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What Not to Include on Your Resume

A well-crafted resume contains only the information that proves you're a qualified candidate. Eliminate resume clutter by removing useless information that potential employers often view as filler and [more…]

Nine Ways to Bulletproof Your Resumes

Write a strong resume that gets you noticed. The following tips help you work up a resume that sells your skills instead of ending up in the reject bin. [more…]

Resume Basics: How to Protect Your Personal Information

Protecting personal information is always a good idea, but especially so with digital resumes. When it comes to resumes and the Internet, identity theft is a huge concern. Resumes zing around the world [more…]

Changing Careers? Resume Tips to Ease the Transition

Career changers and transitioning military personnel sometimes struggle to write resumes that pack an interview-invitation punch. One such resume challenge is to turn your experience into skills that are [more…]

Resumes For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Your resume is you in paper (or electronic) form. It's the first glimpse employers get of the value you can bring to their company. Your resume should tell a compelling story of who you are and what you [more…]

Questions When Considering a Career

When choosing a career you really need to use your head and think about what job logically makes sense. If you’re like most career searchers, you’re not sure. To find out, start by asking yourself these [more…]

Creating the Right Mindset for Your Job Search

Approaching your job search with a good mindset makes your search more successful and maybe even fun. Stay upbeat, conquer your fears, and face the job search head on. Don’t get yourself tied up in psychological [more…]

Finding a Cool Job in 30 Days

If you spend your time efficiently, finding a good job in 30 days is a realistic goal. Employers may take their time making a decision on hiring but after 30 days you’ve got the ball rolling. It’s going [more…]

Top Cool Careers Web Sites

When searching for your cool career, you have to be extremely thorough. Add these websites to your list of resources when mapping out your job search: [more…]

A Guide to Comparing Culinary School Curriculums

There are many different paths available to enter the world of culinary arts. Attending a culinary school is an excellent way to learn many different culinary skills and to make contacts in the culinary [more…]

The Top Culinary Schools in the United States

The United States is home to some of the top culinary institutions in the world. Training at one of these schools can put you on the road to success to many of the culinary fields you wish to pursue. [more…]

Identifying Cooking Jobs in Restaurants

Restaurants are key places for people interested in making their marks in the culinary field. Following are some of the main cooking professions that are found in restaurants: [more…]

Keying In On Non-Cooking Jobs

You don’t have to be a chef to love food or want to work with food. There are myriad jobs available for those that want to work with food, just not cook it! Check out the following places for non-cooking [more…]

Elements of Eye-Catching Cover Letters

Avoid sending a generic cover letter and instead submit one that stands out, inspires intrigue, and gets noticed by employers. To ensure that your cover letter is a memorable one, ask yourself if it covers [more…]

Tips for Writing a Standout Cover Letter

Your goal when writing a cover letter is to attract interest and get employers to read your resume. These five qualities define a standout cover letter- a cover letter and resume that land in the short [more…]

Cover Letter Mistakes to Avoid

The people who read cover letters and resumes oppose goofy grammar, typos, unusual punctuation, and other careless offenses against accepted language methods. You get only one shot to make a first impression [more…]

Cover Letters For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Write an effective, eye-catching cover letter if you want to grab the attention of a potential employer. A cover letter is the first impression that job seekers make, so be sure it's a good one! By following [more…]

Making a Great First Impression

Making a powerful first impression helps enormously with persuasion and influence. Follow these recommendations when you want the impression you make to be the best it can possibly be. [more…]

Doing Your Best in Job Interviews

You have to prepare for each and every job interview. Show your future bosses that you’re smart and ready for anything — and that you can communicate clearly and not go off track. Take a look at the following [more…]

Stay Positive during Job Interviews

The first rule of job interviewing is to project a favorable image of yourself. The second rule is to never forget the first. While the following tips may seem obvious, interviewers say that job seekers [more…]

Job Interviewing Tips for Shy People

Are you a bundle of nerves during job interviews? Does your shyness make your mind go blank at inopportune moments? If interviews make you feel like you’re up to bat with two outs and the bases loaded, [more…]

Job Interviewing: What to Say if You've Been Fired

If your last job didn't work out, how do you explain that to potential employers? If you were given the boot by your last boss, see if one of these answers may help you in your job interviews.. [more…]

Job Interviews For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Does the thought of interviewing for a new job send shivers down your spine? It doesn’t have to! Whether you’re searching for your first job, changing careers, or looking to advance in your current field [more…]

Sample Prospecting Job Letters

The page you are looking for was recently moved. Don't worry, it's still here; it just has a new address: [more…]

Ten Tips for Asking Good Questions

No one says everything you want to hear in the exact order, depth, and detail that you prefer. That's why the chief tool of a good listener is a good question. Well-crafted questions can stimulate, draw [more…]

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