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One Company Purchases Another in an Acquisition

So what the heck is an acquisition, anyway? An acquisition differs from a merger because it doesn’t combine two companies. Rather, in an acquisition, one company purchases the other as you would purchase [more…]

What Is a Buyout?

A buyout occurs when one corporation buys a controlling share of stock in another. A buyout is very similar to a partial acquisition. Some argue there’s no difference, which isn’t surprising because the [more…]

Forms of Corporate Integration/Cooperation

At the core of all M&A (mergers and acquisitions) is the idea of corporate integration. Companies can make corporate integration happen in several ways that aren’t technically mergers or acquisitions. [more…]

What Is a Divestiture?

When a company is looking to get rid of some of their operations, they will go through something called a divestiture. You’ve done awful, terrible things during your time managing M&A [more…]

What a Business Is Worth to You

Businesses don’t typically just advertise that they’re for sale and at what price they’re being sold. These transactions are all handled through very careful financial valuations, usually done separately [more…]

Methods of Financing Mergers and Acquisitions

Like all investments, the method of payment for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) plays a very significant role in whether or not making the investment at all is feasible. There are a number of methods available [more…]

7 Steps to Selling a Micro-Entrepreneurial Business

Your micro-entrepreneurial business is a product, and it can be sold like anything else. If you’ve developed a large customer base for your micro-entrepreneurial business, you can get a lot of money for [more…]


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