Creating, Producing, and Marketing Webinars

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Driving Registration for Your Webinar

What if you gave a webinar and nobody came? That can happen if you don't promote it. Unless you like yammering into the ether, here are a few tips on getting the word out on your webinar: [more…]

Planning Your Webinar

A webinar has many moving pieces, from the speakers and visuals to the Q&A and polling. For a successful webinar, it's essential that you thoroughly plan it, so consider the following: [more…]

Handling the Big Day: Your Webinar

The registration phase is over. You've sent your reminders, hired your speakers, chosen a webinar service provider, and planned everything to the last detail. When the big day finally arrives, make sure [more…]

After the Webinar Is Over

Just because the webinar ends doesn't mean your relationship with the audience is over. In fact, it's just beginning. To get the most out of your webinar, here are some follow-up actions worth doing: [more…]

Webinars For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Webinars have brought the old-fashioned seminar kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century. The ease, affordability, and virtual nature of the webinar give it many advantages over a traditional [more…]

Looking at Seminars Now and Then

In the early 1990s, cell phones were the size of bricks, MacBooks were called PowerBooks (and you couldn't have a color screen unless you decided you didn't need a need a new car and could spend that money [more…]

Presenting Your Relevance as a Webinar Host

Here's one good thing about hosting a webinar: You don't have to worry about stage fright. That's especially a plus if you get nervous in front of large groups of people and need to turn to the sage advice [more…]

Making the End of the Webinar the Beginning of a Relationship

The webinar has much in common with dating sites because after the Internet phase has ended, the relationship can potentially change from anonymous to personal. [more…]

7 Things to Remember for Effectively Using Video for Your Webinar

As the webinar creeps closer to becoming a television production, it's important to understand how to effectively use video in your presentation. Studies show that video continues to grow in popularity [more…]

4 Types of Interactions for Webinars

Like recess or gym class, participation from everyone (presenter to participant) is a big part of the webinar process, so there’s not one set of rules when it comes to interacting with your guests. The [more…]

How to Manage Time in Webinars

A webinar is not like a Bruce Springsteen concert that can run for hours without a predictable end and nobody minds. You have no such luxury with a webinar, nor do participants clamor for it. When it comes [more…]

How to Shoot Webinar Video in a Confined Space

Many webinars use video, so it means you’ll have to pick the type that best serves your needs. You also have the added worry of making sure the equipment fits in your designated space. [more…]

Basics of Webinar Lighting on a Budget

Somewhere between the unflattering look of restroom illumination and the vibrant glow of your morning news program lies the perfect look for your webinar’s talking head. Now you may think that the lighting [more…]

How to Master Your Webinar’s Script

Your webinar’s script covers the written account of the webinar and can vary in structure and length. Whether you write a tightly written script that is followed to the letter by the presenter, or prefer [more…]

How to Create Flow in a Webinar

Think of your webinar much like you would a new recipe. After you have assembled all of the ingredients; it’s time to make them all come together.

Like cooking, the webinar is much more than the sum of [more…]

How to Use E-mail to Promote a Webinar

Not every computer-savvy you want to see your webinar person uses social media, but just about everyone who uses a computer has an e-mail account. Even Grandma has a Gmail account these days, so it’s obvious [more…]

How to Use the Web to Reach Your Webinar Audience

The Chinese philosophy of yin-yang describes how contrary forces work together. Your webinar promotions should use contrasting forces as well: Both active and passive promotions are necessary to spread [more…]

How to Reach Your Webinar Audience with Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform on the planet, yet sometimes folks overlook its business potential for things like webinars. It's easy to see why. It seems everyone from 13 to 93 [more…]

How to Use Twitter to Promote Webinars

If e-mail is the undisputed invitation champion, then Twitter reigns supreme when it comes to staying in touch. You can also use it for webinar invitations. Rock stars, actors, journalists, and companies [more…]

How to Create a Webinar Promotion Timeline

The early bird catches the worm, and the worm in this case refers to getting people interested in your webinar. Start early and keep the fire burning until the presenter says hello. [more…]

How to Utilize the Best Ambassadors for the Webinar: Your Employees

Although they don’t wear exaggerated adornments on their garments, your employees are the diplomats of your company. Don’t overlook them when you're promoting your webinar. [more…]

How to Dress for a Webinar

Unlike with movie stars, there’s not much celebrity status that goes beyond the webinar for presenters (unless of course they are bona fide stars doing a webinar). A webinar doesn't have a red carpet where [more…]

Basics of Body Language in Webinars

How you move your body in a webinar can sometimes communicate as much as what you say with your mouth. Unfortunately, we’re mostly oblivious to what our hips are trying to say or what our hand gestures [more…]

Basics of Webinar Presentation Techniques

That cliché of not getting a second chance to make a first impression holds a great deal of truth, especially when you make a webinar presentation over the Internet to people you cannot see. Getting an [more…]

How to Increase Webinar Engagement

When it comes to engaging the webinar audience, the presenter sits in the driver’s seat. Whether it’s a single voice presenting, or a team of speakers, everyone involved has the same goal: to keep the [more…]


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