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Preparing for a Virtual Presentation

The key to a successful virtual presentation is the same as the key to a successful face-to-face presentation: preparation. Consider the following guidelines to ensure that you're ready for [more…]

Avoiding Stage Fright

Whether you're giving a business presentation or delivering a soliloquy onstage, stage fright can rear its ugly head. The fear of getting stage fright can itself cause stage fright to strike you dumb. [more…]

Using Stories as a Presentation Tool

Business presentations don't always have to be about numbers, charts, and graphs. Sometimes telling a story can help your audience grasp a concept more readily than staring at raw data. [more…]

Handling Problems during a Presentation

Problems can occur at any time during a presentation that involves an audience. Visual aids can get screwed up; loud sounds can interfere with the audience's understanding of your point; or you might just [more…]

Exploring Special Presentation Situations

As you organize various business meetings and events, you're likely to come across many different presentation situations. Each requires a unique approach and attention to detail. Here are some of the [more…]

How to Prepare Your Speech

When you speak in public, you have to prepare your speech by selecting and organizing material, and writing a clear message. Once you’ve written the perfect speech, you need to prepare for the delivery [more…]

Using Visual Aids in Your Speech

Good visual aids will highlight your speech. To avoid mistakes and display your information efficiently when using the appropriate visual aids, follow these guidelines: [more…]

Managing Stage Fright when Speaking

After you’ve worked hard preparing a fantastic speech, you don’t want to freeze up at the podium. Use these methods to confidently deal with stage fright: [more…]

Helpful Web Sites on Public Speaking

If you’re looking for tools to help research a topic and prepare a speech, try these Web sites for information on public speaking, checking facts, and finding visual aids: [more…]

Getting a Room Ready for Your Speech

Don’t let unforeseen circumstances put a damper on your speech. Get the details of the location where you will deliver your speech ahead of time and use these tips: [more…]

Public Speaking For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Successfully preparing a speech involves gathering and organizing your information and practicing your delivery. When you’re speaking in public, use visual aids to help get your message across to the audience [more…]

How to Deliver an Effective Presentation or Speech

Effective, confident public speaking should look effortless. In reality most people need considerable time and practice before they can talk confidently in front of an audience. You can use a number of [more…]

Preparing Your Presentation or Speech

Looking for some quick tips to help make your presentation or speech that little bit easier? Take a look at these handy pointers and ensure that your preparation leads to optimum delivery. [more…]

Perfecting the Delivery of Your Presentation or Speech

What use is perfect preparation without a dynamic delivery? Print out and pin up these top tips to help keep your audience engaged throughout your presentation from beginning to end. [more…]

Readying the Room for Your Presentation or Speech

When you're ready to deliver your well-prepared speech, follow these simple steps to make sure that your room is in order, too. These checks will be sure to eliminate any last minute surprises. [more…]

Using Great Visual Aids during Speechmaking

Visual aids are a great way of reinforcing ideas that you are trying to get across in a speech. Take a look at these pointers to help you prepare and present your visual aids in the most effective way: [more…]

Managing Stage Fright when Presenting Your Speech

Everyone suffers with nerves at some point in their lives – especially when taking the stage to deliver a speech. Try to conquer your jitters by reading through these useful tips to ensure you keep your [more…]

Public Speaking For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Want to prepare the best presentation possible and be able to deliver it in the most effective way? Here you will find some quick and easy tips to help you plan what you want to say, increase your confidence [more…]

Speaking in Public with Confidence

Speaking in public is many people’s idea of a nightmare. Here are some easy hints on how to speak confidently and make an impact with your audience. [more…]

Hints for Speaking into a Microphone

Using a microphone is straightforward. Use the same full voice you would normally use to be heard in conversation and you sound good. Don’t try to be anyone else by putting on a special microphone voice [more…]

Getting People to Listen to You

You don’t have to become a different person to get people to enjoy listening to you – you just have to make it easy for them. Even small changes on your part make the vital difference in how you come across [more…]

Voice and Speaking Skills For Dummies Cheat Sheet (UK Edition)

Your voice makes a major difference to your impact in social situations and in business. You may think that you’re stuck with your voice. On the contrary! Numerous easy ways are available to change your [more…]

Ten Things to Check before Your Presentation

You prepare a fantastic presentation. You run it by your colleagues. Everyone says it's pure genius. Can't miss. The big day arrives and you're psyched. You take your incredibly cool slides and go to the [more…]

Part of the Series: Companion Content from the E-Book Giving a Presentation In A Day For Dummies

How to Write an Introduction for a Presentation

Developing an organized presentation starts with your introduction. The introduction opens your speech. The common way in which many presenters start their talks — [more…]

Part of the Series: Companion Content from the E-Book Giving a Presentation In A Day For Dummies

How to Write the Body of a Presentation

The body is the part of the presentation between your introduction and your conclusion. It's the longest part of the presentation, and its purpose is to get your key points across. When you're preparing [more…]

Part of the Series: Companion Content from the E-Book Giving a Presentation In A Day For Dummies

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