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Using E-Newsletters to Maintain Contact

E-newsletters (or electronic newsletters) have emerged as a popular format for frequent communications with customers or hot prospects. Like print-based newsletters, e-newsletters contain news, tips, and [more…]

Problem-Solving for Consultants

In consulting, problem-solving is really where the rubber meets the road. While problem-solving, you review the data that you sliced, diced, and otherwise processed to develop a set of solutions, one or [more…]

When to Consider Reviewing Your Business Plan

Giving your business plan a good once-over one time a year may not be often enough. Reviewing your business plan annually is fine under most circumstances, but if your business environment is experiencing [more…]

Mingling Effectively at Company Gatherings

Believe it or not, mingling is a vitally important business skill. Mingling well demonstrates that you're a friendly, open, and engaged person who is interested in other people. Mingling poorly shows others [more…]

Honing Your Performance as a Rookie Teacher

After you've created organized lesson plans, you still haven't accomplished anything concrete yet. Everyone will evaluate you based on how well you teach the material in the classroom, not on how neatly [more…]

Exploring Special Presentation Situations

As you organize various business meetings and events, you're likely to come across many different presentation situations. Each requires a unique approach and attention to detail. Here are some of the [more…]

Identifying and Accessing Reports in Microsoft CRM

Microsoft CRM contains predefined reports and charts separated into four major categories — sales, service, administrative, and marketing. Each of these categories contains reports that display information [more…]

Refreshing Tired Web Marketing Sites

Woe is you! All of a sudden (or was it sudden?), your Web site has dried up as a source of leads or sales. The number of buyers flowing through the conversion funnel has been reduced to a trickle. What [more…]

Religious Business Ceremonies in India

Religion is a way of life in India, and religious business ceremonies are common occurrences. Everything a Hindu does is an act offered up to God, and emphasis is placed on the acts themselves, not rewards [more…]

Examining Types of Business Capital

When implementing a new business concept, only one definition captures the real essence of capital: "It takes money to make money." From the aspiring entrepreneur designing new software in a home office [more…]

Highlighting the Principles behind the Theory of Constraints

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) is a comprehensive technique for identifying and managing an organization's constraints for obtaining maximum output from a process [more…]

Job Search: How Useful Are the Want Ads?

Using the want ads as a job search tool, either from the paper or online, might not be a bad job search strategy, even though some career counselors rant that answering want ads is a weak approach to landing [more…]

Sticking to Customer Service Values Online

Service strategies — like the seasons — come and go. Ultimately, the success of your enterprise has more to do with your core values (and a commitment to delivering them) than it does with the latest and [more…]

Debunking a Few Myths about PR

It's ironic: One purpose of PR is to get good press and avoid bad press, but PR itself has had pretty bad press over the years. The public image of PR has been produced in part by corporate flacks who [more…]

Understanding Issues in Oral Contracts

Oral contracts can be as binding as written contracts. But have fun proving what you've agreed to without a written record. If your deal goes south, you may feel like Sylvester to the other party's Tweety [more…]

Make Your Marketing Pay Off

Marketing needs to be bottom-line oriented. It's not a black hole that you toss money into after you shell out for the payroll and healthcare; it's a vital part of a growing, successful business and you [more…]

Knowing Product Basics

What must you absolutely, positively, truly know about your product in order to do well in selling it? Always begin with the obvious: [more…]

Understanding Truths that Rule Every Real Estate Market

Whether you're in a major metro market or a small town and regardless of the country, the economy, or even the day and age in which you're doing business, when you're in the field of real estate, three [more…]

Building a Referral-Based Real Estate Clientele

At its core, a referral is a recommendation. In its best form, a referral is a high-quality lead and a high-probability prospect that is introduced to you by someone both you and the prospect regard highly [more…]

Planning for Employees' Growth, Development, and Education

Employee education is where many organizations get it wrong. Financial, customer, and process metrics are put into place, with strategies clearly laid out to achieve them. [more…]

Noting a Few Truths about Branding

The best name, logo, ads, and efforts can't compensate for a weak brand. But what's a brand? And how do you build a strong one? Here's a little insight into the golden rules of great branding. [more…]

Pursuing High-Quality Customers

Every salesperson has his share of high-maintenance customers. The expense and aggravation of keeping them satisfied isn't worth the revenue they generate. Shedding yourself of the deadweights and removing [more…]

Creating the Right Environment for a Business Meeting

Planning a business meeting involves more than just chairs and microphones. You'll want to create the right ambiance for your meeting, from the seating to the heating. Most of these items are ones that [more…]

Choosing the Right Content for Your Self-Published Book

To ensure that your book targets the appropriate audience, provides information of interest, and stays on target in terms of the content, ask yourself these questions: [more…]

Working with Clients as a Flash Web Designer

Unless you're independently wealthy, you create Web sites for friends, or you play with Flash as a hobby, you need to generate a profit from your work. If you're going to survive working with clients and [more…]

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