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Growing Your Business

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M&A Transactions: Structuring Equity Investments

In the minds of most people, especially M&A novices, an investment comes in the form of equity — an investor buying stock in the company. This kind of investment makes the most sense when the company has [more…]

M&A Transactions: Sell a Piece of the Company

Business owners don’t need to sell the whole business and then retire or move on to other pursuits. A substantial amount of M&A work is done with sellers who just want to sell a part of the company. There [more…]

M&A Smooth Selling: Clean Up the Balance Sheet

One of the biggest obstacles to getting a deal done on a merger or acquisition is a messy balance sheet. Now, don’t freak out about the accounting. Accounting is your friend. [more…]

M&A Smooth Selling: Pay Off Debt

One of the hurdles to getting an M&A deal done is long-term debt. Many Sellers either “conveniently” forget about the debt or hope/assume that Buyer will simply assume the debt no questions asked. Here’s [more…]

M&A Smooth Selling: Address Legal Issues

If you want to ensure a smooth M&A process, settle any outstanding lawsuits, to the extent possible, before putting your business on the market. Even if you don’t have legal liabilities, you may want to [more…]

M&A Company Valuation: Trim Staff and Cut Dead Weight

If you want to maximize the company’s valuation before heading in to an M&A deal, you need to maximize the company’s profits. One way is to reduce and eliminate wasteful expenditures, and because the largest [more…]

Mergers and Acquisitions: Reasons to Buy

Mergers and acquisitions allow a company to skip the growth stage and buy existing sales and profits. For this reason and those that follow, a company may choose to buy other companies instead of relying [more…]

Mergers and Acquisitions: Prep before You Buy

A company thinking about making acquisitions just doesn’t wake up one day and close a deal. Successfully undertaking M&A activity takes some planning and preparation. [more…]

Include Companies in Your Vertical on Your M&A Target List

Your vertical is the supply chain for your industry. That’s it. If you do an M&A deal with an entity above or below you on that chain, you’re integrating vertically. [more…]

How to Identify Ideal M&A Advisors

Whether you’re a Buyer or Seller, successfully completing M&A transactions requires a skilled team of advisors who have negotiating experience, the right temperament to deal with many different personalities [more…]

M&A: How to Use Inside Advisors

The most obvious set of team members for M&A deal-makers is the inside team — that is to say, those employees who already work for the company. Working with inside advisors makes sense because they don’t [more…]

M&A: Considerations for Outside Advisors

Having someone to look at an M&A transaction from a distance, to consider that situation from a detached outsider perspective, can often be the greatest benefit to a person who is buried in the minutiae [more…]

M&A: Wealth Advisors in the Sale of a Business

Selling a business through an M&A deal can generate a great deal of personal wealth, and working with a trusted advisor to help manage and shepherd that wealth is an important consideration during the [more…]

The Purpose of an Intermediary in an M&A Deal

An intermediary is a person who represents Buyer or Seller in an M&A transaction. Commonly called investment bankers or business brokers, this breed of M&A advisors is essentially salespeople, and what [more…]

M&A: Business Brokers and Investment Bankers

Intermediaries for M&A deals come in two flavors: investment bankers and business brokers. An investment banker likely provides a fuller service for a Seller, but that fuller service usually means higher [more…]

Lawyers as Part of M&A Deals

Legal issues are always at the forefront of M&A deals. The lawyer is a very important advisor to both Seller and Buyer. Similar to the intermediary, each side has its own lawyer. The lawyer should be someone [more…]

Taxes and M&A Deals

Taxes are the bane of doing deals. Yeah, they’re a necessary evil, but of all M&A deals that ultimately don’t close, taxes are the number one reason for the failed transaction. [more…]

Possible Extra Consultants for the M&A Buyer’s Team

In addition to the common advisors like lawyers and accountants, Buyers in M&A deals may need to enlist the services of additional outside advisors including environmental consultants, database/IT consultants [more…]

The Role of a Business Appraiser in an M&A Deal

Business appraisers are people who offer the service of valuing a business in preparation for an M&A deal. Sometimes this service is offered as part of another advisor’s product offerings; for example, [more…]

How to Avoid Communication Breakdowns in M&A Deals

A failure to communicate can be major problem and even a death knell for the M&A process. Communication problems typically come in one of three flavors: [more…]

Banker Involvement in M&A Deals

The decision to sell a business means the owner eventually has to tell his banker of the M&A transaction or pending transaction. The first step is to review the loan covenants for any guidance as to when [more…]

What is an M&A Target List?

Before you can have a conversation about selling your company or acquiring someone else’s company in an M&A deal, you need to have someone to speak to! It’s one of those crazy things about mergers and [more…]

M&A Buyer: How to Create Target Lists

For Buyers in M&A deals, the job of creating a target list of businesses you want to buy begins by defining the “whats” of the target: [more…]

How to Expand and Winnow M&A Target Lists

Because contacting every company in this world and beyond for your M&A deal doesn’t make much sense, you need to make sure you have the right type and number of targets on your list. [more…]

M&A: There Is No Perfect Company to Buy

Buyers in M&A deals need to take care not to overdefine their acquisition targets. As Buyer, don’t match your search criteria to the absolute perfect company; you won’t find it. Focus is important, of [more…]


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