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Exposing Cover Letter Myths

Your cover letter is a first impression to potential employers. If you expect to be a successful job seeker, you'll want to know how to attract positive attention with your cover letter, while avoiding [more…]

Grabbing Attention with Your Cover Letter's Opening Line

Learn to write openings that fire up the reader and move the reader along without wasting tons of time. Interviewers are overloaded — whole days are a blur for them, and they have no spare minutes to decipher [more…]

Zooming In on Cover Letter Anatomy

In case you've forgotten or never learned the parts of a job letter, review these building blocks. [more…]

Understanding What Employers Want in a Cover Letter

The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) conducted the SHRM Survey on Cover Letters and Resumes.The survey was faxed to randomly selected members of the Employment Management Association [more…]

Using Cover Letter Language that Snaps, Crackles, and Pops

Visualize your reader and write specifically for that reader. Speaking directly to your reader may seem obvious, but this tenet is one of the most overlooked aspects of effective writing. Writing to a [more…]

The Endgame Cover Letter: Wrapping It Up

You're well into your job search. Maybe your search has stalled out and you need to restart it. Or perhaps you've been offered a job. You still have letters to write. [more…]

Why a Resume Needs a Cover Letter

When your cover letter attracts interest, employers read your resume to confirm a positive first impression. Other employers review your resume before a cover letter. In either case, the trick is to make [more…]

Tips for Writing Strong Cover Letters

Effective cover letters can accomplish a number of getting-you-noticed purposes in a job search. Follow proven tips for writing strong cover letters that employers actually read. You can inspire intrigue [more…]

How to Beat Writer's Block When Writing Cover Letters

If you get writer's block when trying to write a cover letter, perhaps you haven’t thought through your career goals. Cover letters are tough to write unless you know what you want in a job and career. [more…]

Grammar Fundamentals for Cover Letters

Good grammar is essential in cover letters. Before writing cover letters during a job search, review grammar fundamentals. Many employers see language skills as an important aspect of potential job performance [more…]

Punctuation Fundamentals for Cover Letters

Proper punctuation is important in cover letters. If you're often tripped up when using punctuation, review some punctuation fundamentals before writing your cover letters or other job search materials [more…]

How to Begin a Cover Letter

If you want an employer to actually read your cover letter, pay close attention to how you begin the letter. Effective ways to start a cover letter's opening statement uses words that immediately grab [more…]

How to Use Power Phrases in Cover Letters

After an attention-grabbing opening statement in a cover letter, you should flesh out the middle of the cover letter with power phrases and intriguing lines that strongly emphasize your belief in yourself [more…]

Basic Job Skills to Include in a Cover Letter

Use skills language in your cover letter — including basic skills, people skills, thinking skills, and personal qualities — to communicate your expertise in fundamental job skills. These basic skills [more…]

Business-Related Skills to Include in a Cover Letter

Your cover letter should highlight business-related skills you have that are highly sought after by employers. These include marketable, crossover, job-related, and motivated skills. These skill groups [more…]

How to Close a Cover Letter

After you write an effective cover letter extolling the reasons you're a match for the job you’re chasing, maintain momentum with a cover letter close that brings you nearer to your goal: an interview. [more…]

Elements of Eye-Catching Cover Letters

Avoid sending a generic cover letter and instead submit one that stands out, inspires intrigue, and gets noticed by employers. To ensure that your cover letter is a memorable one, ask yourself if it covers [more…]

Tips for Writing a Standout Cover Letter

Your goal when writing a cover letter is to attract interest and get employers to read your resume. These five qualities define a standout cover letter- a cover letter and resume that land in the short [more…]

Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

The people who read cover letters and resumes oppose goofy grammar, typos, unusual punctuation, and other careless offenses against accepted language methods. You get only one shot to make a first impression [more…]

Cover Letters For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Write an effective, eye-catching cover letter if you want to grab the attention of a potential employer. A cover letter is the first impression that job seekers make, so be sure it's a good one! By following [more…]

Why Your Cover Letters Zip You Ahead of Competition

To write and to write well are two things. Craft your cover letter with the necessary points to have it jump out from the mainstream. Superstar professional writer Don Orlando of The McLean Group in Montgomery [more…]

6 Ways to Organize Information in a Job Letter

When applying for a job, you want your introductory letter to be easy for your reader to follow. Here are several formats to suggest how to organize your letter. You can use any organizational format with [more…]

5 Effective Ways to Enhance a Job Ad Reply Letter

Good job letter writers know there are certain techniques that can make your application stand out from all the others. The following examples give you the scoop on some great techniques to employ in your [more…]

5 Ways to Strengthen a Job Ad Reply Letter

Certain methods of writing job search letters really help them to stand out from the crowd. Below are five methods you can use to strengthen your job search letter and examples of other people using these [more…]

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