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Job Search: Pros and Cons of Online Social Networking

Your online image in social networking services is becoming as important as the customized cover letters and resumes you send in more familiar employment explorations. Get an edge by making sure you know [more…]

How to Use Online Employee Referral Services

Companies use online employee referral services mainly because good people tend to know other good people. Employers often rely on referral services as a way to spot great candidates. Therefore, job seekers [more…]

How to Boost Job Contacts with Online Social Networking

Job seekers and employers are now using business-oriented online social networking sites (such as LinkedIn), where people post career profiles and recruiters search for prospective employees. The only [more…]

How to Start a Blog to Develop Job Leads

A blog can be useful to job seekers when it garners attention that develops into job leads. Today's blogs have morphed into sleek Web sites that showcase content posted by one or several authors, and which [more…]

How Get New Job Postings with RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are a wonderful way to get the first word when a new job is posted. RSS technology sends free live feeds to your computer or handheld device with the latest jobs from thousands of employers and [more…]

How to IM in a Job Search

Use instant messaging (IM) services as a job search tool to receive real-time or near real-time job postings. An IM service enables you to send resumes and messages to anyone on your [more…]

How to Use Podcasts as a Job Search Tool

As a job seeker, you can use a podcast the same way you can use a blog to spotlight your job achievements and experience. Having a podcast is cutting edge and differentiates you from the competition. Consider [more…]

How to Create Effective and Professional Online Profiles

Online networking for a job search has opened the floodgates for professional online profiles — the kind you place on networking sites like LinkedIn and Facebook. You want an edge over countless competitors [more…]

Samples of Online Profiles for Job Seekers

A professional online profile is like a 24/7 digital billboard used for passive career networking. You put your job-worthy online profile out there, hoping employers will find you and like you for their [more…]

Job Seekers: Where to Post an Online Profile

When choosing where to post your online profile to help with your job search, keep quality and quantity in mind. For job seekers, an online network is most useful when it’s gained a critical mass of people [more…]

How to Add a Sound Bite to Online Profiles

Add some punch to your online profile by including an audio sound bite. Keep the audio sound bite in your online profile short — perhaps 15 to 20 seconds. For a topic, you can give your branding statement [more…]

Turn Social Networking into International Job Contacts

When seeking a job in another country, consider social networking to develop international job contacts and to track interviewing conventions in the chosen country. The secret to your global search success [more…]

Why a Resume Needs a Cover Letter

When your cover letter attracts interest, employers read your resume to confirm a positive first impression. Other employers review your resume before a cover letter. In either case, the trick is to make [more…]

Tips for Writing Strong Cover Letters

Effective cover letters can accomplish a number of getting-you-noticed purposes in a job search. Follow proven tips for writing strong cover letters that employers actually read. You can inspire intrigue [more…]

Tips for Making a Successful Career Change

If you're making a career change — whether by choice or necessity — you can benefit from following these tips on making your career change a success: [more…]

How to Leverage Crossover Skills When Changing Careers

Leveraging crossover skills when changing careers or jobs is your most important persuasion tool to gain acceptance in job interviews. Crossover skills are those you’ve gathered through jobs, classes, [more…]

How to Further Your Education to Enhance Job Prospects

To enhance your job prospects in a career field, you may decide to further your education. You might need additional education, for example, if all the jobs you want seem to require a college degree and [more…]

What is a Vertical Job Search Engine?

Vertical job search engines — also called verticals or VJSEs or aggregators— are changing online job recruiting in dramatic ways. You can think of VJSEs as “Google for jobs.” That is, the verticals work [more…]

How to Use a Vertical Job Search Engine

All vertical job search engines — such as,, and — include specific instructions on how to use them. However, the basic steps for using VJSEs are similar. [more…]

What to Include in a Thank-You or Follow-Up Letter

After you've presented your job qualifications in an interview, remember to promptly send a thank-you or follow-up letter to the interviewer. Thank-you and follow-up letters are typically sent by postal [more…]

Tips for Writing Follow-Up Job Letters

An effective follow-up job letter may be the tiebreaker that gives you the win over other promising candidates after an interview. Your follow-up job letter creates goodwill that kick-starts your success [more…]

Sample Thank You and Follow-Up Job Letters

Use targeted thank-you and follow-up letters to market yourself and to add that extra edge. A follow up or thank you note can win you the job you're seeking. Although most jobs are won or lost during the [more…]

What Is a Professional Branding Statement?

Your professional branding statement communicates the essence of who you are in the workplace. Branding is a marketing concept and tool. Your brand reflects your professional reputation — what you’re known [more…]

Samples of Professional Branding Statements

Professional branding statements briefly explain who you are, what you do, and what you're best known for in the workplace. Use your professional branding statement in cover letters and other job search [more…]

Special Marketing Documents that Promote Careers

Create special marketing documents to focus attention on specific aspects of your professional qualities and achievements. These career marketing documents can attract extra — and positive — attention [more…]

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