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Be Consistent on Social Media when Job Searching

Any inconsistency in a candidate’s job application raises a red flag for recruiters and hiring managers and they end up putting it in the maybe pile at best. Inconsistencies to watch out for are saying [more…]

Keep Up with Your Networks When Employed

The average time for keeping a job in the United States is two years, which means you may be packing up and looking for a new boss every couple of years. In the traditional job-search paradigm, you’d simply [more…]

Common Mistakes Job Seekers Make When Using Social Media

Social media is probably one of the most hyped-up technologies you can use for a job search today. And often, things that get a lot of hype also come with a lot of misunderstanding. Companies, as well [more…]

Generating Hiring Managers' Curiosity with Facebook

Facebook is a great tool for putting yourself out there during a job search. When people say, “I only use Facebook for personal networking,” a good response, “What’s more personal than getting referred [more…]

How to Make Contact with Hard to Find Hiring Managers

Sometimes hiring managers can be hard to track down when you’re trying to land a job. If you’ve exhausted all your warm approaches, like introductions on [more…]

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