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Building a Better Job Interview

With a job interview comes a great amount of hope. If you don't hear back after an interview, an inevitable let-down follows as you begin the job search again. Don't let that unhappy ending happen to you [more…]

Illegal and Inappropriate Interview Questions

Every human resources specialist in America knows that interview questions about sex, religion, and race are against the rules. But other interviewers who don't deal with employment issues on a regular [more…]

Video Interviewing: The Wave of the Future

Video interviewing (a form of videoconferencing) is a live, two-way electronic communication that permits two or more people in different geographic locations to engage in face-to-face visual and audio [more…]

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property When Interviewing

You can lose your intellectual property through abuse of the job interview process. However, there are precautions you can take to protect your intellectual property and avoid interview exploitation. [more…]

How Job Interviewers Could Interpret Your Words

Understanding how interviewers interpret your words can help you get the job — or not. During an interview, always let your words project a positive image. For example, you may think you're telling the [more…]

How to Sell Yourself in a Job Interview

Preparation is key when you're ready to sell yourself during a job interview. In order to sell yourself (that is, your skills and experience) to the interviewer, thoroughly research the company and job [more…]

Matching Your Skills with Job Requirements in Interviews

Matching your skills with job requirements is essential during job interviews. A targeted job interview demonstrates that you have the qualifications that the job requires. These days, employers have an [more…]

Following a Pre-Interview Checklist

Use a pre-interview checklist to ensure that you've completed all the job-search essentials before you meet your potential employer. Use this pre-interview checklist to get yourself prepped for a show-stopping [more…]

Understanding Illegal and Inappropriate Interview Questions

You may encounter illegal or inappropriate questions during a job interview, especially if the interviewer is inexperienced or unsophisticated. These illegal or inappropriate questions that cross the line [more…]

How Aggressive Should You Be During an Interview?

How aggressively you should sell yourself in a job interview depends on age, critical experience, and the level of the job you’re seeking. Interviewing styles differ and no behavior is perfect for every [more…]

How to Answer Vague Questions in a Job Interview

Interviewers often start with one vague, agony-inducing question or statement in job interviews, such as "Tell me a little about yourself." Practice answering vague questions specifically so that you'll [more…]

How to Write and Present Your Marketing Pitch

Before you start interviewing, write, memorize, and practice presenting a marketing pitch — a personal commercial about yourself. Your "show and sell" marketing pitch should run between one and two minutes [more…]

How to Answer Common Job Interview Questions

Several common job interview questions have been known to trip up even the most prepared job seekers. These job interview questions include: What is your greatest weakness? Why should I hire you? This [more…]

How to Answer Company-Related Questions at Job Interviews

During a job interview, you may need to answer some company-related questions. Employers expect you to grasp how the job fits into the overall company picture and what the position entails. Some of these [more…]

How to Answer Skills-Related Questions at Job Interviews

Experienced interviewers often want to know the essence of your skills — how you arrived at your accomplishments from previous jobs. Skills-related job interview questions may include: How would you rate [more…]

How to Answer Experience-Related Questions at Job Interviews

Employers want to hire experienced workers who will continue to learn and grow to the benefit of their company. Experience-related questions in job interviews may include: What are your qualifications? [more…]

How to Strategically Exit a Job Interview

When the interviewer signals the end of your job interview, make a strategic exit by repeating the qualifications and benefits you bring to the job. Immerse your departure in verbal persuaders and interactive [more…]

Reviewing with an After-Interview Checklist

After leaving a job interview, rate your performance with an after-interview checklist. Following a post-interview checklist can help you curb bad habits and become an expert at wooing hiring managers. [more…]

How to Respond to a Job Offer

Congratulations! You’ve interviewed for a position with a great company and they've extended a job offer. How should you respond to the company's offer? Hold off on an immediate response. [more…]

Deciding Whether or Not to Accept a Job Offer

Receiving a job offer is great — now you have to decide whether to accept it. Examine the pros and cons of a job offer so that you don't become cemented in a routine of disappointing work. Deciding whether [more…]

Seeking Feedback When You're Not Offered the Job

If you discover after a job interview that you lost the position to another candidate — you may wonder where you went wrong. Disappointed job seekers often ask interviewers for the reasons they weren’t [more…]

Understanding Pre-Employment Job Agreements and Contracts

Getting your job offer in writing with a pre-employment job agreement or contract (or a job offer letter) is advantageous for you and the employer. Although your verbal job offer covers such specifics [more…]

Looking at New Ways Job Interviews Are Conducted

Interview styles have changed over the past several years. Get to know the new trends and developments in how job interviews are conducted so that you can do your best during your job search. If you can't [more…]

What "the Best Fit" Means in Employment-Speak

"You weren't the best fit for the position." Disappointed job seekers who ask employers why they weren't hired often hear those words. Best fit? What exactly does [more…]

Tips on What to Do During an Interview

During a job interview, don't just sit and respond passively to questions. Do some strategic thinking during the interview to help you move on to the next step of the hiring process. For example, figuring [more…]

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