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Use the First 90 Days to Build Success on a New Job

Whether you’re new to the job market or making the transition from one job to the next, building on the foundation of your personal brand is crucial. In most cases, you can assume that you have about three [more…]

Highlight Your Personal Brand when Negotiating

Whether you’re trying to alter your current work situation using your personal brand, or have decided that moving to another company is your best option, you need to know how to negotiate to get what you [more…]

Redesign Your Current Job with Your Personal Brand

The first place to look for a better position may be right where you are, and your personal branding efforts can help. Assuming that you aren’t being forced out of your current job — you haven’t been laid [more…]

Understand Your Personal Brand Likeability

A personal brand helps you stand out in the workplace rather than simply fit in. Try to understand your brand likeability, and pay attention to your behavior on the job to make sure that you don’t tarnish [more…]

Align Your Personal Brand Brand with Your Company's Brand

When you know your personal brand, you can figure out how to use it within the corporate culture where you work. It becomes an authentic exchange of assets. [more…]

Sell Your Personal Brand to Your Internal Market

Selling your personal brand is necessary when you live in an experience economy where your success is based not on your years of service but on what you deliver and how you deliver it. [more…]

Tips for Exercising Your Personal Brand Career Strategy

These days (unlike in the early 1980s and prior), personal branding means most people realize that they’ll have many jobs during their careers and must continually train to prepare for the changing workplace [more…]

Use Your Personal Brand in the Gig Economy

Are you ready to be cast in the workplace with your personal brand as you would be cast in a Hollywood movie? A huge workforce trend is the movement toward a gig economy, one that resembles how the movie [more…]

Employee vs. Personal Branding Mindset on the Job

Personal branding experts agree that it is important to stand out: You need to be visible so that people know you have something unique to offer on the job. Standing out doesn’t mean that you don’t get [more…]

Ten Key Benefits of Personal Branding

Personal branding is about deciding to take an active role in the direction of your life. You benefit from creating a personal brand because it allows you to self-manage your life and stop depending on [more…]

Ten Ways You Can Sink Your Personal Brand

Your personal brand is more fragile than you may imagine. You need to be vigilant in maintaining the standards that you’ve set for your brand. All it takes is one major mistake, especially one that you [more…]

Ten Ways to Build a Strong Personal Brand

Everything that you do demonstrates your personal brand, from the way that you represent yourself online to how you treat people at the grocery store. Because a personal brand is built on your true self [more…]

Ten Things You Can Do to Continue to Build Your Personal Brand

Here are ten tips for how you can distinguish yourself by creating a personal brand — an image and reputation that set you apart — build trust among the people you want to serve; and represent the true [more…]

Personal Branding for Community Volunteers

Volunteers are a noble bunch, and you can tell a lot about a person’s character by how she gives her time in service. Personal branding encompasses all aspects of your life. Therefore, how you volunteer [more…]

Personal Branding for Women: Highlighting Strengths

Women want to be just as successful as men are, but often they want to succeed in a different way. The generalization goes that women (more than men) tend to embrace the desire to want to live more authentically [more…]

Personal Branding for Service Professionals and Entrepreneurs

Crafting your own personal brand allows you to show the world your best true self. It helps you align every part of your life with your characteristics, strengths, values, and goals. By doing so, you create [more…]

Personal Branding for Executives

The executive population was the first to embrace personal branding. The people occupying the chief executive offices recognized early on that if branding worked for a company, it could work for them as [more…]

Reinvent Yourself and Your Personal Brand

If you’re facing a transition into a second (or third or fourth) career, here are some tips on refining your personal brand and easing the pain of reinvention: [more…]

Personal Branding for a Second Career

Your personal brand can help ease the pain of transitioning to a new career by reminding you that at your core, you’re still you and need to be your authentic self. Your reinvented self may be wearing [more…]

Personal Branding for the Middle Years

Personal branding done well requires an implemented strategy to guide your success. It keeps your career fresh and exciting at a time when many others, during the middle years of their career, are happily [more…]

How to Evaluate Résumés

When hiring, the résumé is your first contact with a job candidate. To get the most from this important document and determine if someone is worth calling in for an interview, you'll need to know how to [more…]

Five Interview Questions That Reveal the Most about Job Candidates

The job interview is perhaps your best opportunity to determine if a potential hire will succeed with your firm. But most applicants now have ready-made answers to standard questions such as [more…]

Reach Your Audience with Your Personal Brand

Determining the best ways to reach your audience begins with a review of who you are trying to reach. You need to express your personal brand to your target audience, which may include your peers, your [more…]

Set the Strategy for Your Personal Brand

Setting the strategy to guide your personal brand communication plan is like setting any good set of goals. You first want to think about the big picture of what you hope to accomplish in communicating [more…]

Refine Your Personal Brand

All strong brands boast the three Cs: Clarity, Consistency, and Constancy. These brands deliver on their brand promise every day with everything they do, and they are constantly visible to their target [more…]

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