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Variations in Assessment Centres

Assessment Centres can have different purposes, so be clear about the purpose of your Centre. Assessment Centres are usually used for job selection or promotion decisions. Development Centres tend to be [more…]

Preparing to Visit an Assessment Centre

Don’t underestimate the power of presentation. Follow these tips to help you remain calm and in control before you even arrive at an Assessment Centre: [more…]

10 Tips for Success at an Assessment Centre

Assessment centres are considered by many to be the fairest and most thorough method of selecting staff, as selectors meet applicants over an extended period, and candidates are tested on a wide range [more…]

Succeeding at Assessment Centres For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Large organisations often use assessment centres as part of their job recruitment drives. This Cheat Sheet helps you to prepare for the selection process, shine in every activity – and get the career you [more…]

3 Types of Resume Letter Samples

Resume letters are designed for targeted mail campaigns, postal or online. Should you use a resume letter to reply to an advertised job opening when the ad specifically requests a resume? Probably not. [more…]

How to Make a Counter Offer to a Job Offer

Write a counter offer letter? Really? Well, suppose you've received a job offer, but it's thinner than you expected. A counter offer (or counter proposal) might be the next appropriate move. Read the job [more…]

3 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Advance Your Career Change

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools to help you redefine yourself and move your career in a new direction. Taking your career in a new direction is a bold move that requires framing your proven [more…]

How to Find Local Job Recruiters on Twitter

Twitter is a great tool for finding job openings in your local area. You'll find job recruiters and hiring managers tweeting about jobs they're trying to fill. Here's how you can find them on Twitter: [more…]

How to Use Google AdWords to Target Specific Hiring Managers

Use Google AdWords, the search engine's pay-per-click advertising tool, to attract the attention of specific hiring managers and decision makers. Adwords enables you to take up an ad on the search results [more…]

Job Searching with Social Media For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Social media is a crucial component of the modern job search. To perform a successful job search using social-media tools, however, you need to know more than how to accept a friend or connection request [more…]

Enhance Job Search Letters with Performance Verbs

Do your job search letters merely limp along, chugging and wheezing to the finish line? Energize your messages with robust verbs that present you as a [more…]

Job Search Letters: 9 Tips for Writing Web-Smart Content

Savvy job searchers know the importance of web-optimized letters, cover notes, resumes, and other job-search correspondence. Web-smart content gives you an edge because employers use scanning technology [more…]

Why Your Cover Letters Zip You Ahead of Competition

To write and to write well are two things. Craft your cover letter with the necessary points to have it jump out from the mainstream. Superstar professional writer Don Orlando of The McLean Group in Montgomery [more…]

Job Search Letters For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Modern-day job search letters are optimized for social media, mobile messaging, and the Internet. With such communications-supported job searches, you should strive for concisely written content with plenty [more…]

Breaking the Illusion of a Professional and Personal Divide

Since the beginning of work, people have gotten jobs from their friends and family. Networking has always been the best way to get “in” with an opportunity. [more…]

Should You Have a LinkedIn Profile?

Certainly LinkedIn is a great tool to have at your job-search disposal. But not all industries are evenly represented there, and so it may not be for you. In some cases, using LinkedIn for some jobs can [more…]

How to Turn Twitter into a Real-Time, Location-Specific Job Board

Twitter is considered the most popular real-time open network. This means that as items are published, they are immediately available for viewing. And you don’t need to “follow,” “connect,” or “request” [more…]

Have a Strategy to Make Social Media Job Search for You

Don’t get bogged down in keeping up with the seeming constant changes of social media, just keep focused on your goals and how these tools can help you achieve them. [more…]

10 Job Boards That Are Social Media Enabled

A new breed of job board has emerged. The Internet has evolved beyond bulletin boards, and no one reads newspaper classifieds anymore. Social-media networks provide much more value and personalization [more…]

10 Job-Search Tips to Perfect Your Online Profile

Potential employers in your job search can grab a panoramic view of the type of employee you would likely be, based on your experiences, skills, accumulated knowledge, and results portrayed in your online [more…]

The FAQs of the Mobile Job Search

Many people have similar questions when it comes to moving the job search to mobile devices. Here's your chance to grab six fast answers to how to connect with a new job when you're on the move: [more…]

How to Optimize Job Search Documents for Mobile Devices

Guidelines to writing job search cover letters and resumes for mobile devices differ from guidelines to writing for laptops or desktops. The main difference is one of size, like a modern one-room efficiency [more…]

Get Hired by Beginning a Cover Note with References

Repeated annual surveys of big company hiring sources by CareerXRoads show that a job candidate who introduces himself in his cover letter with an employee referral is four to seven times more likely to [more…]

How to Reply to Job Posts with a Cover Note

When you spot an advertised job on any recruiting platform (mobile, web, or print), consider responding with a variation on one of the following ten sample opening statements. Pair it with a strong closing [more…]

Good Letter Closers for Mobile Job Applications

When you make closing statements in your mobile job search message, you have a choice in how assertive you want to be. Do you want to communicate with warmth and friendliness, such as [more…]

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