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Job Searching

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Give before Taking on Social Media when Job Searching

During a job search, you may realize that you have people in your social media network who you met once, months or years ago, and then rarely hear from. Then, out of nowhere, they send you [more…]

Be Consistent on Social Media when Job Searching

Any inconsistency in a candidate’s job application raises a red flag for recruiters and hiring managers and they end up putting it in the maybe pile at best. Inconsistencies to watch out for are saying [more…]

Keep Up with Your Networks When Employed

The average time for keeping a job in the United States is two years, which means you may be packing up and looking for a new boss every couple of years. In the traditional job-search paradigm, you’d simply [more…]

Common Mistakes Job Seekers Make When Using Social Media

Social media is probably one of the most hyped-up technologies you can use for a job search today. And often, things that get a lot of hype also come with a lot of misunderstanding. Companies, as well [more…]

Generating Hiring Managers' Curiosity with Facebook

Facebook is a great tool for putting yourself out there during a job search. When people say, “I only use Facebook for personal networking,” a good response, “What’s more personal than getting referred [more…]

How to Make Contact with Hard to Find Hiring Managers

Sometimes hiring managers can be hard to track down when you’re trying to land a job. If you’ve exhausted all your warm approaches, like introductions on [more…]

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