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How to Determine the Themes of Your Business Story

Sometimes the key message for your business easily pops out of the story. Most times it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, start by identifying all the themes that the raw story covers. [more…]

How to Figure out the Key Message of Your Business Story

You’ve whittled your business story’s themes down to the vital few, but they’re likely still too general. Now it’s time to figure out your story’s key message — what you want to leave people with that [more…]

How to Tease Apart the Layers of Meaning in Your Business Story

As you’ve just experienced, a single story in your business can have multiple themes and potential key messages. Those are called layers of meaning. Where do these emanate from? [more…]

How to Incorporate the Business Story into the Sales Proposal

If you have enough flexibility in how the sales proposal is crafted, here are a variety of ways you can incorporate stories into the document: [more…]

How to Create a Business-Story-Based Sales Presentation

For over 40 years (yes — a long time) 90% of my selling technique was “story telling” and 10% was closing the sale. I had already done my “prospecting” to find the client and now it was time for my “presentation” [more…]

How to Create Need for Change through Business Storytelling

A compelling story is critical for any change effort in a business. But a great story from the C-suite isn’t enough. One big mistake leaders make is thinking that what motivates them is what motivates [more…]

Hollywood-Focused Story Structures for Business Storytelling

You most often see stories used to entertain – Hollywood often uses a narrow selection of story structures that would also be useful for your business stories. [more…]

Business-Focused Story Structures for Business Storytelling

Sometimes business-focused stories don’t quite fit these more dramatic types of structures. When this happens, try using the components of business-focused story structures we’ve identified here, which [more…]

Business Storytelling: How to Bring Characters to Life

Characters are very important when you want to engage listeners in your story. To add more zing to a story, detail some of the characteristics and motivations of your characters using [more…]

How to Use Business Storytelling to Shift the Sales Cycle

There is a time-honored (because it’s often successful) sales process in business that is remarkably similar to the storytelling process. It goes something like this: [more…]

Business Storytelling: How to Improve Your Story through Figures of Speech

When crafting a story for business use, it’s common to be literal in your word choices, which can produce some uninteresting results. Inserting oxymorons, metaphors and similes, analogies, and aphorisms [more…]

Business Storytelling: How to Grab People’s Attention

Because stories inherently need to have a plot and conflict, heightened drama and tension are key. This means early on you’ll want to reveal feelings around the troublesome situation. These might include [more…]

Business Storytelling: How to Use Humor to Lighten the Mood

There’s no reason to try to be funny or entertaining in your business story just because you believe that’s what people want to hear. Make sure the humor fits with the setting, is respectful, and actually [more…]

How to Make Your Business Story Memorable

There are various ways to deliver a key message and its associated actions in order to make your business story more memorable. Tag lines and tangible story triggers within a story are some ways to do [more…]

How to Include Data in Your Business Stories

What do you do when you absolutely must include data with your business story? Recognize that both need context. Context is more than background information. It also answers the question, “What does this [more…]

How to Ease Complex Data into a Business Story

Creating a story around your data is key to helping your audience engage with the data. Imagine a group of physicians and medical staff from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs who were tasked with [more…]

How to Craft a Great Business Story with Data

What a challenge you have when crafting a business story, especially if all you have is data. First, you have to aggregate the data together and then you have to assemble it into meaningful [more…]

Business Storytelling: How to Edit a Story to Emphasize Themes

In the third draft of your business story, it’s time to address the themes that the story brings forth, the focus (direction) it needs to take, and its key message. Follow these steps: [more…]

Business Storytelling: How to Edit a Story for Structure

The third draft of your business story is almost three pages long — still too lengthy for the website use originally stated or for a short presentation beyond this. There are certain questions that are [more…]

Business Storytelling: How to Weave in the Action Steps

Based on the story’s key message of make something happen, what is the transition from it to an action statement and what specific actions need to follow from this? Like many stories, action steps depend [more…]

How to Use Business Storytelling in Prospecting for Sales

Everywhere you go, you have the opportunity to connect with possible prospects. There are many ways you can leverage these situations through story. Here are some of your options: [more…]

How to Improve Your Business Storytelling by Recognizing What’s Happening to Listeners

Quantum physics teaches that we live in a connected universe where everything is linked. Let’s apply this notion to storytelling: a person tells a story, the audience hears it, and both audience and storyteller [more…]

Business Storytelling: How Get Consumers to Tell Their Stories

As business marketer Dominic Payling says in “Social Storytelling: How Brands Are Streaming Stories,” “. . . being able to listen and engage with audiences about their own personal stories is the first [more…]

5 Tips for Getting the Most from Business Storytelling Rehearsals

After spending some time practicing your business story with a partner and getting feedback, tell your story repeatedly in informal settings. Here are five ways to do that: [more…]

How to Rehearse Telling Your Business Story

Storytelling is a creative act. How you craft and embellish a story is all about conveying your experience in imaginative ways. The purpose for practicing a story out loud in a group setting is to get [more…]


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