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Innovative Presentations For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Sooner or later in your professional life, you’ll have to give a really important presentation. By focusing on several distinct and unique aspects of creating a presentation [more…]

25 Questions to Bolster Your Strategic Thinking When Preparing Presentations

Always set aside enough time to fully plan your presentations. Here is a list of valuable questions for you (and especially your presentation team) to consider that will greatly assist you in developing [more…]

Overcoming a Language Barrier When Giving Presentations

In today's polyglot world, a time may come when you're asked to give a presentation to an audience for whom English is not their first language or to give a presentation in a language that isn't your first [more…]

Add Video to Your Presentation

Video can enhance your presentation and grab the audience’s attention with a new element. Edit your video in a video editing app such as iMovie or Adobe After Effects before adding it to your presentation [more…]

Use the Assertion-Evidence Structure for a Better Presentation

For more than a decade, researchers in the academic field of communications studies have looked at how people learn and tried to identify the best way to relate complex information, especially of a scientific [more…]

10 Apps to Enhance Your Presentations

When putting together a presentation, there are a bazillion apps that can help you create cool content. The ten apps we list here let you sketch, make graphs, edit photos and video, and add special effects [more…]

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