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Pick Up Information Relevant to Your Job Search from LinkedIn Profiles

You can use LinkedIn to find the hiring managers that you want to follow and, well, spy on during your job search. After finding these key folks, you can begin gathering information about them that you [more…]

Ask Your Social Media Network for Job Search Help

As you begin interacting with people on social media during your job search, becoming a valuable source of information to them, you grow what’s called [more…]

Organizing Data You Gather from Social Networks during Your Job Search

Once you begin your journey of job searching using social media, you will find yourself with lots of information. After about a week of researching target companies and the hiring managers within those [more…]

Find the Top News Websites for Your Industry

As you begin listening for your job seeking campaign to figure out what your target hiring managers care about, make sure you’re up-to-speed on industry trends by reviewing the latest industry news. [more…]

Job Seekers Can Get News Delivered with RSS Feeds

If you have lots of information you need to keep up on for your job search, consider using RSS feeds. Really Simple Syndication (or RSS) feeds are a way of pulling the news from multiple websites into [more…]

Job Seekers Can Join Industry Groups on LinkedIn for News

If you’ve already joined the LinkedIn Groups that your targeted hiring managers belong to, then you’re probably aware of how being part of such industry groups helps you stay informed of topics your targeted [more…]

Mine Twitter for Real-Time Feedback on Industry Issues

Because Twitter offers a real-time look at the popular topics and issues, you can use it to uncover current industry trends during your job search. These industry trends can help keep you updated on important [more…]

Follow Companies through Social Networking Sites during Your Job Search

Although seeing a broad view of the industry is a great start, to land your dream job you need to understand the needs of a specific company and a specific person in that company. [more…]

Draw Conclusions about a Company’s Needs and Your Job Fit

After you have a clear picture of industry trends and what’s going on with your target company during your job search, turn that research into a clear list of issues you think said company’s hiring manager [more…]

How Target Companies' Employees and School Alumni on LinkedIn Can Help Job Seekers

After you grow your LinkedIn network to about 150 connections, which is roughly the tipping point for a powerful network during a job search, and complete your online profile, LinkedIn can be an extremely [more…]

Job Seekers Can Use Twitter to Find Info Sources

Finding info sources on Twitter for a job search isn’t that different from finding news about a company on Twitter. After all, if someone is talking about your target company, chances are that person has [more…]

How to Ask for an Information Meeting from a Networking Contact

After you find people during your job search who you think can provide you with some insight into an industry, company, or opportunity, you’re ready to take the next step: contacting them to ask for an [more…]

How to Lead the Discussion in Your Info Interview

Ultimately, you want an informational interview to be a fun, relaxed experience for you and the person you’re talking to — which means you may not want to have a list of ten questions ready to fire off [more…]

What Questions Job Seekers Should Ask About Specific Companies

If you’re quite advanced in your job search, then you probably already have a masterful grasp of your industry. That means your primary focus is finding just which company you should work for. [more…]

How to Thank Your Contacts, Social Media Style

You don’t need to read a book about social media to know that you should always thank someone for his time after a meeting. Showing your appreciation via social media is a great way to add value back to [more…]

How to Get Introduced to Hiring Managers on LinkedIn

When using LinkedIn to make your first contact with a hiring manager during your job search (and chances are you’ll use LinkedIn to do this), never, ever, [more…]

How to Craft Messages to Hiring Managers on LinkedIn

When you search for a job using social media, it is almost inevitable that you will make contacts and even introductions on LinkedIn. Follow these guidelines when crafting your message to your target hiring [more…]

Generating Hiring Managers' Curiosity with Twitter

Twitter is a great job seeking tool for generating a hiring manager’s curiosity about you. The short bursts of interesting content directed at your target company can leave people wanting more and with [more…]

How to Follow Up with Hiring Managers the Right Way

What do you do if you haven’t heard back from a hiring manager after a week? Keep in mind that a nonresponse or a slow response may have nothing to do with you. Before you jump to any conclusions, consider [more…]

Follow Human Resource’s Rules when Contacting Hiring Managers

If you’re reaching out to a hiring manager who has a job open that you want to fill, you may find this person unwilling to talk with you until after you’ve followed company procedure and actually applied [more…]

Get an Edge with Social Media when Applying to Well-Known Companies

Having an edge will make you more visible during your job search. When the barriers to blogging went down along with the economy in 2009, websites like [more…]

How to Use Social Media after You’ve Applied for a Job

After you’ve applied for a job with an organization, you still have some work to do. Remember that at least 16 other people are likely to apply for the same position [more…]

Turn Job Rejection into a Chance to Improve

Whether you’re applying to a particular job opening or just reaching out to hiring managers to explore possibilities, the results of your efforts won’t always go your way. If you don’t get the job or if [more…]

Ways to Stay Up-to-Date with Social Media Changes

Staying up-to-speed with social media during a job search can be frustrating, even for people who work in the industry. New technologies are emerging every week, and existing companies are merging, splitting [more…]

10 Ways Job Searches Have Evolved in the 21st Century

Here are some of the major differences between today’s job search and job searches of the past. The rules have changed a lot in the past ten years, so don’t rely on what worked for you earlier in your [more…]

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