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Foundation Skills Language to Include in a Job Letter

Certain skills can apply to any job. When you're searching for a job, you want to be sure to highlight these foundation skills in your cover letter and be able to give examples for an interview [more…]

How Reference Lists Maximize Job Applications

Reference lists are "people" lists provided when an employer wants to "check references" before hiring you for a job. Usually a one-page document (sometimes two pages), a reference list is delivered at [more…]

How to Create the Right References for Job Applications

Without question, little today does more to put a high shine on your job search than strong positive statements others have expressed about your abilities and work value. The following strategies, tactics [more…]

How to Request a Pay Raise in a Current Job

You're not alone if your pay rate is among the most important factors in choosing a job. In late 2012, an online Harris Interactive survey for Career Builder found that 70 percent of nearly 4,000 full-time [more…]

How to Request a Promotion at a Current Job

Did your earlier push for promotion from your current job fail? Recover by realistically identifying the reasons your bid went nowhere. Among the possibilities: Were you passed over because of how you're [more…]

How to Apply for an Internal Job Vacancy

When you hope to rise through the ranks to nab a specific internal job, adequate research is a must. Sniff around for information among coworkers in the department housing the vacancy to find out what [more…]


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