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Camera, Lighting, and Editing Software Options for Your Video Résumé

For most people, the best part of producing video is getting to play with all the toys. It’s okay to make a job searching fun. Assuming that you’ve thought long and hard about your script, your setting [more…]

Add a Soundtrack to Your Video Résumé

The soundtrack to your video résumé defines your job candidacy more subtly and more powerfully than any other video production technique. When you think about the soundtrack for your film, keep these suggestions [more…]

Spice Up Your Video Résumé with B-Roll

Many video résumés are a single shot taken with someone sitting in front of a camera going on and on about who he is. These videos look amateurish. To avoid this fate and visually spice up your video résumé [more…]

Where to Upload Your Video Résumé

Instead of uploading your video résumé to the 20-plus available video-sharing sites one at a time for your job search, you can use a content distribution system. [more…]

Buying the Right Domain to Build a Résumé as a Website

A domain is the website address you use to get to a site. And for job searching purposes, you may need your own domain. Google looks at the domain name when calculating a website’s relevance to a particular [more…]

Easy Website Tools Help You Design a Résumé as a Website

You have literally thousands of options to choose from when building your own website during a job search, from premium HTML templates to raw code. But the key to your job search is to spend as little [more…]

Write the Right Content for Your Website Résumé

After you’ve chosen a development platform for designing your online résumé, you can get down to the business of job searching and figuring out what to write and what pages to include. [more…]

How to See Who’s Viewed Your LinkedIn Profile

Knowing who’s viewed your LinkedIn profile can be a very powerful tool for your job search. For example, if you give a presentations, then later notice an attendee viewed your profile, you might be able [more…]

How to Use Vizify with Your LinkedIn Profile

If you’re a visual job seeker, then you appreciate infographics and other graphical ways to display linear information. There’s some evidence to show that some recruiters like this as well because they [more…]

Make Yourself Easy to Communicate With on LinkedIn

Just being on LinkedInduring your job search may not necessarily be enough to make you easy to communicate with. If you were to ask an economist whether the economy is driven by large corporations or small [more…]

How to Use LinkedIn’s Advanced Add-Ons to Help Your Job Search

LinkedIn has opened its code up to developers who want to help augment the site for job seekers. Many of their new innovations are useful during a job search and have happened internally. [more…]

Professional Video Résumé Services for Your Job Search

If the technical aspects of producing a video résumé seem overwhelming to you, seek out some professional help during your job search. You can likely find several freelance videographers in your area. [more…]

Tools Job Seekers Can Use to Create a Multimedia Résumé

Video has become the number one activity on the web. Why not use that to your advantage for your job search? When people see that play button, they are compelled to push in. In just a few seconds of video [more…]

Visualize Yourself with Infographics Tools for Your Job Search

This batch of tools rides a current trend of displaying large amounts of data in a visually appealing way for your job search. Humans can consume a huge amount of data very quickly when it’s displayed [more…]

How to Use Semantic Job-Board Services

Technology has grown to a point where job boards can actually know what kinds of jobs you’d be interested in based on the personal information you submit. So-called [more…]

Networking Tools that Can Help Your Job Search

Many career coaches would say that the best chance for you to land a job is by having a strong supportive network of friends and professionals. These tools will help you stay in touch and even grow your [more…]

Add On Tools to Expand Your Online Presence for Your Job Search

You can’t build a profile or an online résumé with the following add-on tools, but they do each provide different types of job searching functionality that can help you enhance your online presence and [more…]

Claim Your Simple One-Page Portal for Your Job Search

There’s something to be said about simplicity. This next batch of websites leverage design (color, photos, and layout) to communicate your brand. Though they’re sparse on detailed information, sometimes [more…]

What Separates Twitter from the Social Media Pack

If you’re already on LinkedIn and Facebook, have multiple online résumés, and own your own domain name, you may wonder why on earth you should bother with another social network. You certainly don’t [more…]

How Twitter Can Help You Find a Job

You may not realize it, but Twitter can help you find a job. When Twitter first became popular, the instructions for posting a tweet were simply to answer the question, “What are you doing?” Some people [more…]

Choose Your Twitter Name and Username for Job Searching

Choose your Twitter username carefully if you want to be seen by recruiters during your job search. Your name appears only in your Twitter profile, but your [more…]

How to Write Your 160-Character Twitter Bio for Job Searching

Think carefully about what you want in your Twitter bio if you’re hoping to grab a good job. Google uses your bio to index your Twitter account, so those 160 characters may be the first splash of information [more…]

Tweak Twitter Settings for Job Searching

Spending a little time within the Settings panel is worthwhile when you’re using Twitter to help you with your job search. Head over to the triangle drop-down menu next to your username on the top-right [more…]

What to Tweet on Twitter to Enhance Job Search Efforts

Typically, the hardest step in getting started with Twitter is figuring out what on earth to say. Job seekers learning to use Twitter frequently say that their biggest fear is not knowing where all that [more…]

What Not to Tweet on Twitter to Enhance Job Search Efforts

Everything you tweet becomes public domain. Remember that when using Twitter for your job search. Potentially thousands of people may read your tweets, and not all those people are kind, supportive social [more…]

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