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Getting Paid What You're Worth: Salary Negotiations

Oh happy day. Your interviewer looks you straight in the eye and says, "We'd like you to join our team; I'm offering you a job, but before we go any further, we should talk about how you'd like to be paid [more…]

Why You Should Decline Job Counteroffers After Quitting

Employers may make a counteroffer when a useful employee quits for a better job. If you get a counteroffer of financial incentives or other benefits to entice you back to your job, it’s usually best to [more…]

Where to Find Job Salary Information Online

Seeking the right job salary means doing research to find out what's fair for your experience and expertise. Look for job salary information online, and your efforts will [more…]

Considering Factors that Affect Job Pay

One fact of life is that job pay for any particular job isn't consistent across the country. Several factors influence what you earn. A first step toward being shown the money is discovering what the market [more…]

Plotting Your Job Salary History Carefully

Should you ever disclose your job salary history or salary expectations before a job offer? Yes. Tell all when you’re asked by third-party employment specialists — chiefly executive recruiters and employment [more…]

Handling Salary Boxes in Online Job Applications

If you're completing an online job application, you may wonder how to handle the salary requests in the salary boxes of the online job application. You'll typically need to supply your [more…]

How to Deflect Job Salary Discussions

If you aren't prepared for a salary discussion during a job interview, there are several statements you can make to deflect the job salary discussion. When an interviewer presses for the salary discussion [more…]

How to Negotiate Job Salary in the Moment

Negotiating job salary takes nerves of steel. You’re in the interview room, and the back-and-forth salary negotiation begins. The interviewer will likely pose a dangerous question that could severely clip [more…]

How To Downplay a Low Job Salary History

You know that disclosing an under-market salary history can jeopardize your negotiating power. You can downplay a low job salary history during the job interview by making statements that lessen the impact [more…]

Recognizing Job Recruiter Tactics for Lowball Salary Offers

When working with job recruiters, you should be aware of recruiter tactics for lowball salary offers during job salary negotiations. Recruiters are employers’ personal shoppers, tasked with going into [more…]

Countering Recruiter Comebacks During Salary Negotiations

You can prepare yourself in advance for countering recruiter comebacks during a salary negotiation if you are intent on getting the best possible salary offer. When you’re hot on the track of treasure [more…]

Getting Your Desired Pay Level after a Job Offer

When you've received a job offer after the interview, it's time to ensure that you get the pay level you deserve for the position offered. The market rate that big companies typically pay for a job is [more…]

Negotiating for Job Benefits and Other Non-Cash Options

Job benefits and other non-cash options are programs an employer uses to supplement the cash salary compensation that employees receive. Some benefits are legally mandated, such as Social Security and [more…]

Ten Tips for Negotiating a Raise

All too often in life, you only get what you ask for. Getting a raise in pay is one of those things. There is a right way and a wrong way to ask for a raise. Here are ten tips for successfully getting [more…]

Ten Tips for Getting Hired in a Tough Economy

In a tough economy, taking extraordinary steps in your job search could be critical to landing the position you want. Here are some proven tips that are often overlooked by the average job-seeker. And [more…]

How to Make a Counter Offer to a Job Offer

Write a counter offer letter? Really? Well, suppose you've received a job offer, but it's thinner than you expected. A counter offer (or counter proposal) might be the next appropriate move. Read the job [more…]

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