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Job Search Letters: 9 Tips for Writing Web-Smart Content

Savvy job searchers know the importance of web-optimized letters, cover notes, resumes, and other job-search correspondence. Web-smart content gives you an edge because employers use scanning technology [more…]

Breaking the Illusion of a Professional and Personal Divide

Since the beginning of work, people have gotten jobs from their friends and family. Networking has always been the best way to get “in” with an opportunity. [more…]

Should You Have a LinkedIn Profile?

Certainly LinkedIn is a great tool to have at your job-search disposal. But not all industries are evenly represented there, and so it may not be for you. In some cases, using LinkedIn for some jobs can [more…]

How to Turn Twitter into a Real-Time, Location-Specific Job Board

Twitter is considered the most popular real-time open network. This means that as items are published, they are immediately available for viewing. And you don’t need to “follow,” “connect,” or “request” [more…]

Have a Strategy to Make Social Media Job Search for You

Don’t get bogged down in keeping up with the seeming constant changes of social media, just keep focused on your goals and how these tools can help you achieve them. [more…]

10 Job Boards That Are Social Media Enabled

A new breed of job board has emerged. The Internet has evolved beyond bulletin boards, and no one reads newspaper classifieds anymore. Social-media networks provide much more value and personalization [more…]

10 Job-Search Tips to Perfect Your Online Profile

Potential employers in your job search can grab a panoramic view of the type of employee you would likely be, based on your experiences, skills, accumulated knowledge, and results portrayed in your online [more…]

The FAQs of the Mobile Job Search

Many people have similar questions when it comes to moving the job search to mobile devices. Here's your chance to grab six fast answers to how to connect with a new job when you're on the move: [more…]

How to Make Networking Purposeful for Your Job Search

When you pursue new contacts in your job search network too casually and without focus, you not only waste your time, but you become frustrated. And when you become frustrated, you may give up. [more…]

How to Create a Personal Brand for Your Job Search

Professional branding (also called personal branding) has become a popular self-marketing concept in job search and career management. It's a strategy to rise above teeming masses of competition for the [more…]

How to Create a Marvelous Bio for Your Job Search

As air sustains life for living creatures, professional biographies (or bios) sustain careers for responsible jobs. A bio — often called an online bio— is a brief but focused account of a person’s life [more…]

How to Succeed in the Online Job Search with Really Trying

In your job search, control of the online candidate image that employers increasingly use to judge you as a person as well as evaluate the talent you bring to the table is largely — but not entirely — [more…]

9 Great Places to Network for a Job Search

Putting together a personal network is a work project highly recommended by virtually every career adviser. When networking Feldman’s way — purposefully for jobs without wasting time — consider the following [more…]

Basics of Job Skill Certifications

A professional certification can be a kind of passport for a job, identifying you as a citizen of a career field with all its rank and privilege. In other words, professional credentialing is one way to [more…]

Basics of Google Job Searches

Google tries to help you find what you’re looking for on the job front, but sometimes it helps too much by offering too many options. [more…]

7 Tips to Make Google Work for Your Job Search

Fine-tune your Google searches to find exactly the jobs you want by simply adding punctuation and a few more words. Here are seven easy examples: [more…]

2 Tips to Uncover Hidden Jobs Online

Jobs are posted across the Internet, especially on job boards and company websites, where they attract intense interest and competition. Look for jobs in less obvious places. Here are several examples [more…]

How Google Can Help Pinpoint Job Recruiters and Hiring Managers

Software technology impersonally rejects most job seekers today, creating one of the most frustrating problems job hunters everywhere face: the challenge of uncovering the names of human job deciders to [more…]

How Google Can Help You Avoid Layoffs and Sidestep Bad Jobs

The last thing you want to do is land a job with a company that needs to lay off staff. You may be conducting a new job search much too soon! So do this research as part of your interview preparation, [more…]

How Google Alerts Can Keep You Up-to-Date about Job Opportunities

Using Google Alerts as part of your job search, you can see what employers are finding out about you when they track what’s visible for your name. You can also monitor what’s happening in your industry [more…]

How Google Can Help You Find a Local Job

Most people don’t use 0.01 percent of the endless and expanding cosmos of Google. In addition to Google’s default general search, it offers plenty of options to reach out for facts, figures, and futures [more…]

10 Tips for Social Media Job Searches

Social media and social networking can be a great tool in a job search. Social media is experiencing astonishing, explosive growth. Facebook alone claims 1 billion users worldwide, and Twitter boasts 100 [more…]

How to Electrify Employers: Employ a Prezi

Not many people know much about prezis. This deficit can well work for you in your job search because it offers a chance to jump ahead of the pack and stand out from your competition. [more…]

Best Prospects for Telling Your Story in a Job Search

Job seekers in certain occupations benefit from digital getting-to-know-you media far more than others. Although creative professionals steal the show, in random order, here are a few of the many good [more…]

Basics of Social Media for Job Searches

The dominant social sites for finding jobs are making news with views, as the sum of each site’s user base explodes to six, even eight zeros. At least one site has more than a billion users and is still [more…]


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