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Prepare a Plan for Your White Paper

When clients hire an advertising agency, the client often prepares a creative brief. A creative brief comes closer than anything to a white paper plan and is essentially a document that spells out the [more…]

Gather Research for your White Paper

No effective white paper can be written without research because every white paper must be based on facts and logic, not fluff and hot air. The client assembles all the helpful background he can easily [more…]

How to Prepare an Executive Summary for your White Paper

After doing the research, it’s time for the writer to start drafting a six- or eight-page white paper, right? Wrong. An executive summary should come next. Without a direction blessed by the client, much [more…]

How to Create First-Draft Text and Graphics for your White Paper

The first step in producing a white paper is to create the first-draft text and graphics. Writers, illustrators, designers, and business people understand this step well. This step groups together text [more…]

How to Gather Initial Comments for your White Paper

This step is a well-understood part of any publishing process. After the writer creates a first draft of the white paper and the illustrator creates the graphics, the reviewers need to comment. And the [more…]

How to Create the Second-Draft of a White Paper

When all the reviews come in, the writer can see whether the white paper is a hit or miss and prepare for the second draft. This gives the writer another chance to make it good by incorporating comments [more…]

How to Collect and Check Sources for Your White Paper

Just about every white paper needs a few references to back up its arguments and showcase the research behind it. For the writer, keeping sources straight can be challenging. But not doing so defeats the [more…]

How to Prepare the Final White Paper Document

Don’t hurry through preparing your final white paper document, or you may have some embarrassing mistakes to deal with later. In this penultimate step, everyone gets involved — the writer, illustrator [more…]

What Makes Good Evidence for a White Paper

You know you need convincing evidence for your white paper. But, what exactly does it look like? B2B marketing can be a little more rigorous than those college English essays you wrote; after all, millions [more…]

White Paper Final Proof Checklist

No matter how many times you check your white paper, you can always miss something. Any mistakes that happen during the design steps can be especially tough to spot. When you get the final PDF of the white [more…]

10 Tips on Designing a White Paper

Nothing undermines a good white paper faster than poor design. No matter how compelling and persuasive the text may be, if people can’t read it because of a poor design, they’ll quickly move on. Then all [more…]

11 Ways to Spice Up a White Paper Title

Your white paper title can make or break it. B2B buyers scan pages of search results to find useful information. Your white paper title is often all that prospects have to go on to make their decision [more…]

Draft a Press Release for Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Business

To write a press release about your micro-entrepreneurial business, there are some necessary elements and a particular style you should follow. Drafting a press release for your micro-entrepreneurial business [more…]

Choose a Blog, Ezine, or Both for Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Business

Starting a blog or ezine to market your micro-entrepreneurial business is a great idea, but consider the consequences first. Blogs and ezines are ongoing business marketing efforts, so you should think [more…]

Market Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Business with an Ezine

An ezine (email magazine, electronic newsletter or email newsletter) is a form of communication where you email your micro-entrepreneurial business subscribers a periodic publication on a particular topic [more…]

Publish Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Ezine Using Bulk Email Service Providers

An ezine (email magazine, electronic newsletter or email newsletter) is easily published to your micro-entrepreneurial business subscribers using a bulk email service. An email magazine or ezine is a form [more…]

8 Ways to Promote Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Ezine

An ezine (email newsletter) is a form of communication where you email your micro-entrepreneurial business subscribers a periodic publication on a particular topic. An ezine can be an important component [more…]

Free Publicity Ideas for Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Business

In order to get free publicity for your micro-entrepreneurial business, what you’re announcing in your press release has to be newsworthy. Newsworthy means that the item has sufficient interest or importance [more…]

10 Ways to Communicate Effectively with Your Micro-Entrepreneurial Clients via Email

The way you communicate with prospects and clients via email can make or break your micro-entrepreneurial business. You need strong email communication to gain your prospects’ trust and their business; [more…]

Apply the AIDA Formula to Micro-Entrepreneurial Business Sales Copy

The AIDA formula is the foundation of effective sales copy writing. By apply the principles of AIDA to your sales copy, you can more effectively communicate to your clients and prospects and convince them [more…]

10 Ways to Make Your Writing More Exciting

Yesterday, captive audiences were the way of the world and how business worked. We were obliged to read the boss’s memo, watch television commercials and take most of our news and information from a limited [more…]

Bringing Your Business Writing into the 21st Century

In business you succeed by achieving your goals. Tailor your business writing so it works in the same way and achieves what you want it to. In order to create successful business communication, be sure [more…]

Business Writing to Reach Your Audience

Reaching business people in their own terms is not rocket science. It’s often about dollars and cents. Use this knowledge to make your core message more powerful and look for ways in your writing to show [more…]

Writing for Your Business Online: Communicating Credibility

If you use the Internet to promote yourself or a business, the way you use the media must convey that you’re authoritative, knowledgeable, trustworthy, reliable, responsive and open to input. Your audience [more…]

Adapting Your Business Writing for Global English

Most readers who speak English as a second (or third or fourth) language do so in the same basic way. Here are some guidelines to use when creating your message to ensure it is understood by your international [more…]


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