits. For this reason and those that follow, a company may choose to buy other companies instead of relying [more…]

How to Identify Ideal M&A Advisors

Whether you’re a Buyer or Seller, successfully completing M&A transactions requires a skilled team of advisors who have negotiating experience, the right temperament to deal with many different personalities [more…]

M&A: How to Use Inside Advisors

The most obvious set of team members for M&A deal-makers is the inside team — that is to say, those employees who already work for the company. Working with inside advisors makes sense because they don’t [more…]

M&A: Considerations for Outside Advisors

Having someone to look at an M&A transaction from a distance, to consider that situation from a detached outsider perspective, can often be the greatest benefit to a person who is buried in the minutiae [more…]

M&A: Wealth Advisors in the Sale of a Business

Selling a business through an M&A deal can generate a great deal of personal wealth, and working with a trusted advisor to help manage and shepherd that wealth is an important consideration during the [more…]

The Purpose of an Intermediary in an M&A Deal

An intermediary is a person who represents Buyer or Seller in an M&A transaction. Commonly called investment bankers or business brokers, this breed of M&A advisors is essentially salespeople, and what [more…]

Lawyers as Part of M&A Deals

Legal issues are always at the forefront of M&A deals. The lawyer is a very important advisor to both Seller and Buyer. Similar to the intermediary, each side has its own lawyer. The lawyer should be someone [more…]


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