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How to Interview with Job Recruiters

A job recruiter (or headhunter) is an intermediary between the employer and you, who interviews people to fill positions with the best available candidates. [more…]

How to Prepare for a Second Job Interview

Being called back for a second interview is a good sign: You're closer to being offered a job. To ace your second interview, be sure you understand the dynamics at play. The second interview may turn out [more…]

How to Master a Group Job Interview

In a group interview, you'll find yourself center stage before a large crowd of perhaps 5 to 12 questioners. A group interview may also be called a panel, board, team, collective, or committee interview [more…]

Preparing for Serial Interviews for a Job Position

A serial interview involves a group of people, but not all at once. You are handed off from person to person. In a serial interview, you typically are passed from the initial screener to a line manager [more…]

Understanding the Behavior-Based Job Interview

A behavior-based interview relies on storytelling — examples of what you’ve done in previous jobs that support your claims. In behavior-based interviewing techniques, candidates are asked how they have [more…]

Understanding the Directive Job Interview

The directive interview is one in which the job interviewer maintains complete control and walks you through the discussion to uncover what the interviewer wants to know. The patterned interview is similar [more…]

Understanding the Nondirective Job Interview

A nondirective interview is a type of job interview that rewards you for leading the discussion. Nondirective interviews often occur when you meet line managers who don’t know much about professional interviewing [more…]

Understanding the Stress Job Interview

In a stress interview, the interviewer intentionally uses various intimidation tactics to attempt to put pressure on you. Recognize the hazing in a stress interview for what it is — either a genuine test [more…]

How to Prepare for a Mealtime Job Interview

A job interview held during a meal may seem relaxed and social, but stay as alert as you would in any other location. Mealtime interviewers are watching you carefully. You could receive a mealtime invite [more…]

Remote Interviews from College Campuses and Job Fairs

When you get ready for job interviews on a college campus or at job fairs, are called remote because they take place away from the company’s home base. You may need to prepare for remote interviews in [more…]

Researching Companies before Job Interviews

Information is everything — and everywhere. Many job seekers have become nonchalant about researching a company before a job interview. An indifferent attitude toward pre-interview research may not devalue [more…]

Employer Questions to Research before a Job Interview

When you're preparing for a job interview by researching the company, there are several questions you should be able to answer after completing your research. Use the questions listed below as a checklist [more…]

Understanding Global Job Interviews and Cultural Norms

Seeking a job and interviewing for a global company is easier because of technology like the Internet and online video conferencing. Western-style employment practices, sparked especially by American-based [more…]

Trends in Wireless and Video Job Interviews

The emerging trends in wireless and video job interviews are fueled by high-speed Web access and cheap technology. Webcams can be used for job interviews that take place when, for one reason or another [more…]

How to Prepare for a Phone Interview

The telephone continues to be a popular and powerful audio medium for conducting job screening interviews. Recruiters commonly use phone screening interviews to home in on your possible lack of qualifications [more…]

Tips for a Successful Phone Interview

If a job recruiter or other type of interview screener from a company requests a phone interview with you, you can advance through that phone-screening process with help from these tips. Remember that [more…]

What to Expect from Online Videoconference Job Interviews

Companies can curb time and travel expenses in their hiring practices by using videoconference job interviewing to narrow down the field of applicants. Online videoconferencing has been around for years [more…]

Out-of-Town Job Interviews: Who Pays for Travel Costs?

Going on far-away job interviews are worth the effort, but who pays for travel costs? If a company contacts you and requires an out-of-town interview, the company should pay for all your travel costs. [more…]

Addressing Missing Job Qualifications During an Interview

During interviews, there will be times when you're missing job qualifications listed in the job description. Meeting all job qualifications through your work and education history doesn't always pan out [more…]

Answering Tough Interview Questions When Changing Careers

If you're changing careers, you'll face some tough questions during a job interview. Employers may be concerned about your commitment to a new field, lack of experience, and more. You can make headway [more…]

How to Survive a Rude or Disagreeable Interviewer

During the course of job interviewing, you may run into several rude or disagreeable interviewers. What should you do when an interviewer’s manner is offensive? That depends upon who’s doing the talking [more…]

Answering Age-Related Questions in a Job Interview

You may already have run into an age obstacle that limits your job hunt. In job interviews, there are effective ways to address age-related questions. Is age discrimination illegal? Yes. Does it still [more…]

Online Resources for Company Research before Job Interviews

As you begin to research companies before your job interviews, you'll want to know where you can find online resources that have the information you need. Several guides and other resources are available [more…]

Understanding Why Employers Use Personality Tests

Personality tests aren't uncommon during the job interview process. Your potential employer may require that you take a personality test before being granted an interview or at some point during the interviewing [more…]

What You Should Know About Personality Tests

Personality testing is a serious assessment tool in the employment world that helps decide who gets hired and who gets promoted. Employment personality tests measure choice, preference, values, behavior [more…]

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