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Listing Education, Experience, and Skills on Your Resume

When drafting your resume, carefully consider these categories of essential information: Education, Experience, and Skills. A skill, in job-search terms for a resume, is any identifiable ability or fact [more…]

Using a Competency-Based Approach in a Resume

Let your resume highlight your all-around competencies. A competency-based approach in a resume focuses on the skills and talents needed to be able to perform a particular task to a certain standard. The [more…]

Including Activities and Awards on Your Resume

If you want to strengthen your image in your resume, consider drawing from your activities, organizations, awards, and licenses. Also, you can include testimonials that show you’ve got the right stuff. [more…]

Should You Include Salary Information on Your Resume?

You should never mention salary information on your resume. Sometimes a job ad asks for your salary history or salary requirements in a resume. Realize that revealing dollar figures in advance puts you [more…]

Selling Yourself in a Resume with Action Words

Use action words (verbs) to describe your strengths — your abilities and accomplishments — in a resume. Effective action words zero in on abilities and achievements. Include words of substance and power [more…]

Including Search Keywords and Phrases in a Resume

Recruiters and employers use keywords to search and retrieve e-resumes in databases for available job positions. These search keywords are primarily nouns and short phrases, and sometimes adjectives and [more…]

How to Find Career-Related Keywords for Your Resume

Include keywords in your resume to sell your qualifications to recruiters and prospective employers. How can you find keywords for your occupation or career field? Use a highlighter to mark keywords from [more…]

Spelling and Grammar Tips for Resumes

When developing your resume, always pay attention to grammar and spelling throughout the document. A resume with proper grammar and no spelling errors is essential in a job search. Of all the reasons causing [more…]

Words and Information to Avoid Using in Resumes

Some words and information just don't belong on a resume. Words to avoid using are called poison words, which either work against you or just take up valuable space on your resume. [more…]

Tips for Improving Content of Targeted Resumes

There are several tips you can follow to improve upon the content of your targeted resume, such as eliminating anything that doesn’t support the job you’re after and making your objective specific. [more…]

Write Hot Resumes that Open Job Interview Doors

Ever wonder why after sending out hundreds of resumes, you almost never get a call to interview for a job? There’s a good chance your job search has stalled because you’re relying on yesterday’s one-size-fits-all [more…]

Strategies to Green Your Resume

Green employers want to see evidence that your values and actions align with the company’s mission. Here are terrific actions you can take and then add to your resume to demonstrate your commitment to [more…]

How to Enhance Your CV for Job Searching

Getting your Curriculum Vitae (CV) into its best possible shape is an essential step towards getting the job you’re looking for. Here are four suggestions as to how you might improve your CV: [more…]

Reviewing Your CV before Applying for a Job

Tell the truth. After a fair evaluation, decide whether you have a standout Curriculum Vitae (CV). Maybe you need to call in the experts for a makeover on a sorry looking eyesore? As a quick review, ask [more…]

Starting to Think about Your CV

Get some paper and a pen or pencil, or grab your laptop and start making some notes for yourself before launching into writing your perfect CV (Curriculum Vitae [more…]

Polishing and Launching Your CV

Hone your information into a killer CV (Curriculum Vitae)with these tips. Before sending out your CV to potential employers or agencies, check you’ve done the following: [more…]

What to Leave Out of Your CV

Your final CV needs to be concise, well-written and not hindered by long-winded phrases or excess content that slows the reader down and sabotages an otherwise competitive document. Here are some items [more…]

How to Evaluate Résumés

When hiring, the résumé is your first contact with a job candidate. To get the most from this important document and determine if someone is worth calling in for an interview, you'll need to know how to [more…]

Seven Things Never to Include on Your Resume

The most important tool you have toward getting that new job is your resume. It tells a potential employer who you are and should impart your potential value to the prospective employer. It is the potential [more…]

Five Things You Must Include on Your Resume

Every job hunter knows that a resume should show employment history, but to be truly successful in your job search, make sure you also include these five things on your resume. Competition for good employment [more…]

7 Deadly Resume-Writing Sins

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to writing your resume. If you try to deceive employers and recruiters by fabricating or exaggerating your skills and experience, chances are you’ll be caught out [more…]

10 Top Technology Tips for Resume Writing

Today's job seekers need to know how to create a resume that can be sent by email and that can be easily opened by employers and recruiters: [more…]

Mastering the Art of Resume Presentation

Resumes are scanned in a matter of seconds so ensuring your resume follows a clean and logical layout is a must if you're to impress recruiters. Be consistent with the formatting, writing style and spacing [more…]

Choose Persuasive Words for Your Resume

Write your resume using strong, powerful words that engage employers and recruiters and make them want to keep reading about you. Keep the language clear and professional, and use commonly used keywords [more…]

Avoiding Common Resume Blunders

If you want to write the perfect resume for recruiters you need to know what irritates them as they sift through piles of job applications. Here’s a list of resume mistakes that really irk recruiters: [more…]


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