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Finding a Job

Ten Ways to Network for a New Job

Job search advisors everywhere report that the most reliable way to get a new job is to expand your network of contacts. Those contacts can give you the inside track to newly opened jobs that are not yet advertised or posted on Internet job boards. You're not cheating when you use your network to find a job; you're smart! [more…]

Finding a Job

How Online Screening Techniques Affect Your Job Search

Your targeted resume may be screened out if an employer’s online screening program decides that you aren’t qualified for the position. Online screening software has the first word about who is admitted for a closer look and who isn’t. [more…]

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Bookkeeping Transactions

4 Types of Business Structures

The four different types of business structures often involve different kinds and levels of accounting that the bookkeeper must be aware of and capable of performing. [more…]

Bookkeeping Transactions

3 Financial Areas to Balance: Assets, Liabilities, and Equity

Every business has three key financial parts that you, as the bookkeeper, must keep in balance: assets, liabilities, and equity. Following are the descriptions of these three terms: [more…]

Bookkeeping Transactions

The Balance Sheet and Income Statement

Most businesses prepare at least two key financial reports, the balance sheet and the income statement, to show them to company outsiders, including the financial institutions from which the company borrows [more…]

Bookkeeping All-In-One For Dummies Extras

Bookkeeping All-in-One For Dummies Cheat Sheet

The title of bookkeeper brings up mental images of a quiet, shy individual who spends countless hours poring over columns of numbers. In reality, the job of a bookkeeper is of vital importance to any business [more…]

Bookkeeping All-In-One For Dummies Extras

Signs That a Company Is in Trouble

This article talks about some key signs of trouble that you may find within a financial report. Many companies put out glossy financial reports more than 100 pages long with the most graphically pleasing [more…]

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