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11 Story Structures for Business Storytelling

If you want to develop and deliver a memorable story to your business audience — whether your listeners be employees, stockholders, or customers — you need to consider how to shape your storytelling. Here [more…]

Different Types of Business Stories and How to Find Them

Organizations use and tell lots of different types of stories, many of which are listed here. Each type is appropriate for various unique uses and applications. [more…]

Storyboarding Your Business Story

Storyboarding is a nonlinear way to craft and learn your business stories. Here are the steps to creating an effective one. If you’ve been crafting your stories in other ways, try this approach for variety [more…]

Business Storytelling For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Successful businesses have discovered the power of storytelling and its ability to affect the bottom line. A good way to start building your business stories is to use the time-honored storyboarding technique [more…]

How Data Can Enhance Your Business Storytelling

Highly technical audiences like to know the science behind storytelling before accepting it as a core business practice. Sharing all kinds of data with them may be tempting, but would defeat your purpose [more…]

Business Storytelling with Virtual Teams

Telecommuting and working virtually across the country or even the globe are popular and often necessary today in many workplaces. You can use storytelling to reduce the distance among virtual team members [more…]

How to Write Business Storytelling Titles that Grab People’s Attention

Why should you care about the title for a story? For oral storytelling, it really doesn’t matter because the title is mainly a memory aid for you only. Probably most story titles are thought up solely [more…]

10 Things You Should Always Do When Working with Storytelling

You and you alone have total control over using storied approaches in your daily interactions with others, whether at work or in other social interactions. Here are ten easy things you can do to incorporate [more…]

How to Incorporate Business Stories into Marketing Materials

Like a treasure chest, here’s how your business’s core stories can enhance websites, e-mails, social media, and any other print and online marketing and promotional materials you need. [more…]

How to Use “What We Do” Stories to Enhance Your Business Brand

What you do. What I do. What we do. All are important business stories to have in your hip pocket for those moments when you’re asked about them. [more…]

How to Use “Overcoming Barriers” Stories to Enhance Your Business Brand

Why do some people persevere and others give up? What is it that makes some businesses or organizations succeed against all odds? These are stories of overcoming barriers and obstacles. People love to [more…]

10 Business Storytelling Tips for Speakers

Many situations in business call for the use of compelling stories: Training workshops. Talks at company or industry events. Presentations to prospective and current customers or clients. Keynotes at conferences [more…]

3 Ways to Measure the Results of a Business Storytelling Project

The first step in measuring the results of a business story project is to lay out your objective and what you seek to accomplish. Do you want more loyal customers, more engaged employees, increased sales [more…]

How to Build a Business Storytelling Strategy

You have many opportunities to use stories in marketing your business. Figuring out what to share and where to share it are tactical feats. But tactics will only take you so far. Better to first think [more…]

How to Develop an Organization-Wide Business Story

No one can fight with a personal dream story you share about the future of a project, a business, a product or service, or an enterprise. It’s yours. You own it. However, they can always fight a future [more…]

How to Use Founding Stories to Enhance Your Business Brand

You as an individual have a founding story and so does the business that you’re a part of. It’s not unusual for these stories of origin to morph over time as you or your firm evolves. [more…]

How to Use “What We Stand For” Stories to Enhance Your Business Brand

What we stand for stories are about core values of a business and the work ethics that surround them. These stories relay non-negotiable principles that guide how you or the organization choose to lead [more…]

How to Use Stories of Your Future to Enhance Your Business Brand

An organization’s future story is the story of the future that you and your business’s customers, by being in relationship with each other, create to bring about a difference in the world. It’s a story [more…]

How to Use Success Stories to Enhance Your Business Brand

The good news is, everyone has success stories to tell (and most businesses do, too). These appear to be the most prevalent type of stories found in hip pockets. Quite often success stories are authored [more…]

How to Use Memorable Customer Stories to Enhance Your Business Brand

Everyone has stories of situations where they’re an in-person or online customer of a business. They’re also often in situations where others are our customers, whether they’re internal or external to [more…]

How to Improve Your Business Stories by Listening to Others

There’s one thing you can do right away to improve your storytelling skills. It’s the most important quality in being able to be a fabulous storyteller. That single most important element is to [more…]

How to Choose a Perspective for Your Business Story

You’ve likely heard the idioms There are two sides to every story and There are two sides to every question. Some people suggest there are actually three sides: Yours, theirs, and the truth. When it comes [more…]

How to Evoke a Story for Your Business Storytelling

Evoking stories is the deliberate process of sparking specific stories in others that you have a hunch will be beneficial to hear because of the perspective and message they convey and their multiple potential [more…]

4 Tips for Listening to Stories for Your Business

Two critical listening behaviors are: Giving your total attention to the person who’s telling you a story and not interrupting the flow of the story as it’s being told to you, even if it’s unclear or the [more…]

5 Tips for Capturing and Preserving Raw Stories for Your Business

Rarely will you hear the first rendition of a business’s story and say, “Wow. That’s well crafted.” If you’re truly serious about sharing stories from others that compel people to action, then you’ll need [more…]


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