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How to Enhance Your CV for Job Searching

Getting your Curriculum Vitae (CV) into its best possible shape is an essential step towards getting the job you’re looking for. Here are four suggestions as to how you might improve your CV: [more…]

Perfecting Your Delivery when Giving a Presentation

Delivering a presentation is a part of many job application processes. You can give your presentation a boost by keeping these tips in mind as you go: [more…]

Going through a Pre-Interview Checklist

Interviews are stressful, so you could be forgiven for forgetting something important in the run-up. However, you can help yourself to feel prepared before embarking upon an interview by making sure that [more…]

Reviewing Your CV before Applying for a Job

Tell the truth. After a fair evaluation, decide whether you have a standout Curriculum Vitae (CV). Maybe you need to call in the experts for a makeover on a sorry looking eyesore? As a quick review, ask [more…]

Questions When Considering a Career

When choosing a career you really need to use your head and think about what job logically makes sense. If you’re like most career searchers, you’re not sure. To find out, start by asking yourself these [more…]

Creating the Right Mindset for Your Job Search

Approaching your job search with a good mindset makes your search more successful and maybe even fun. Stay upbeat, conquer your fears, and face the job search head on. Don’t get yourself tied up in psychological [more…]

Finding a Cool Job in 30 Days

If you spend your time efficiently, finding a good job in 30 days is a realistic goal. Employers may take their time making a decision on hiring but after 30 days you’ve got the ball rolling. It’s going [more…]

Top Cool Careers Web Sites

When searching for your cool career, you have to be extremely thorough. Add these websites to your list of resources when mapping out your job search: [more…]

A Guide to Comparing Culinary School Curriculums

There are many different paths available to enter the world of culinary arts. Attending a culinary school is an excellent way to learn many different culinary skills and to make contacts in the culinary [more…]

The Top Culinary Schools in the United States

The United States is home to some of the top culinary institutions in the world. Training at one of these schools can put you on the road to success to many of the culinary fields you wish to pursue. [more…]

Identifying Cooking Jobs in Restaurants

Restaurants are key places for people interested in making their marks in the culinary field. Following are some of the main cooking professions that are found in restaurants: [more…]

Keying In On Non-Cooking Jobs

You don’t have to be a chef to love food or want to work with food. There are myriad jobs available for those that want to work with food, just not cook it! Check out the following places for non-cooking [more…]

Ten Ways to Network for a New Job

Job search advisors everywhere report that the most reliable way to get a new job is to expand your network of contacts. Those contacts can give you the inside track to newly opened jobs that are not yet [more…]

Five Steps to Finding True Happiness after Being Fired

You can actually find true happiness after you get fired. You probably won't be able to avoid the nausea and panic you will feel on the day you get fired, but if you see it coming, you can prepare to go [more…]

10 Super-Stressful Jobs

Some types of jobs trigger more stress than others. What follows is a list of ten jobs or work settings that are judged to be some of the most stressful. These particular jobs were chosen because of the [more…]

Knowing What to Expect at an Assessment Centre

Not sure what to expect at an Assessment Centre? Don’t feel daunted – here are a few pointers to shed some light for you and boost your confidence as you search for employment: [more…]

Variations in Assessment Centres

Assessment Centres can have different purposes, so be clear about the purpose of your Centre. Assessment Centres are usually used for job selection or promotion decisions. Development Centres tend to be [more…]

Preparing to Visit an Assessment Centre

Don’t underestimate the power of presentation. Follow these tips to help you remain calm and in control before you even arrive at an Assessment Centre: [more…]

10 Tips for Success at an Assessment Centre

Assessment centres are considered by many to be the fairest and most thorough method of selecting staff, as selectors meet applicants over an extended period, and candidates are tested on a wide range [more…]

Succeeding at Assessment Centres For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Large organisations often use assessment centres as part of their job recruitment drives. This Cheat Sheet helps you to prepare for the selection process, shine in every activity – and get the career you [more…]

3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Advance Your Career Change

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools to help you redefine yourself and move your career in a new direction. Taking your career in a new direction is a bold move that requires framing your proven [more…]

How to Find Local Job Recruiters on Twitter

Twitter is a great tool for finding job openings in your local area. You'll find job recruiters and hiring managers tweeting about jobs they're trying to fill. Here's how you can find them on Twitter: [more…]

How to Use Google AdWords to Target Specific Hiring Managers

Use Google AdWords, the search engine's pay-per-click advertising tool, to attract the attention of specific hiring managers and decision makers. Adwords enables you to take up an ad on the search results [more…]

Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Social media is a crucial component of the modern job search. To perform a successful job search using social-media tools, however, you need to know more than how to accept a friend or connection request [more…]

Enhance Job Search Letters with Performance Verbs

Do your job search letters merely limp along, chugging and wheezing to the finish line? Energize your messages with robust verbs that present you as a [more…]


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