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How to Respond to a Job Search Offer or Rejection

Whether or not you get the job you just applied for, your response is important. You should always write a letter in response to the company's decision. [more…]

How to Make Networking Purposeful for Your Job Search

When you pursue new contacts in your job search network too casually and without focus, you not only waste your time, but you become frustrated. And when you become frustrated, you may give up. [more…]

Sending Job Prospecting Letters: Is Digital or Postal Better?

When it comes to job prospecting letters, is a digital delivery or a postal one better? Deciding which mailing medium is most likely to get results for your job prospecting letters is a toss-up. Here are [more…]

12 Ways to Make Follow-Up Letters Work for You after Interviewing

As part of your job-search process, make a habit of writing a follow-up letter after you have intteviewed with the hiring authority. After all, keeping open the lines of communication is important at any [more…]

3 Tips for Writing Follow-Up Letters after Interviewing

What's your timeframe for an interview follow-up letter? Try to transmit your follow-up letter within 24 to 48 hours. But when you're in a swarm of candidates for an easy-to-fill job, recruiter Jenny Foss [more…]

How to Use Social Media in Your Job Search

Using social media in your job search has the advantage of personal connections. So if you'd rather apply for a job through a personal connection than make a cold call on a job board, review the following [more…]

How to Create a Personal Brand for Your Job Search

Professional branding (also called personal branding) has become a popular self-marketing concept in job search and career management. It's a strategy to rise above teeming masses of competition for the [more…]

How to Create a Marvelous Bio for Your Job Search

As air sustains life for living creatures, professional biographies (or bios) sustain careers for responsible jobs. A bio — often called an online bio— is a brief but focused account of a person’s life [more…]

How to Keep Control in Job Letters with Action Closes

After you write a great letter extolling your major match-up for the job you’re chasing, maintain momentum with a close that brings you closer to your goal: an interview. You have three basic choices: [more…]

How to Succeed in the Online Job Search with Really Trying

In your job search, control of the online candidate image that employers increasingly use to judge you as a person as well as evaluate the talent you bring to the table is largely — but not entirely — [more…]

Advantages of Job Interview Leave-Behind Documents

Imagine yourself included in a group of six people on a “short list” for the same job. Now imagine a stretched-thin hiring manager who interviews all of you the same day. All contenders are dressed much [more…]

15 Topics to Consider for Job Interview Leave-Behind Letters

When you decide to use the power of leave-behind letters in your job search, your first decision is the choice of topic for the best ROT (return on time). [more…]

The ABCs of References in Your Job Search

When it’s no secret that you’re going to leave your current job, ask your company’s human resources specialist to explain the company’s policy for providing references. Here’s why you want to know: [more…]

How to Handle Reference Problems in Job Applications

References are deal breakers in your job search if something goes wrong and you fail to respond to bad news with effective repair moves. References can also hang you out to dry when you’re making a secret [more…]

How Online Presentations Help a Job Search

If you think your occupation is a natural for online presentations to be included in the job search and decide to try it, four advantages are waiting in the wings for you: [more…]

How an Online Work Portfolio Can Help a Job Search

Your goal in presenting an online work portfolio for your job search is to make readers feel as if they know you, respect you, and like you. By inviting hiring authorities to view a close-up of your talents [more…]

How to Request a Lateral Job Move in Your Company

A lateral move is a career positioning tactic. It occurs when an employee changes to an equivalent job in an organization, typically for similar pay and a job title at the same level. It’s a sideways move [more…]

3 Tips to Unfreeze Writer’s Block in a Job Application Letter

When you find yourself struggling with writing a letter in your search for a job, a very big reason may be that you haven’t thought through your career goals. You really can’t do your best writing about [more…]

The Anatomy of a Job Search Letter

Every job search letter contains the same bones beneath its unique skin of qualifications, experience, and focus. These are the things you absolutely must include in your letters. [more…]

Language Tips for Stand out Job Letters

Make the job letter writing task easier for yourself not only by reviewing a few rules of grammar, but also by reminding yourself to answer the big “So why?” and “So what?” questions in every letter. [more…]

Word Replacements for Stronger Job Search Letters

Because the reader of your job letter may be pressed for time, aim to write a concise but thorough letter. Use short words, sentences, and paragraphs. Avoid cramming too many ideas into each paragraph. [more…]

11 Ways to Tune up Grammar and Punctuation

Grammar slips in application letters sink jobs. Many employers see language skills as an important aspect of potential job performance, and nothing says language skills like attention to grammar and punctuation [more…]

6 Common Grammar Errors in Job Letters

When writing a letter for a job application, your use of correct grammar is essential. Simple mistakes can indicate to your reader that you are careless in your writing. Here are some common errors to [more…]

3 Great Ways to Start a Job Letter

Get your job search letter started with a great opening to your introductory letter. You want to grab your reader’s attention right away so you don’t lose him from the get-go. Check out the following notable [more…]

9 Leadoff Losers to Avoid in Job Letters

There are standard ways not to open your job search letters. These leadoff losers are snatched from real correspondence supplied by recruiters and HR specialists. Comments in italics that follow each line [more…]

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