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Responding to Job Interview Questions about Sexual Orientation

Legally, in the U.S. sexual orientation should be a non-issue during the hiring process. A generational component may be an influential factor in the spread of fairness in workplace sexual orientation [more…]

Answering Interview Questions about Frequent Job Changes

If you've had frequent job changes in your career, you may need some advice on how to answer the "job hopping" question in your interviews. Employers favor candidates with a track record of staying a “reasonable” [more…]

Answering Interview Questions about Job History Gaps

When you have gaps in your job history, employers may rush to judgment During a job interview, you can explain gaps in your job history by detailing growth experiences [more…]

Dealing with Job Interview Questions about Being Demoted

Being demoted seems to carry more negative weight than being fired. This is because demotion suggests personal failure; firing doesn’t, unless you’re fired for cause. You may find that you’re running into [more…]

Answering Job Interview Questions about Substance Recovery

Networking is how many people in substance (alcohol or drug) recovery get job interviews. Typically, the referring party has revealed your substance history and background to the interviewer. [more…]

Answering Job Interview Questions about Family Matters

Young women of child-bearing age may battle questions about family matters in job interviews. Another interviewer concern for those with children may be parental absenteeism. [more…]

Responding to Job Interview Questions about Disabilities

The Americans with Disabilities Act severely limits what interviewers can ask people with disabilities prior to offering a job. If you have a visible disability, you may benefit by giving an explanation [more…]

How to Redirect Inappropriate Questions in an Interview

Inappropriate questions in job interviews are questions the interviewer can legally ask, but probably shouldn’t. Depending on whether the information is used to discriminate, inappropriate questions set [more…]

Job Interview Tips If You're Shy or Nervous

A job interview can be especially difficult if you're shy or exceptionally nervous. Fortunately, you can employ some techniques to master shyness and curb nervousness — and to buy some time if your mind [more…]

Job Interview Tips If You're 50 or Over

Those who are 50 and over know that it's not easy to get job interviews and scoop up choice jobs. As a prime-time job seeker, you can greatly improve your odds of being chosen by learning new and improved [more…]

Overcoming the Overqualified Label in a Job Interview

When an interviewer says you're overqualified for a position during a job interview, you may attribute it to age bias. The stigma of being overqualified is surmountable, however, regardless of the reason [more…]

Talking Around Education Obstacles in a Job Interview

If you must address your lack of required education in a job interview, discuss your experience and skills as education. Mention experience-based knowledge and skills [more…]

Answering Interview Questions about Having a Long-Term Job

If you’ve been in the same job (or same position) for long time, a job interviewer may think that you're unmotivated. Use the job interview to set the record straight. Remember that what could be considered [more…]

Selling Yourself in Job Interviews When You've Been Fired

If you've been fired from one or more previous positions, expect the job interviewer to ask questions. When explaining why you were fired, keep it brief, keep it honest, and keep it moving. Say what you [more…]

Top Tips for Successful Job Interviewing

Got an interview fast approaching and getting yourself in a twist about it? Don’t panic! Use these handy hints to help you prepare, in order to come across as cool, calm and collected on the day. [more…]

Being Ready For Common Questions in Your Job Interview

Certain questions (or at least some variation on them) come up in almost every single interview. Take a look at these pointers and be sure to have an answer prepared for each one - then you can’t go wrong [more…]

Building Rapport with Your Job Interviewers

When it comes to interviews, it’s not only what you say but how you say it. Use these quick reminders to work on how you come across as a whole, helping you to make a positive and lasting impression. [more…]

Improve Your Hiring Potential with a Pre-Interview Checklist

Before embarking on a job interview, be sure to scan through this practical checklist, including some handy last minute tips, guaranteed to make you feel more ready than ever! [more…]

Answering Tough Interview Questions For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Use these helpful resources to help you plan and prepare for any question that an interview might throw up. Feel confident knowing that you have done all the ground work required and walk in with your [more…]

How to Be a Successful Job Interviewee

The way in which you prepare for an interview can mean the difference between success and failure. Bear these tips in mind before and during an employment interview. [more…]

Demonstrating Confidence during your Job Interview

Having a high degree of confidence in yourself goes a long way towards impressing companies and interviewers. Consider how your level of confidence shows in these ways: [more…]

Going through a Pre-Interview Checklist

Interviews are stressful, so you could be forgiven for forgetting something important in the run-up. However, you can help yourself to feel prepared before embarking upon an interview by making sure that [more…]

Making a Great First Impression

Making a powerful first impression helps enormously with persuasion and influence. Follow these recommendations when you want the impression you make to be the best it can possibly be. [more…]

Doing Your Best in Job Interviews

You have to prepare for each and every job interview. Show your future bosses that you’re smart and ready for anything — and that you can communicate clearly and not go off track. Take a look at the following [more…]

Stay Positive during Job Interviews

The first rule of job interviewing is to project a favorable image of yourself. The second rule is to never forget the first. While the following tips may seem obvious, interviewers say that job seekers [more…]


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