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Business Storytelling For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Successful businesses have discovered the power of storytelling and its ability to affect the bottom line. A good way to start building your business stories is to use the time-honored storyboarding technique [more…]

How Data Can Enhance Your Business Storytelling

Highly technical audiences like to know the science behind storytelling before accepting it as a core business practice. Sharing all kinds of data with them may be tempting, but would defeat your purpose [more…]

Business Storytelling with Virtual Teams

Telecommuting and working virtually across the country or even the globe are popular and often necessary today in many workplaces. You can use storytelling to reduce the distance among virtual team members [more…]

How to Write Business Storytelling Titles that Grab People’s Attention

Why should you care about the title for a story? For oral storytelling, it really doesn’t matter because the title is mainly a memory aid for you only. Probably most story titles are thought up solely [more…]

10 Things You Should Always Do When Working with Storytelling

You and you alone have total control over using storied approaches in your daily interactions with others, whether at work or in other social interactions. Here are ten easy things you can do to incorporate [more…]

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