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Sending a Thank-You Letter after a Job Interview

How much do post-interview thank-you letters really impact hiring decisions? When they're canned, flat, and boring, interviewers may see them as a snore. But when you're in a classy field of candidates [more…]

What to Include in a Thank-You or Follow-Up Letter

After you've presented your job qualifications in an interview, remember to promptly send a thank-you or follow-up letter to the interviewer. Thank-you and follow-up letters are typically sent by postal [more…]

Tips for Writing Follow-Up Job Letters

An effective follow-up job letter may be the tiebreaker that gives you the win over other promising candidates after an interview. Your follow-up job letter creates goodwill that kick-starts your success [more…]

Sample Thank You and Follow-Up Job Letters

Use targeted thank-you and follow-up letters to market yourself and to add that extra edge. A follow up or thank you note can win you the job you're seeking. Although most jobs are won or lost during the [more…]

What Is a Professional Branding Statement?

Your professional branding statement communicates the essence of who you are in the workplace. Branding is a marketing concept and tool. Your brand reflects your professional reputation — what you’re known [more…]

Samples of Professional Branding Statements

Professional branding statements briefly explain who you are, what you do, and what you're best known for in the workplace. Use your professional branding statement in cover letters and other job search [more…]

Special Marketing Documents that Promote Careers

Create special marketing documents to focus attention on specific aspects of your professional qualities and achievements. These career marketing documents can attract extra — and positive — attention [more…]

How to Write E-Mail Cover Notes to Introduce Resumes

Use an e-mail cover note to introduce your resume when you need to quickly send out digital copies of your resume. An e-mail cover note isn't the same thing as a cover letter. E-mail cover notes are very [more…]

Comparing Different Types of Job Letters

In today’s ultracompetitive job market, cover letters have been reinvented as aggressive marketing tools, and an entire family of job letters or career management documents has emerged. Career management [more…]

Tips for Writing a Job Ad Reply Letter

Writing a job ad reply letter that answers a print or online job ad is a nearly universal experience, but the right reply is far from universal. Use your judgment in deciding on a letter style that best [more…]

Looking at Sample Job Ad Reply Letters

Customize your letters when replying to job ads. Job ad reply letters will vary considerably depending on the position the job candidate is seeking, the job industry, and even the personality of the writer [more…]

What Are Broadcast and Prospecting Job Letters?

Broadcast and prospecting letters form a type of direct mail designed to uncover an opportunity in the hidden (unadvertised) job market; they’re high-class versions of advertising flyers. When broadcast [more…]

Sample Broadcast Job Letters

Broadcast job letters are self-marketing letters sent to a large but carefully targeted roster of potential employers. To broadcast your letter, you draw your targets from commercial mailing lists. The [more…]

What Is a Job Letter for Employment Prospecting?

Prospecting letters for a job are self-marketing letters that are sent to a small, select number of recipients, such as potential employers you've met at an event, or a member of a small professional organization [more…]

Looking at Sample Job Networking Letters

Use job networking letters to directly ask for a job, or to request help or advice during a job search. Customize your networking letters based on the contact [more…]

What Is a Resume Letter?

A resume letter is a self-marketing hybrid document that combines a cover letter and a resume. (The resume is notseparate.) A resume letter — also called a [more…]

Sample E-Mail Cover Notes that Introduce Resumes

Use e-mail cover notes to introduce resumes that you attach to e-mail messages. E-mail cover notes are shorter and more informal than the cover letters that often accompany resumes, but they should be [more…]

Tips for Writing a Letter of Recommendation

Managers and co-workers sometimes write reference letters (or recommendation letter or letter of recommendation) for job-hunting colleagues. In the letter of recommendation, the reference giver should [more…]

Sample Prospecting Job Letters

The page you are looking for was recently moved. Don't worry, it's still here; it just has a new address: http://www.dummies.com/how-to/content/what-is-a-job-letter-for-employment-prospecting.html [more…]

3 Types of Resume Letter Samples

Resume letters are designed for targeted mail campaigns, postal or online. Should you use a resume letter to reply to an advertised job opening when the ad specifically requests a resume? Probably not. [more…]

How to Make a Counter Offer to a Job Offer

Write a counter offer letter? Really? Well, suppose you've received a job offer, but it's thinner than you expected. A counter offer (or counter proposal) might be the next appropriate move. Read the job [more…]

Enhance Job Search Letters with Performance Verbs

Do your job search letters merely limp along, chugging and wheezing to the finish line? Energize your messages with robust verbs that present you as a [more…]

How to Optimize Job Search Documents for Mobile Devices

Guidelines to writing job search cover letters and resumes for mobile devices differ from guidelines to writing for laptops or desktops. The main difference is one of size, like a modern one-room efficiency [more…]

Get Hired by Beginning a Cover Note with References

Repeated annual surveys of big company hiring sources by CareerXRoads show that a job candidate who introduces himself in his cover letter with an employee referral is four to seven times more likely to [more…]

How to Reply to Job Posts with a Cover Note

When you spot an advertised job on any recruiting platform (mobile, web, or print), consider responding with a variation on one of the following ten sample opening statements. Pair it with a strong closing [more…]


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