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Find People to Follow on Twitter to Help Your Job Search

The best way to grow your Twitter network for job searching is to find other people with the same interests as you. After you post your Twitter profile, your bio, an image, and at least ten tweets, follow [more…]

Uncover Your City’s Underground Twitter Job Board

Every major metropolitan city has a human-resource industry wherein recruiters build a list of possible candidates to place into possible jobs. More and more, these recruiters are turning to Twitter to [more…]

Twitter Job-Seeking Tools

TweetMyJobs is a great career-management company with plenty of traction in the U.S. employment marketplace. With more than 1 million job postings every month — including jobs from companies such as Starbucks [more…]

How to Tweet in Ten Minutes a Day for Job Seekers

Twitter may become one of your favorite activities, posing the danger that you may spend more time on Twitter to the detriment of important job-seeking activities. So the following simple, ten-minute checklist [more…]

Twitter Lists Optimize Your Job Search Experience

As your Twitter connections grow, your timeline moves faster and faster, increasing your chances of missing critical pieces of information, job postings, and relevant industry news. That’s where lists [more…]

Why Facebook Needs to Be a Component of Your Job Search

It may not be immediately apparent why you need Facebook for your job search. At first, Facebook was used almost exclusively for personal reasons among college students. Soon, complications arose: What [more…]

Facebook Privacy Basics for Your Job Search

You will want to have the appropriate privacy settings if you plan to use Facebook for job searching. To access Facebook’s privacy settings, simply log in, click on the lock icon at the top of the page [more…]

Edit Your Facebook Profile for Hiring Managers’ Eyes

Your Facebook profile can be made visible to people who haven’t joined your network yet. If you fill it in correctly during a job search, then nosy hiring managers and recruiters can learn more about you [more…]

Practice Good Facebook Wall Etiquette when Job Seeking

Facebook is more about posts than it is about profiles. Your most important message during a job search is your last post. Literally. Eye tracking studies show that most eyeballs spend the most time reading [more…]

Essential Facebook Apps for Job Seekers

Unlike LinkedIn, Facebook wasn’t designed for professional networking and job searching. Consequently, seeing what companies are in your network and creating a more robust professional presence isn’t native [more…]

Cast a Wide Net for Job Search Success

LinkedIn is the highest-leverage tool for any professional at any stage in his or her career or job search. However, the more online profiles you have, the better your chances are of getting found. Think [more…]

Choose the Right Networks to Join for Your Job Search

Keep in mind that you’re not expected to join every single networking site that comes your way to find a job. Remember Google Buzz? No? Exactly! Before joining a site, think about what you’re trying to [more…]

International Networking Forums for Job Seekers

Some non-English-speaking countries have adopted other professional networks as alternatives to LinkedIn, and in some cases, professionals in some countries use only these networks. If you’re pursuing [more…]

Networking Sites for Visual Creative Professionals

If you’re an illustrator, designer, or some other type of creative professional, then you’re probably frustrated at how limited LinkedIn can be for showing off your skills. All LinkedIn profiles look the [more…]

Use Google Search Strings to ID Hidden Job Boards

Because more than 4,000 niche job boards are available on the Internet, many job seekers don’t even bother trying to find them. The task just seems too daunting. Yet, very often, these niche boards hold [more…]

Automate Craigslist for Fast Job-Posting Alerts

Despite the craziness of Craigslist, it’s still a marvelous place to find up-to-the-minute job postings. In fact, if you were to walk into a business and ask the hiring manager about the first place he [more…]

Follow Twitter for Job Postings

Almost every city has an entire hidden job market that’s accessible only through Twitter. Even if you never send a single tweet, you can still take advantage of this underground market. Here are the four [more…]

How Job Seekers Can Find Decision Makers through LinkedIn

Ten years ago, you would have had to pay hundreds of dollars for the information about jobs that’s freely available about companies on LinkedIn today. Every year, LinkedIn augments its features in the [more…]

Who to Follow Back and Who to Block to Enhance Job Search Efforts on Twitter

Choosing the right people for your network is important during a job search. If someone follows you, you’re not obligated to reciprocate. Indeed, every day more and more spammers and schemers are on [more…]

Twitter Automation Tools for Job Seekers

After a while, you may grow tired of micromanaging your Twitter network for job searching or of finding enough content to send at just the right times. That’s where Twitter automation tools can come in [more…]

Important Facebook Privacy Features for Job Seekers

Facebook constantly changes its user interface. Many of those changes go unnoticed but can seriously affect your privacy during a job search. Of course, the most visible changes get the most media attention [more…]

Job Recruiting Mobile Apps

In many ways, job seekers have to bend to the will of the companies they want to work for. “Fill in my long and ugly online application” or “Wear an uncomfortable suit so everyone in the office knows you’re [more…]

Emerging Social Networks Job Seekers Should Check Out

It’s your job to determine which new social networks are worth putting the time and creative energy into. Obviously you want a return on the time you put into this. Just remember that adding new networks [more…]

How Job Seekers Can Find Decision Makers through Twitter

Many hiring managers maintain Twitter accounts to recruit job seekers. Following these managers on Twitter, reading what they have to say, and then ultimately interacting with them can put you ahead of [more…]

How to Set Up Google Alerts with Hiring Managers' Names

You can use Google Alerts to your advantage when job searching. Google Alerts is a service from Google that sends you e-mail notifications whenever a topic you’ve specified gets mentioned online. [more…]

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