Merger & Acquisitions First Steps

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M&A Targeting: Tempt Buyers with an Anonymous Teaser

A teaser is an aptly named document: Its intent is to give an M&A Buyer just enough information (the product, the customers, the problem the company solves, and some high-level financials) to make him [more…]

M&A Targeting: Tips for a Good Teaser

A well-written teaser is important in the M&A process. It keeps the Buyer’s interest and can facilitate continuing the steps to a final deal. Here are some tips for writing a good teaser: [more…]

How to Prepare Buyers for M&A Management Meetings

As Buyer, you should prepare for management meetings by reading the M&A offering document, reviewing the financials and Seller’s website, and conducting research about Seller [more…]

How to Tell If Your M&A Meeting Went Well

Trying to determine whether a meeting went well is a difficult proposition. People are usually polite; regardless of whether they’re interested in pursuing an M&A deal, they usually end the meeting by [more…]

M&A Management Meeting: The Importance of In-Person Visits

After Buyer has reviewed the M&A book (or offering document) and submitted an indication of, the next step is to meet with Seller’s key management and/or ownership. The management meeting [more…]

M&A Management Meeting Logistics

Although the purpose of the M&A management meeting is for Seller to impart information to Buyer, Seller shouldn’t forget the goal of the meeting: to eventually obtain a letter of intent [more…]

The M&A Management Meeting Agenda

The M&A Seller should circulate a written agenda. Keep it simple: roughly five to eight items. Although specific agendas vary from deal to deal, a management meeting should generally include the following [more…]

The Seller’s Presentation at the M&A Management Meeting

The presentation deals with Seller: past, present, and future. Because many months (probably three to six) have transpired in the M&A process between finishing the offering document and sitting down with [more…]

M&A Management Meeting: How to Make the Seller’s Presentation Shine

The greater the number of people who attend a meeting, the greater the odds someone hasn’t actually read the M&A offering document. At the beginning of a management meeting, ask, “Okay, so who has read [more…]

Mergers & Acquisitions: Four Things to Consider Prior to Signing a Letter of Intent

Moving forward with an M&A deal means that both sides sign a letter of intent (LOI). Although the LOI is an important step, rushing and carelessly signing an LOI without fully understanding it can create [more…]

M&A Seller: How to Create Target Lists

The target list for a Seller in an M&A deal is a bit different than Buyer’s target list due to one key aspect: Seller’s main concern is Buyer’s ability to close a deal. In other words, does Buyer have [more…]


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