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6 Tips to Reap Networking Rewards in a Job Search

Impatient job seekers think networking takes too long and is too much work. Others chalk up networking to being merely a buzzword, or they’ve heard tales of networking fatigue and growing resentment toward [more…]

Job Searching: 8 Tips for an "Elevator Speech"

Simply put, an elevator speech (or elevator pitch) for job search purposes is a brief oral overview of who you are, what you do, and how you can help a hiring authority. It's another branch of the branding [more…]

Basics of Mobile Job Searches

Finding a job with a smartphone or tablet is no longer breaking news. Even the formerly staid New York Times — nicknamed "The Old Gray Lady" — has adopted a mobile attitude. [more…]

Why Having an Online Presence Is Important for Job Searching

If you really want to use social media as a tool to land your dream job, then you need to be willing to expand your presence online beyond just the basics. Information for just about everyone can be found [more…]

Get Ready to Start Your Job Search via Social Media

Job seekers of earlier generations had one main tool at their disposal: the résumé. But thanks to the hundreds of social media sites out there, you have access to a lot more tools that can aid you in your [more…]

Stand Out on Social Media with a Personal Brand

Personal branding — the art of communicating what makes you unique — has been around for a long time and can be used in your job search. Everyone has a personal brand, even you, because everyone is unique [more…]

How to Use Social Media to Put Your Résumé Online

An online résumé can be searched and discovered by job recruiters looking for talent, so having several of them increases your odds of being found. (Receiving a random call from a recruiter who found you [more…]

Job Searching: How to Expand Your Online Presence

As your online presence grows, so do your chances of getting discovered by a job recruiter and receiving an unsolicited call. The more engaged you are online, the better off you’ll be in your search for [more…]

Go Proactive with Your Job Search, the Social Media Way

Social media is pretty empowering to you as a job seeker. Think about it. Thanks to Facebook and corporate blogs, you can gather all kinds of research about companies to determine which positions you really [more…]

Look at Your Current Reality during Your Job Search

Before you can set achievable goals for your job search, you must know where you currently stand. The best way to assess your position is to step back and critically analyze what the situation is and what [more…]

Set Smaller Tasks to Help Reach Bigger Job Search Goals

When you’re conducting a job search using social media, obviously your ultimate goal is to land a job. But the reality is that you aren’t going to achieve that ultimate goal without setting smaller, intermediate [more…]

Set Up a Home Office for Your Job Search

Job searching is almost a full-time job. And if you were running a small business from your home or apartment, you’d need a home office. So why not set up a home office to run your job search? Doing so [more…]

Acquire a Working PC and Internet Connection for Your Job Search

If you buy only one item to help you with your job search using social media, that item needs to be a computer or a tablet PC (a smaller, hand-held device with a touch screen). The good news is that every [more…]

Gather Essentials for Job Searching via Social Media

After you have your computer and Internet situation figured out for your job search using social media, you will need to gather the other essential pieces of the job-searching-with-social-media puzzle: [more…]

How to Manage Your Job Search Time

You may have broken your goals down into small chunks and gathered everything you may possibly need for your job search using social media, but if you don’t practice good time management, all those efforts [more…]

Tools to Organize Your Job Search via Social Media

Because most job searches follow a set pattern, using software to track your social media contacts and your steps on that path makes a lot of sense. Enter job-search organization tools. Not only do these [more…]

Stay Motivated throughout Your Job Search via Social Media

Motivation is the driving force that propels people toward a goal. And motivation during a job search using social media, especially if you’re unemployed, can become a real challenge. Mounting bills, unanswered [more…]

Make Connections through In-Person and Online Networking

Only about 3.5 percent of job postings ever make it to job boards. So guess how most hiring happens? If you’re thinking through social networking, you’re exactly right. Most jobs, no matter what country [more…]

Avoid Online Networking Mistakes during Your Job Search

Whether you’re networking with people on LinkedIn during your job search, commenting on a blog, or chatting more casually on Facebook, follow these guidelines to be sure you don’t annoy people: [more…]

How to Be an Outstanding Online Networker

Beyond just avoiding being annoying online, you can do some powerful things to become an outstanding networker for your job search using social media. In the end, you want your interactions with others [more…]

How to Take Advantage of Your Connections’ Connections

The power of networking for your job search, on- or offline, isn’t simply who you know but also who the people that you know know. A lot of opportunities can come from those second- and even third-degree [more…]

Organize Your Contact List for Your Job Search via Social Networking

Not everyone in your contact list is created equal. Some people help you meet interesting people, others are great professional contacts during a job search, while others offer you great advice and act [more…]

Job Searching: Keep a List of Your Online Networks

The Internet is a wild and unstructured place. After surfing around, you may find yourself trying to remember who you contacted in your job search, where you read this or that. You may even forget what [more…]

Maintain Social Networking Momentum after You're Hired

It takes years to build a strong social network during a job search. The longer you stay away from professional networking, the more career momentum you’re bound to lose. And you can’t afford to lose any [more…]

Give Back to Your Job-Search Network by Helping Someone Else

If you are successful in your job search using social media, you should consider using your newfound expertise to help a fellow job seeker. Helping others simply feels good, gives you a sense of hope and [more…]

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