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India's Caste System

Many Westerners have heard of India's caste system, but a thorough understanding of its ins and outs is still relatively uncommon. The following sections reveal the nitty-gritty of the caste system. [more…]

Analyzing Your Market Situation

The first section of a marketing plan provides a snapshot view of your marketing arena. It presents what you know about the size and growth trends of your market, what you face in terms of competition, [more…]

Using Cover Letter Language that Snaps, Crackles, and Pops

Visualize your reader and write specifically for that reader. Speaking directly to your reader may seem obvious, but this tenet is one of the most overlooked aspects of effective writing. Writing to a [more…]

Closing the Sale

Empathy is an intimate understanding of the feelings, thoughts, and motives of another. That's why empathy is of prime importance in professional selling. Empathy is putting yourself into the prospect's [more…]

Recognizing (and Avoiding) Common Management Mistakes

Mistakes are nature's way of showing you that you're learning. As a manager, you will make mistakes, but you can avoid common managerial errors by knowing where the common pitfalls are. [more…]

QuickBooks Simple Start: Backing Up, the Quick and Dirty Way

You're busy. You don't have time to fool around. You just want to do a passable job of backing up, and you've decided how often you plan to do it. Sound like your situation? Then follow these steps: [more…]

Setting Up a Customer List in QuickBooks

In QuickBooks, a Customer List keeps track of all your customers and your customer information. For example, the Customer List keeps track of billing addresses and shipping addresses for customers. Follow [more…]

Differences between Work Groups and Teams

Teams definitely are forms of work groups, but not all work groups are teams. In fact, plain work groups are much more numerous than teams.

Work groups function on three levels: [more…]

Looking at Free Ways to Market Your Website

Free. There's nothing like it. Free works when you market to others, and free can work for your marketing. Use these free techniques to bootstrap your Web marketing effort. As you make money from your [more…]

Defining Your Business Model

A business model isn't something you build from the ground up. When management-types ask about a business model — as in, "So what's your business model? [more…]

Fixing Invoice Mistakes with QuickBooks 2005

You use the QuickBooks invoice form to bill customers for the goods that you sell. No one is perfect, so you don't need to get worked up over mistakes that you make while entering information in invoices [more…]

Reading an Annual Report

Without a doubt, annual reports are at the pinnacle of corporate communication. The point of the annual report is to provide a summary of exactly how a company has performed in the preceding year, and [more…]

Building a Better Job Interview

With a job interview comes a great amount of hope. If you don't hear back after an interview, an inevitable let-down follows as you begin the job search again. Don't let that unhappy ending happen to you [more…]

Creating a Job Estimate with QuickBooks 2005

QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Premier have a feature that's very interesting for businesses that do jobs or projects for their customers: contractors, consultants, engineers, architects, and so on. QuickBooks [more…]

Handling Payroll with QuickBooks 2003

If you want to use QuickBooks for payroll because you want to save money, aren't scared of a little paperwork, or maybe want the extra flexibility that comes with doing it yourself, you need to sign up [more…]

Resume Send-Out Strategies

If you are not generating solid leads, despite networking, visiting career sites on the Internet, and reading the classifieds, and you're willing to take a more aggressive approach to your job search, [more…]

Considering Why People Volunteer

Volunteers are the lifeblood of the nonprofit sector. Just about every nonprofit charitable organization uses volunteers in some capacity. In most cases, board members serve without compensation. For many [more…]

Understanding Nonprofit Ownership

No one person or group of people can own a nonprofit organization. You don't see nonprofit shares traded on stock exchanges, and any equity in a nonprofit organization belongs to the organization itself [more…]

Running through the Setup Interview for QuickBooks Simple Start

After you know what entity form your business will use and have the QuickBooks Simple Start software installed, you're ready to set up the QuickBooks data file. The data file is the container that QuickBooks [more…]

Having What It Takes to Be a Trainer

Although training may seem like a glamorous profession to an observer, like any other profession, it has its hidden challenges. Having the skills to be a trainer is only one prerequisite. A much more difficult [more…]

Body Language and Business Etiquette

Body language can make or break a deal. How you carry yourself when engaged in conversation is often as important as what you say. Body language is nonverbal, but it communicates volumes about you nonetheless [more…]

Finding the Right Mental Attitude for Success

Attitude isn't quite everything when it comes to being successful, but attitude plays a part in virtually every phase of your life. A poor attitude gets more people fired than any other single factor, [more…]

Making Your Work Space Work

Now is the time to put everything into place. Your goal? Fingertip management of everything you do. The way to get there? Blueprint your workspace. You may not be an architect, but anyone can benefit from [more…]

Making a Checking Account Deposit with QuickBooks 2005

You can't write checks unless you deposit some money in your checking account. You didn't know that? Well, the next time you're taking your exercise in the prison yard, give it some serious thought. From [more…]

Small Business Ownership: How and When to Write Formal Contracts

Business contracts outline important agreements you (or your business) enter into with others. If you own a small business, you should familiarize yourself with writing a good agreement, or contract. Sure [more…]


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