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How to Enhance Your Business Storytelling Skills

Enhancing your storytelling skills involves more than listening, valuing your stories, being vulnerable, and knowing the difference between transactional and transformational storytelling. It’s also about [more…]

How to Use Posters, Infographics, Photomontages, and Collages to Tell Your Business Story

Infographics designed as a story or that use many story elements can be quite helpful for your business. So are stories created from a series of photos or images — much like what’s on [more…]

How to Create a Dream Story for Your Business

No one can fight with a personal dream story you share about the future of a project, a business, a product or service, or an enterprise. It's yours. You own it. However, creating a dream story for your [more…]

Innovative Presentations Model and Process

At some point, everyone has had to sit through boring, pedestrian presentations. You can't expect to have a meaningful impact on your audience if you subject them to a run-of-the-mill presentation. So [more…]

Presentation Evaluation Sheet

Whether presenting as part of a team or alone, asking someone to evaluate your performance during rehearsal can help hone your presentation and skills. Ask a trusted colleague or mentor to watch your presentation [more…]

Innovative Presentations For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Sooner or later in your professional life, you’ll have to give a really important presentation. By focusing on several distinct and unique aspects of creating a presentation [more…]

25 Questions to Bolster Your Strategic Thinking When Preparing Presentations

Always set aside enough time to fully plan your presentations. Here is a list of valuable questions for you (and especially your presentation team) to consider that will greatly assist you in developing [more…]

Overcoming a Language Barrier When Giving Presentations

In today's polyglot world, a time may come when you're asked to give a presentation to an audience for whom English is not their first language or to give a presentation in a language that isn't your first [more…]

Add Video to Your Presentation

Video can enhance your presentation and grab the audience’s attention with a new element. Edit your video in a video editing app such as iMovie or Adobe After Effects before adding it to your presentation [more…]

Use the Assertion-Evidence Structure for a Better Presentation

For more than a decade, researchers in the academic field of communications studies have looked at how people learn and tried to identify the best way to relate complex information, especially of a scientific [more…]

10 Apps to Enhance Your Presentations

When putting together a presentation, there are a bazillion apps that can help you create cool content. The ten apps we list here let you sketch, make graphs, edit photos and video, and add special effects [more…]

Driving Registration for Your Webinar

What if you gave a webinar and nobody came? That can happen if you don't promote it. Unless you like yammering into the ether, here are a few tips on getting the word out on your webinar: [more…]

Planning Your Webinar

A webinar has many moving pieces, from the speakers and visuals to the Q&A and polling. For a successful webinar, it's essential that you thoroughly plan it, so consider the following: [more…]

Handling the Big Day: Your Webinar

The registration phase is over. You've sent your reminders, hired your speakers, chosen a webinar service provider, and planned everything to the last detail. When the big day finally arrives, make sure [more…]

After the Webinar Is Over

Just because the webinar ends doesn't mean your relationship with the audience is over. In fact, it's just beginning. To get the most out of your webinar, here are some follow-up actions worth doing: [more…]

Webinars For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Webinars have brought the old-fashioned seminar kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century. The ease, affordability, and virtual nature of the webinar give it many advantages over a traditional [more…]

Looking at Seminars Now and Then

In the early 1990s, cell phones were the size of bricks, MacBooks were called PowerBooks (and you couldn't have a color screen unless you decided you didn't need a need a new car and could spend that money [more…]

Presenting Your Relevance as a Webinar Host

Here's one good thing about hosting a webinar: You don't have to worry about stage fright. That's especially a plus if you get nervous in front of large groups of people and need to turn to the sage advice [more…]

Making the End of the Webinar the Beginning of a Relationship

The webinar has much in common with dating sites because after the Internet phase has ended, the relationship can potentially change from anonymous to personal. [more…]

7 Things to Remember for Effectively Using Video for Your Webinar

As the webinar creeps closer to becoming a television production, it's important to understand how to effectively use video in your presentation. Studies show that video continues to grow in popularity [more…]

How to Scope Out and Warm Up a Mixed Personality Group for a Innovative Presentation

Let’s face it; it’s relatively easy presenting innovative presentations to just one type of personality because you can develop a straightforward strategy to effectively customize your communication. But [more…]

How to Utilize the Innovation Process for Innovative Presentations

How do you go about reimagining, reinventing, and remaking your presentation to ensure you have an innovative presentation? There are four basic steps to do it. These steps outline the innovation process [more…]

When to Use Innovative Presentations

Practically all presenters and audiences benefit from some degree of innovation in presentations because the speakers achieve superior results and the audiences better understand and buy into what the [more…]

How to Make Business Presentations into Innovative Presentations

Entrepreneurial companies love having innovative presentations that are interesting, lively, and creative rather than sleep-inducing and boring. Advertising and marketing companies embrace as much relevant [more…]

How to Incorporate Innovative Competencies into Presentations

If you are looking for a checklist to incorporate innovative competencies into presentations, look no farther. Here is a list of specific, actionable competencies and performance indicators to guide you [more…]

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