Using Social Media for Your Job Search

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Identify Online Mediums to Publish On as Part of Your Personal Brand

It can be difficult to write for your job search using social media. Not everyone enjoys writing. Some people are just unable to adapt to a new style of writing to match online mediums. Blog writing is [more…]

Editorial Calendars Keep Your Blog Consistent and Establish Your Brand

Every successful blog relies on an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar is a list of all the topics you plan to cover while job searching (via text, audio, or video) over a defined period of time. [more…]

Select the Right Title and Domain Name for Your Blog

The domain name, or URL, is the web address for a website. For a job-seeking blogger, the domain name is the defining business card; therefore, it needs to be memorable. [more…]

Set Up an Attractive Blog to Establish Your Brand

Before you can start posting content to your blog for your job search, you need to make sure your blog looks attractive enough so that when people visit the site, they stick around long enough to read, [more…]

How to Communicate Effectively within Your Written Posts

Blogs can be effective tools for a job search. Blog writing differs in many ways from other forms of writing, which is mainly due to the fact that most readers scan online content and don’t spend loads [more…]

Get Comments on Your Blog and Build Your Credibility

When you first start a blog for job searching, it can sometimes feel like you’re talking to a wall. Don’t worry if your page views are low or no one bothers commenting on your posts. Just remember that [more…]

How to Score a Guest Blogger Gig while Building Your Brand

A guest blogger is someone whose articles are published on someone else’s blog. You might consider this is your search for a job. Many bloggers struggle with creating enough content to fit their editorial [more…]

Hiring Managers View Private Online Data with Spokeo

Spokeo is one of the most popular search engines that human resources (HR) departments use. If you’re seeking a job at a larger company, chances are the hiring manager will put your name into this tool [more…]

Claim Your Personal Online Records with ZoomInfo

When you are searching for a job, remember that any online information can and will probably be seen by potential employers. Enter ZoomInfo. ZoomInfodoesn’t just aggregate information about you into a [more…]

Tips for Writing a Strong Value Statement for Your Job Search

As you start the process of writing your value statement for your job search, you may find yourself either stuck or unhappy with the results. Following are some tips to help you think about the writing [more…]

How to Write Blog Posts in a Half Hour or Less

Using social media to help aid your job search can be a grueling, and sometimes painstaking, long process. Try using tips and guidelines to help make the best use of your time. [more…]

Review Your Current Online Reputation during Your Job Search

Before you begin to build up your online reputation for your job search, you need to know just how much work to put into it. Consider this first part reputation triage. [more…]

How to Differentiate a Common Name Online

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a unique name like Ashton Kutcher. People with unique names are lucky when it comes to job searching and can much more easily rank in Google and build an online reputation [more…]

Take Advantage of Social Media Search Engines during Your Job Search

Google isn’t perfect when it comes to searching the social web during a job search because it doesn’t deliver many results from real-time content such as Tweets, less-popular blogs, and frequently updated [more…]

Rank Yourself in Google to Help Your Job Search Efforts

The easiest way to rank yourself in Google during your job search is to generate your own content. Building your own website or writing your own blog provides content that gets you ranked — but only if [more…]

Make Linking Work for Your Job Search Efforts

Linking (also called hyperlinking) is a way to reach another web page from the one you’re currently viewing and can help your job search efforts. You simply click the link and you’re there. People who [more…]

Publish Written Materials for Your Job Search

For Google, content is still king. If you have written materials from past jobs or from your time at school, you’re sitting on a gold mine of content that can help you rank. The best thing you can do with [more…]

Publish Video Materials for Your Job Search

If you have any video footage of yourself in a professional capacity, consider posting it online to help your job search. Why? Because YouTube, a video-sharing website, is the second-largest search engine [more…]

Publish Slides and Presentations for Your Job Search

If you went to business school or gave presentations for past jobs, you probably have plenty of PowerPoint slides hanging around. You can repurpose these slides by posting them on [more…]

Publish Photos for Your Job Search

Google’s search results page is of the utmost importance during your job search. It has become more and more multimedia oriented over the years. A results page used to be a simple list of links to websites [more…]

Publish Creative Projects to Help in Your Job Search

If you have worked in a creative industry like design or publishing and are searching for a job in that area, you probably have a stack of projects you’ve worked on or contributed to. Take a look through [more…]

Manage Your Published Content to Enhance Job Search Efforts

Google is a pretty sophisticated robot. If you suddenly dump all kinds of new content for your job search with your name online, Google is likely to call foul. To avoid problems, make the process of building [more…]

Monitor Your Online Reputation to Help Your Job Search

Just as building your online reputation is an ongoing process, so is maintaining that reputation over the course of your career and job searches. When you monitor what people are saying about you, you [more…]

Benefits of Online Résumés for Your Job Search

By displaying your skills, qualifications, and abilities, a résumé used to indicate whether you could do a particular job or not. In the previous century, when most jobs were hands-on and less about what [more…]

Write Your Résumé for an Online Audience

Your job search will go more smoothly if you have a good résumé. When you read articles online, do you tend to pass over large blocks of text? If so, then you’re like most people who have a hard time sorting [more…]


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