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Send a Regular Newsletter to Your Social Network Contacts

Sending your contacts an interesting, valuable, and consistent newsletter can keep you top of mind and active in your network during a job search. When done tactfully and with care, these professional [more…]

How Your Essential Personal Brand Affects Your Career

A personal brand is the culmination of your actions; it’s an image that is useful during a job search that marks you as a specific, well-defined package of abilities, talents, and experiences. It is you [more…]

How Social Media Affects Your Brand

The widespread adoption of social media and has been the catalyst for personal branding’s strong comeback. And because you are probably going to use social media in your job search, personal branding is [more…]

The Elements of a Personal Brand

A brand, by nature, is a very abstract thing that you need for your job search with social media. Even companies struggle to put their brands into concrete terms. So this isn’t an exhaustive list of what [more…]

Define Your Life’s Values to Help with Your Job Search

Values — those fundamental principles you believe in — are what drive your decision making, at least when it comes to the big stuff, like job searching. For example, if you value sustainability, you probably [more…]

How to Use LinkedIn Contacts for Your Job Search

For years, LinkedIn users complained about the weak contact-management features the platform offered their job searches. So in 2013, LinkedIn released its Contacts product for both the website and for [more…]

Use a CRM System to Maintain an Active Contacts List for Your Job Search

With the hundreds of online interactions you’re likely to engage in during your job search, keeping a record of all the e-mails exchanged between you and a particular contact, how you met, and any follow-up [more…]

How to Use Contactually to Manage Contacts for Your Job Search

Contactually is a personal CRM system you can use during your job search. It is based on the idea that each of your contacts can fall into a bucket or category. Each bucket can be set to a certain frequency [more…]

Understand Your Passions to Help Your Job Search

Showing genuine passion can reassure a hiring manager that you are who you say you are during your job search and that you’ll be as enthusiastic in six months as you are now. This means that you need to [more…]

Create a Sound Bite about Yourself to Help Your Job Search

Perhaps you have a long list of words to describe yourself that’s perfect for branding yourself during your job search. That’s great, but a hiring manager doesn’t have the time [more…]

Identify Your Job Niche with the Blue Ocean Strategy

You want people calling you out of nowhere during your job search because they thought of you when a job opened up. So what can you say that really makes you stick out? Try using [more…]

Find “Ins” with Target Companies by Collecting Demographics

Demographic information about target companies and potential hiring managers can help you during your job search in crafting a powerful value statement later on. When writing marketing copy, such as your [more…]

How to Gather Feedback for Your Job Search

Remaining objective about your personality and career can be a difficult task during a job search. This problem doesn’t relate only to job seekers; even long-employed professionals struggle with really [more…]

Put Feedback into a Personal Brand during Your Job Search

When you begin collecting the results of feedback, you will want to put it into your personal brand for your job search. You may notice that who you think [more…]

Conduct Keyword Research to Capture Attention during Your Job Search

When you write online to use social media in your job search, you’re not just writing for people; you’re also writing for robots. Imagine the Internet is a large village of both people and robots. Whenever [more…]

Identify Your Most Powerful Keywords to Help Your Job Search

In order to improve your chances of getting found during your job search, start collecting and using keyphrases (a string of two or more keywords together). Because companies like to have high search-engine [more…]

Methods for Putting Together Your Value Statement to Use in Your Job Search

Your value statement is what you tell people about yourself while job searching. Some people also call this the elevator pitch because you should be able to deliver it in about 30 seconds, or the amount [more…]

How to Transfer Your Value Statement to Social Networks

You should spend some time and energy developing your value statement for your job search. How does this help you on social media sites? Your value statement translates to your social media presence in [more…]

Create a Professional E-Mail Address and Username for Your Job Search

When choosing e-mail addresses or usernames in social media profiles, retaining a consistent personal brand is important for your job search. Always opt to use your full name. Avoid kitschy e-mail addresses [more…]

Put Your Expertise to Work in a Personal Blog

Searching for a job can be a frustrating process. Whether you think so or not, you’re an expert at something. The shift from armchair specialist to outspoken expert is really just a mental shift. As long [more…]

Identify Online Mediums to Publish On as Part of Your Personal Brand

It can be difficult to write for your job search using social media. Not everyone enjoys writing. Some people are just unable to adapt to a new style of writing to match online mediums. Blog writing is [more…]

Editorial Calendars Keep Your Blog Consistent and Establish Your Brand

Every successful blog relies on an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar is a list of all the topics you plan to cover while job searching (via text, audio, or video) over a defined period of time. [more…]

Select the Right Title and Domain Name for Your Blog

The domain name, or URL, is the web address for a website. For a job-seeking blogger, the domain name is the defining business card; therefore, it needs to be memorable. [more…]

Set Up an Attractive Blog to Establish Your Brand

Before you can start posting content to your blog for your job search, you need to make sure your blog looks attractive enough so that when people visit the site, they stick around long enough to read, [more…]

How to Communicate Effectively within Your Written Posts

Blogs can be effective tools for a job search. Blog writing differs in many ways from other forms of writing, which is mainly due to the fact that most readers scan online content and don’t spend loads [more…]

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