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Samples of Online Profiles for Job Seekers

A professional online profile is like a 24/7 digital billboard used for passive career networking. You put your job-worthy online profile out there, hoping employers will find you and like you for their [more…]

Job Seekers: Where to Post an Online Profile

When choosing where to post your online profile to help with your job search, keep quality and quantity in mind. For job seekers, an online network is most useful when it’s gained a critical mass of people [more…]

How to Add a Sound Bite to Online Profiles

Add some punch to your online profile by including an audio sound bite. Keep the audio sound bite in your online profile short — perhaps 15 to 20 seconds. For a topic, you can give your branding statement [more…]

Turn Social Networking into International Job Contacts

When seeking a job in another country, consider social networking to develop international job contacts and to track interviewing conventions in the chosen country. The secret to your global search success [more…]

Tips for Making a Successful Career Change

If you're making a career change — whether by choice or necessity — you can benefit from following these tips on making your career change a success: [more…]

How to Leverage Crossover Skills When Changing Careers

Leveraging crossover skills when changing careers or jobs is your most important persuasion tool to gain acceptance in job interviews. Crossover skills are those you’ve gathered through jobs, classes, [more…]

How to Further Your Education to Enhance Job Prospects

To enhance your job prospects in a career field, you may decide to further your education. You might need additional education, for example, if all the jobs you want seem to require a college degree and [more…]

What is a Vertical Job Search Engine?

Vertical job search engines — also called verticals or VJSEs or aggregators— are changing online job recruiting in dramatic ways. You can think of VJSEs as “Google for jobs.” That is, the verticals work [more…]

How to Use a Vertical Job Search Engine

All vertical job search engines — such as,, and — include specific instructions on how to use them. However, the basic steps for using VJSEs are similar. [more…]

How to Make Job Networking Work for You

Consider networking to be an ongoing process if you want better job search results. You can network your way to new contacts, better business opportunities, more sales, and an attractive new job by keeping [more…]

Keys to Successful Job Hunting

Looking for a job is hard work, but don’t be intimidated when you approach your job search. Be persistent, keep the faith, and practice these job hunting guidelines to land the right job for you: [more…]

Ten Tips for Finding Seasonal Jobs at Holiday Time

Breaking news for Santa’s helpers! After a long gray year, affluent shoppers are finally buying again at upscale retailers. Your favorite luxury store may still be hiring additional seasonal sales staff [more…]

Tax Deductions for Acting Expenses

Since acting is a business, you’re allowed to write off tax deductions for some acting expenses up to the acting income you’ve earned. Consult your tax advisor about tax deductions and keep accurate records [more…]

How to Deal with Frustration as an Actor

Don’t give up on your dreams of being an actor when you’re feeling frustrated. To relax and revive your acting aspirations, try some of these suggestions: [more…]

How to Prepare for an Acting Audition

Being prepared for your acting audition can reduce the stress of the experience. These auditioning tips will minimize distractions and help you put together a knockout performance: [more…]

Taking Clothing Measurements to Your Acting Audition

A casting director may need your clothes measurements for costume fittings at your acting audition. Keep your measurements handy and take them to your audition. [more…]

At-a-Glance Plan to Reach Your Dream Career

Finding your dream career is like searching for a hidden treasure. Your best strategy for success is to collect as many clues as you can about what works for you. The following points are a nuts-and-bolts [more…]

Informational Interview Questions to Ask in Search of Your Dream Career

When you’re searching for your dream career, talking with people in a field you’re interested in is one of the best ways to gain a realistic and current picture of a potential new career — you want to [more…]

Identifying Your Passions in Search of Your Dream Career

Evidence of your passions is in front of you every day. Use the passions that bring you alive to find your dream career. Use the following filters to follow the clues to find your passions and interests [more…]

How to Use the Web in Search for Your Dream Career

The Internet is full of information on all sorts of topics, including careers. You can’t go wrong starting your search for your dream career by clicking the Web sites in the following list. They’re good [more…]

Considering Alternatives to the 9-to-5 Schedule in Your Dream Career

When changing careers, you may find that your dream career fits into a nontraditional work arrangement. An alternative schedule may suit you better than working 9 to 5, five days a week. Some of the alternatives [more…]

Keeping an Open Mind about Your Dream Career

As you explore options for a new dream career, you’re putting one toe into the unknown. Although it can be unnerving not to know The Answer to your career puzzle, the key to success is to keep an open [more…]

How to Present Yourself Well at the Assessment Centre

Inbox exercises, group exercises, case studies, interviews, psychometric tests – you’ll need to demonstrate a range of skills and competencies to beat the job competition. Follow these top tips when preparing [more…]

How to Be a Successful Job Interviewee

The way in which you prepare for an interview can mean the difference between success and failure. Bear these tips in mind before and during an employment interview. [more…]

Demonstrating Confidence during your Job Interview

Having a high degree of confidence in yourself goes a long way towards impressing companies and interviewers. Consider how your level of confidence shows in these ways: [more…]


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