Using Social Media for Your Job Search

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Change the Focus of Your Online Résumé from Verbs to Nouns

A paper résumé may live only in your portfolio, but an online résumé can live anywhere during your job search — and, therefore, be discovered by just about anyone. If you can make your online résumé show [more…]

The Importance of Keywords to Your Online Résumé

When job seekers discover keywords, they usually experience an aha moment that helps them grasp the importance of using nouns and incorporating search-friendly keywords in their online résumés. For example [more…]

How to Ask for an Online Referral in Your Job Search

Getting a referral for your job search isn’t always as easy as it sounds. What do you do when you ask a former boss or co-worker for an online referral and he says, “Why don’t you write it up for me, and [more…]

Identify Whom to Ask for an Online Recommendation

Who should you ask for a recommendation that will best help your job search efforts? That can be difficult to identify, at times, especially because online recommendations differ from written recommendations [more…]

Why LinkedIn Is So Important to Your Job Search

Why is LinkedIn so important to your job search? Put yourself in the shoes of a hiring manager in today’s economy. Your company is going through tough economic times. Your HR department has been drastically [more…]

A Good Profile Photo Makes a Winning LinkedIn Profile

Humans are visual creatures. That includes hiring managers, so consider including a profile picture to help improve your chances of landing a job. In a matter of milliseconds, people draw conclusions, [more…]

A Professional Headline Makes a Winning LinkedIn Profile

Your professional headline appears just below your name as well as on every communication you send in LinkedIn. Job seekers should pay close attention to the headline to improve the chances of landing [more…]

A Strong Summary Makes a Winning LinkedIn Profile

The summary section of your LinkedIn profile appears just below your activity at the top of your profile. If hiring managers make it as far as your summary, they’re essentially asking you to tell them [more…]

Update Your LinkedIn Status when Networking for a Job Search

LinkedIn’s status update feature allows you to post a short message to share with your network during your job search (first- and second-degree contacts only — in other words, the people you’re directly [more…]

The Bare Essentials of LinkedIn-Style Networking

What good is having a beautiful and complete LinkedIn profile if no one gets to see it? Without an extensive network, your LinkedIn profile is just another online résumé. If you only obsess about your [more…]

How to Grow Your LinkedIn Network the Easy Way

If you find yourself with fewer than 143 LinkedIn connections (or fewer than your target number like 500+), you can take a more liberal approach to growing your network. Consider becoming a LION for a [more…]

How to Grow Your LinkedIn Network the Strategic Way

If you have a comfortably large LinkedIn network (any number larger than 143) and don’t require the gung-ho networking of a LION, then you can afford to be a bit more catlike in picking who you connect [more…]

Paid Reputation Services for Your Job Search

New companies have popped up that are specifically focused on helping you repair and maintain a positive online reputation during your job search. Of course, their services cost money. You can do the same [more…]

How to Generate a Plain-Text Résumé for Your Job Search

Many organizations persist in using outdated applicant-tracking systems (ATS) when hiring job applicants. An ATS electronically handles the whole recruitment process, from sorting large amounts of résumé [more…]

Tools to Improve Your Résumé

Just like résumé writers, who help you with the content of your résumé to improve your job search results, certain tools and services can help you make that content look amazing. And considering that someone [more…]

How to Use LinkedIn’s Skills and Expertise Area to Help Your Job Search

The Skills & Expertise area in LinkedIn is a place for job seekers to highlight what you are really good at and what areas you’re currently working on. When you add a Skill to this section, you’re quickly [more…]

How LinkedIn Endorsements Can Help Your Job Search

Members of your LinkedInnetwork can vouch for any of your skills by endorsing them. Each skill in your profile can have endorsements, which look like a teeny-tiny icon of the Endorser’s face next to your [more…]

How Job Seekers Can Request LinkedIn Recommendations

Recommendations in LinkedIn allow you to send or receive professional references and display them on your profile in a trustworthy way. You need at least three recommendations to have a complete LinkedIn [more…]

Join LinkedIn Groups to Increase Your Network's Size

A LinkedIn Group is a collection of professionals connected around a common theme. This can be valuable in your job search. A group's main function is to facilitate discussions and networking within a [more…]

How to Participate in LinkedIn Groups to Help Your Job Search

As a job seeker, your primary focus is to stand out of the crowd and be seen. When it comes to LinkedIn Groups, participation is mandatory. Spend five to ten minutes a day cruising your top three groups [more…]

SEOing for LinkedIn Helps Your Job Search

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the art and science of getting found, which you definitely want to happen when you’re job searching, when someone searches a term in a search engine like Google. [more…]

How to Add Custom Sections to Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn now offers you greater flexibility with what types of content you can add to your profile to help your job search. In addition to the standard Experience, Education, and Additional Information [more…]

Video Résumés Basics for Your Job Search

The unique limitations of online video make producing high-impact content in your video résumé even more imperative for your job search. Consider this: Hiring managers spend an average of just one to three [more…]

How to State Your Name and Details on Your Video Résumé

Stating your name is an important aspect of the video résumé and job search, but the question is how to introduce yourself in a way that’s memorable or unique. Many video résumés start with the standard [more…]

Communicate the Position You Want on Your Video Résumé

Most organizations have multiple job openings at any given time, and chances are you’re a good fit for more than one of them. If your video résumé targets a specific position, company, or hiring manager [more…]


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