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How to Deliver Bad News to Clients with Critical Conversation Skills

Public relations with customers and critical conversations have much in common. Just like a critical conversation, public relations delivers bad news to customers through an open and honest environment [more…]

How to Face a Hostile Customer using Critical Conversation Skills

Critical conversation skills can help you deal with a hostile customer,. Hostile customers often disrupt the workplace, but critical conversation skills, carefully applied, can help keep aggressive customers [more…]

Use Critical Conversation Skills on Customers Who Demand the Boss

When a customer threatens to call the boss, you can ignore it, or use critical conversation skills to diffuse the situation. Critical conversation skills can help you and the customer not only find a solution [more…]

Defuse a Screamer by Applying Critical Conversation Skills

Screaming matches in the office increase tensions while reducing productivity. With the right critical conversation skills, you can address screaming, yelling, and arguing behavior and focus on solving [more…]

Deal with Obnoxious Co-workers with Critical Conversation Skills

Obnoxious co-workers exist in every workplace, but critical conversation skills can help you deal with them effectively. Through critical conversation, you can address behaviors that are bothering you [more…]

End Offensive Comments from a Co-worker with Critical Conversation Skills

When a co-worker makes offensive comments, it can make the workplace uncomfortable. Critical conversation skills can help eliminate offensive comments from the workplace. Critical conversations allow you [more…]

Tips for Tempering Others' Emotions during Critical Conversations

Emotions can take over a critical conversation, causing it to quickly lose its focus. How can you refocus a critical conversation that’s being overshadowed by strong emotions? When the other party or parties [more…]

Critical Conversations and the Direct Communication Style

Effectively delivering a message during a critical conversation comes down to communication style. Your communication style may be direct, or something else. Your communication style is the way you deliver [more…]

Critical Conversations and the Passive Communication Style

During critical conversations, the way in which people deliver their message comes down to style. You might have a passive communication style, or something else. Individual communication styles and behaviors [more…]

Critical Conversations and the Assertiveness Communication Style

No matter what communication style you have, using assertiveness and getting your employees to use assertiveness is the key to successful communication during critical conversations. During a critical [more…]

How to Apply Active Listening during Critical Conversations

Active listening happens when you actively pay attention to a speaker’s words and nonverbal cues. Applying active listening to critical conversations allows you to more fully participate. When people say [more…]

Keep Confrontational Language Out of Critical Conversations

When confrontational language is used during a critical conversation, the conversation spirals out of control. Confrontational language in a critical conversation blocks each party from listening to the [more…]

Five Key Phrases to Employ in Critical Conversations

To make critical conversations go more perfectly, you can draw on five key phases to get the critical conversation going in the right direction and to redirect the discussion if it gets off track. [more…]

How to Turn Confrontation into Accommodation in Critical Conversations

Critical conversations are often emotional, which may lead to confrontation. You can turn confrontation in a critical conversation into accommodation by using one of three proven methods. Whether you’re [more…]

White Paper Structure Problems and How to Solve Them

Many white papers don’t turn out well, often because they’re missing some key structural elements or they weren’t planned properly from the start. Fortunately, if you identify these issues in time, you [more…]

Content Problems in Your White Paper and How to Solve Them

A marketing team may know what a white paper looks like, they can create a mess if they don’t have experience developing effective content. Many white papers don’t turn out well, often because they weren’t [more…]

How to Design a White Paper with the Reader in Mind

Nothing undermines a good white paper faster than poor design. No matter how compelling and persuasive the text may be, if people can’t read it because of a poor design, they’ll quickly move on. Then all [more…]

How to Improve a White Paper Title

Your white paper title can make or break it. As the first thing a reader will see, consider this your opportunity to make a first impression; something you can’t do twice. [more…]

Five Things NOT to Do in a White Paper Title

Your white paper title is often all that prospects have to go on to make their decision about whether to download or read your white paper. If your title falls flat, they’ll skip right past it. Anything [more…]

The Future of White Papers

To stay engaging and relevant for audiences of the future, white papers must encompass these new elements and evolve to Generation 3.0. Paper will fade away, and newer materials will be designed for reading [more…]

Industry Standards for White Papers

It’s difficult to narrow down what the actual standards are or a white paper. Unfortunately, anyone can call anything a white paper. And people do. No laws or regulations can stop them. For instance, consider [more…]

What’s the Difference Between White Papers and Other Marketing Materials?

B2B marketing teams generate all sorts of content to get the word out about their products or services, including white papers, blog posts, brochures, case studies, and e-books. Not everyone knows what [more…]

Why White Papers Are Useful to Your Business

Here comes perhaps the most fundamental question of all: Why bother with writing a white paper? When done well, white papers are effective instruments for boosting sales and getting through to your target [more…]

How Much Can a Writer Earn for White Papers?

White paper writers work either in-house or as independent freelancers, most often called copywriters. Unfortunately, labor statistics don’t break out this full-time job as a separate profession; it’s [more…]

When Does a Company Need a White Paper?

You may work as a marketing manager and wonder whether your B2B company should be using white papers. Or you may be a white paper writer sizing up a possible client and wondering whether it could benefit [more…]

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