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How to Tell the Tough Stories in Business

What about those tough stories — the ones you may think you should avoid? Often, you should tell them anyways. Do you want to tell stories that aren’t your own? You need to know a few things before you [more…]

How to Decide the Media for Telling Your Business Story

Here are eight criteria for deciding which media to use for sharing a story. You can use them on your business organization’s stories and your own. [more…]

How to Use Photo Novellas and Comics to Tell Your Business Story

Photo novellas and graphic novellas (a type of comic book) have been used with great success to tell stories in public health campaigns in various countries to effect change. Photo novellas are mini-books [more…]

How to Create Business Stories that Go Viral

The gold standard for leveraging a story for advertising is whether it goes viral through word-of-mouth. That’s everyone’s dream. There’s an art and science to creating a story that will go viral. Today [more…]

5 Ways to Attach Business Stories to Organizational Strategy

Having top management in your business support a story initiative is critical to long-term success. Yet storytelling initiatives have also been successfully birthed from grassroots efforts. So where's [more…]

How to Use Storytelling in Business Branding

One single story (or meta-story) can never fully reflect all of your business. In fact, a meta-story consists of a whole host of smaller stories. If you work in branding, your role is to first recognize [more…]

4 Strategic Fundraising Questions for Your Business Storytelling

Effective storytelling is crucial to businesses seeking to raise significant funds from donors. For project managers seeking internal resources, entrepreneurs needing capital, or nonprofit leaders searching [more…]

Business Storytelling: 4 Methods for Effective Fundraising

Business storytelling and fundraising pair up naturally. You should know about four unique twists and turns when working with stories to raise funds. (And you thought this was going to be easy. Ha!) Dig [more…]

How to Use Business Storytelling to Market to Consumers

In 2012, Edelman Berland found that consumers want businesses to tell stories. He surveyed 1,250 adults in the U.S, 18 years of age or older (1,000 in the general population, 250 marketing decision-makers [more…]

Business Storytelling: How to Use Stories about Consumers

There are two ways your business or organization can develop stories about consumers. The first is to gain a deep understanding of market segments through crafting representative consumer personas. The [more…]

How to Develop a Future Story for Your Business

To move people to action, a future story (also called a vision story) needs to be based in imagery, not business speak and highfalutin’ concepts. This imagery must create a picture in the mind that connects [more…]

How to Craft Personal Vision and Scenario Stories for Business

A future story revolves around an image of a possible, attractive, and desirable state not yet realized. Articulating the future in a tangible manner makes it more real and can help to overcome the inertia [more…]

How to Gather Better Stories for Your Business through Groups

One-on-one listening helps you establish a solid relationship and understand what makes a person tick in order to tell his or her story. But what if you want to take this further and listen to stories [more…]

2 Ways to Evoke Stories for Your Business Storytelling

Getting someone to tell you a story that you can use in your business can be a challenge. Story modeling and story triggers are two methods you can use to help people share their experiences. [more…]

How to Enhance Your Business Storytelling Skills

Enhancing your storytelling skills involves more than listening, valuing your stories, being vulnerable, and knowing the difference between transactional and transformational storytelling. It’s also about [more…]

How to Use Posters, Infographics, Photomontages, and Collages to Tell Your Business Story

Infographics designed as a story or that use many story elements can be quite helpful for your business. So are stories created from a series of photos or images — much like what’s on [more…]

How to Create a Dream Story for Your Business

No one can fight with a personal dream story you share about the future of a project, a business, a product or service, or an enterprise. It's yours. You own it. However, creating a dream story for your [more…]


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