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Building Your Branded LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is the most popular business social media site on the web, and you want to ensure that your LinkedIn presence represents you and the personal brand that you've developed in the most positive way [more…]

21 Ways Your Executive Brand Can Drive Your Career

The executive population was the first to embrace personal branding. During the formative years of personal branding, forward-thinking executives knew that in order to differentiate themselves, they needed [more…]

10 Keys to Having a Personal Branding Mind-set

Applying personal branding in the workplace is not a trend; it's a survival strategy. Personal branding experts agree that it's important to stand out: [more…]

Creating Your Personal Brand Profile

Completing a personal brand profile can give you a clear sense of who you are and what makes you tick. Your characteristics are like pieces of a quilt. Each is important, but it's only a part of a greater [more…]

How to Outline Your Vision to Develop Your Personal Brand

Having a vision for your personal brand means imagining your ideal version of how you’ll use your mission. It’s an external process and describes what you see as possible in the world. [more…]

How to Build Your Personal Brand Using Your Freak Factor

Your freak factor is a quality that you’ve probably worked hard in your life to hide and avoid integrating into your personal brand in hopes that no one will find out about it. It’s a unique quality that [more…]

How to Set Goals to Enhance Your Personal Brand

Certified Personal Brand Strategist and Career Coach Randi Bussin outlines a goal-setting strategy and how you can best use it in developing your personal brand. Following are Randi’s own words to describe [more…]

How to Sum Up Your Personal Brand in a Tagline

A tagline or slogan is a phrase that follows your personal brand name and sums up your unique promise of value. A tagline is shorter and catchier than your personal brand statement, but it serves a similar [more…]

How to Build a Personal Commercial for Your Brand

Here are some tips on how to introduce yourself effectively and communicate your personal brand in that introduction. Sometimes, it’s a struggle to sound professional, unique, and personable. Luckily, [more…]

Tips for Crafting Your Personal Commercial

There are a few fast rules when developing your personal commercial. A number of terms can describe your professional introduction to another person — for example, the [more…]

How to Create a Branded Resume

When you create a branded resume, you use your personal brand to infuse your resume with your unique qualities. The primary function of any resume is to create a picture of how you want to be seen now [more…]

How to Write a Branded Biography

A branded biography is a narrative of your personal brand story. It tells the story of your unique promise value to your target audience. Your bio needs to emotionally connect with your readers and be [more…]

How to Write a Branded Letter of Introduction

Your cover letter or letter of introduction offers you the opportunity to connect with your reader in a more personal way using your personal brand than afforded in a resume. This letter differs from a [more…]

How to Use Your Personal Brand to Compile a Printed Portfolio

Why not infuse your portfolio with your personal brand? A portfolio is a collection of documents that validate your accomplishments and professional achievements when you go on a job interview [more…]

How to Develop Your Personal Brand on TV

TV is the ultimate branding experience where all the components of your personal brand blend together in a three-dimensional expression of who you are. From your first contact with the producer or media [more…]

How to Develop Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

If you’re just beginning to think about using online tools to showcase your personal brand on your business and social networks, begin with LinkedIn. While direct selling is frowned upon on LinkedIn, business [more…]

Tips for Communicating Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

If you have little experience with branding yourself online, LinkedIn is a great place to start. LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional network and is growing daily. The people you’re trying [more…]

How to Build Your Personal Brand on Facebook

It’s hard to ignore Facebook’s power as a personal branding tool — and not just because Facebook is the largest of the popular social networking platforms. What’s more important is that Facebook is well [more…]

How to Build Your Personal Brand on Twitter

If you plan to extend your personal branding to an online environment, consider all the people you can reach with social media sites. Twitter is an online social networking and microblogging web service [more…]

Should You Publish an Electronic Newsletter to Extend Your Personal Brand?

People are inundated with electronic information. Communicating your personal brand is important, but you don’t want to be pushy. Be honest: How many e-mails do you get a day that you don’t have time to [more…]

How to Develop Your Personal Brand By Posting Videos

William Arruda, founder of Reach Personal Branding, launched his own personal branding video resource at PersonalBranding.TV. Arruda says video is the new frontier in personal branding; video may be the [more…]

Measuring Your Online Reputation: Is Your Personal Brand Strategy Working?

You need to measure your online reputation to get a clear picture of what your online presence says about you and your personal brand. According to William Arruda, author of [more…]

Personal Branding: How to Combat a Regretful Online Identity

On the Internet, your reputation often precedes you. There are many positive attributes of the Internet to use in building your personal brand, but what happens when something dreadful is written about [more…]

How to Adjust Your Personal Brand for an International Audience

Your personal brand isn’t universal. That’s because your target market is part of the equation in determining your personal brand. When you work globally, your target market changes. You need to take the [more…]

How to Craft Your International Bio

Megan Fitzgerald, expat career and personal branding coach at Career By Choice, has great tips for how to “internationalize” your professional bio. Megan has lived and worked in more than 40 countries [more…]


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